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Starfleet Personel File

=============STARFLEET COMMAND PERSONEL FILE ==============



Name: Taelya Shra’ha (goes by Taelya )



Specie: Andorian



Place of Birth: Andoria



Age: 28





Physical appearance :



Height: 1.68 meters



Weight: 42.6 kg



Body type: toned



Skin: light blue



Antennae : 6.7 cm , protruding above the hairline



Hair: medium length , white



Eyes: gold



Distinctiveness: badly healed scar starting at the base of the left wrist up to the elbow, dark blue in appearance. (Covered at all time by a custom made leather half sleeve worn under uniform )




Familial status :



Parents: Shorn, Akival, Talys, Sakash



Siblings: Eklival, Shalyk



Marital Status: Single, not part of a Keth




Background :


( education and previous assignments classified by the Andorian Imperium )



2387-2390- Member of the Imperial Guard (Rank, Assignment classified)



2390-2392 Starfleet Academy, basic training



2392-2394 Weapon technology specializations



2394-2397 USS Yukon, Assistant Security Officer



2397 – USS Agincourt, Assistant Security Officer (assignment requested)






==============ADDITIONNAL ATTACHEMENTS ==============


  • Pre- transfer Physical assessment (Dr. Salik, M.D.)
  • Pre-transfer Physiological assessment (Dr. Pr’Axh, Psychiatrist)
  • Pre-transfer competence assessment (Lt. Commander Nielson)






Physical Assessment:



“Ens. Taelya is in excellent physical shape, probably due to an intense training regimen.


All scans and blood work came back normal. No trace of congenital defect and/or illness at this time.



Stress tests results came back above average for an Andorian female (slightly less endurance than a human female in the same physical shape due to the specie’s higher metabolism)



Patient is cleared for duty aboard a starship. No medical reasons to deny transfer request.”




Dr. Salik


“PS: Patient presented herself with a long scar on her left forearm, that could easily be treated with a dermal regenerator. Patient refused regenerative treatment.”






Psychological Assessment:



“ Ensign Taelya presented herself as a calm, in control young woman during our first sessions. It was cleared in my professional opinion that the patient was putting up a façade, clearly designed to “get it over with” she was betrayed in that matter by her constant use of non verbal language , mostly her antennae movement




I was able to get to the patient true nature after our 4th session. As I had suspected, because it is often the case with Andorian subjects, the patient can be highly emotional and even prone to violent outbursts. (Which only happened, after being questioned about her service for the Imperium and about her lack of involvement with a keth, which is quite unusual for her age and specie.) The patient admitted having to work daily on alternative emotional relieving techniques to control her temper. (Meditation used in combination with intense work out) It is my professional opinion that the patient is in control of her behavior as much as most officers on duty through out the fleet, and should continue to be as long as she practices said techniques.



Patient is cleared for duty. No physiological reasons to deny transfer.”



Dr. Xam’Hin Pr’Axh , Psychiatrist



PS: Patient still refuses to talk about her past… I suggest a yearly re- evaluation





Competence Assessment : Starfleet Security



“ Ens Taelya has evidently received extensive training in hand to hand combat she is highly competent in a array of martial arts with an evident focus on Kharakom , which is an Andorian form of kick boxing.



Ens Taelya scored from “Excellent” to “Beyond Average “ in all the exams involving weaponry ( Terran , Federation and even non-federation in origin )



Ensign Taelya shows a very disciplined mind when it comes to combat, shown a constant ability to follow orders but not blindly in intense situations of stress, in every holo-simulation she was put through.




Officer cleared for duty as Security Personnel. No reason to deny transfer”


Lt. Commander M. Nielson

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