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Starfleet Personel File

Starfleet Personnel File

Subject: Lt. Jg. Spencer Goad

Chat Name: spg preceded by rank (ltjg_spg)


General Information:

Name: Goad, Spencer

Gender: Male

Species: Trill

Age: Twenty Five (Host body)

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 130 lb.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Hazel

Skin Color: White, Dark Tan

Place of Birth: Trill Homeworld

Symbiont: Goad


Service Information:

Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade

Position: Assistant Science Officer

Assignment: U.S.S. Reaent, NCC-3345-G




The human host of the trill symbiont known as Goad entered Starfleet academy at the age of 20, graduating without incident at the age of 24. Spencer's training was within the science division of the academy, and he received commendations for knowledge in the astrophysics and exobiology areas of that study.


Upon graduation he applied for the Trill host program, something he had wanted to do since childhood. He was accepted into the program 6 months later, and went through training under the tutelage of Gidza Goad, a trill who he had met on earth some 15 years before. Close to the end of the two month training program the Spencer and Goad were involved in a shuttle accident, killing Goad's host body. Having been near the end of his host training, Spencer was granted permission to become the new host of the symbiont Goad. They were joined just before his 25th birthday.


Still saddened by the loss of his trill mentor, but with his experiences and memories living on, the new trill Spencer Goad requested a post as a science officer on board the U.S.S. Reaent. He was given the post and began his Starfleet service experience under the command of Captain Fred Michaels.


Medical History / Psychological Profile:


Goad's host body has been deemed in superb condition. There is only one previous medical problem that could become an issue, his accident as a 10 year old that left a severe left ankle injury. The ankle was detached and an artificial joint was put in its place. He is now able to walk normally, with minimal limping. The injury was aggravated again after the shuttle accident that killed the former host body of the trill Goad.


The trill symbiont Goad is close to 235 earth years old. It has had 4 hosts prior to it's joining with Spencer, they are listed in order of their joining. Nodia Goad - Female, Hidzia Goad - Male, Kiazon Goad - Male, Gidza Goad - Male.


No further medical /psychological issues have been located as of this report.

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Uggh, that should be Personnel file, not Personel.

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