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STSF Jumper

Jumper Honor-Scar

= = Level Four Security Clearance Accepted = =

= = Starfleet Biographical Data/Honor-Scar, Shaow Thracer = =


Name: Jagrissa Shaow Thracer Honor-Scar

Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade

Call sign: Jumper


Current Assignment: USS Comanche Creek NCC-214

Primary Training: Pilot

Secondary Training: Electronic Countermeasures/Weapons Systems Officer


Date of Birth: January 20, 2233 (25 Years Old, Terran Standard Calendar)


General Information:

Species: Caitian/Kzinti Feline

Sex: Female

Height: 5'3

Weight: 128 Lbs

Eye Color: Yellow

Fur Color: Gold

Mane Color: Tawny (short/regulation style cut)


Certified Clearance: Utility Class Troop Transport, Light Class Cargo Transport, Light Class Star fighter, Heavy Class Star fighter


Certified Training: Short Range Flight Recon, Long Range Flight Recon, Ambulance Transport,

Search and Rescue


Biographical Data:

Tribe Affiliation: Honorscar

Clan Affiliation: Shadow Pride

Family Bloodline: Distant Cousin to the JoNs family (Maternal bloodline)


Shaow Thracer Honor-Scar was born to a Caitian mother and Kzinti father in the year 2233. Her maternal bloodline can be traced to Shaow Seval JoNs, a Caitian security officer who served on the Earth space ship Challenger NX-01 in the 2150's under the inter-species Officer Exchange Program.


Both of her parents are currently employed as officers and consultants with an independent para-military faction; the mixed species mercenary crew is primarily security based, and their services are typically contracted to perform protective escorts, guard duties, and security consultation.


Privately educated and exposed early on to a formative chain of command and military based structure, the young Caitian applied to the Starfleet Academy when she was of age. Honor-Scar's chosen field of study and service is piloting, weapons systems, or electronic countermeasures, per her civilian background. Having the reflexes of a feline serves her very well as a pilot, and she can often interpret incoming data and situations and react faster then her humanoid counterparts.


Her call sign comes from a pilot training mission while in service to the USS Farragut. The junior pilot was returning from a courier run in a utility shuttle after delivering updates and supplies to a planetary based refueling station, and the subsequent landing upon her return to the Farragut was not exactly by the book. The Caitian midshipman, upon the initial touchdown of the craft lost control and jumped the shuttle several times across the decking before coming to a complete stop, causing a few minor dents and scrapes to the utility shuttle in the process. The deck crew -- who would be tasked with repairing the shuttle -- christened her as Jumper, and the call sign was born.


Slightly rebellious, despite coming from an organized mercenary background, Shaow has a reputation as a bit of a rogue, eschewing standard orders and mission parameters and using her own methods to complete a piloting objective. In addition, while the feline is a competent pilot, she tends to be a bit loose on the joystick and falls toward the hot dogging pilot category. While hot dogging in itself is not considered unusually disruptive (except to the squadron commander), the felinoid's wildcard flight manners tend to take on a somewhat feral quality. Depending on the situation, whether it is a close training formation run or a skirmish with a hostile objective, and she sometimes has trouble distinguishing between when to let loose with her natural born predator instincts or piloting instincts and when to leash these instincts.


A survivor of the Battle of Vulcan, Honor-Scar is one of only a few hundred officers holding this distinction. She is currently posted to the USS Comanche Creek, a Kelvin-class frigate serving in the Starfleet Border Patrol's First Threat Response program.


Psychological Evaluations:


Commander Alexander Nesmith, Starfleet Enrollment Program, Lead Recruiter: Stardate 5401.10:

Shaow Thracer Honor-Scar has a chip on her shoulder a mile wide with a scrappy attitude to match. She has made marked improvements already considering her mercenary upbringing, but she is still her own worst enemy and time will tell if she will mature into a salvageable officer or not.


I see no reason to exclude her from the Starfleet Academy, and I clear her for active enrollment.


Doctor Gwen Kwan, Starfleet Academy, Cadet Psychologist: Stardate 5802.05:

Cadet Honor-Scar has performed above board in her studies, maintaining a grading position within the upper thirty percentile of her class and performing well in squad based and individual based training sessions. She has a keen mind sadly hidden by her combative and feral nature, but I hope that maturity and the daily structure of being an officer in the fleet will even out her rougher personality characteristics


Senior Cadet Honor-Scar is cleared for graduation and active service within the Starfleet.


Lt. Commander Jason Dane, USS Farragut, Chief Medical Officer: Stardate 5806.25:

Ensign Honor-Scar is to be considered too green and unpredictable to maintain command of a flight squadron. For now, she would do well in a squad support position such as a wingman, utility pilot, or ECO. There have been several minor disciplinary infractions during her service here to the ship, though I see no cause for alarm.


AMENDMENT: Dane Recording: Citing a recommendation from her current squad leader, Lieutenant Commander Fred Laredo, Honor-Scar has been placed on star fighter secondary alert status if she is needed as a backup fighter pilot. For now, she will remain in her primary capacity as a utility support pilot and electronic countermeasures officer however. In time, she may mature into a capable command officer.


Service Record:


2251: Starfleet Training Base, Cait: Begins accelerated Starfleet pre-training program for juveniles

2254: Enters Starfleet Academy: Major: Piloting, Minor: ECO/WSO

2258: Training Assignment: USS Farragut l 58th Wildcards Squadron: Pilot Officer (Midshipman rank)

2258: Assignment: USS Comanche Creek l SBP-214 Black Sheep Air Wing: Pilot/ECO/WSO (Ensign rank)

2259: Promoted to rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade per events in Must Love Cats


= = Data File Complete = =

= = Honor-Scar, Shaow Thracer = =

= = End Transmission Stream = =


*Information copyright by author STSF Jumper, 2010 to 2012

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