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Captain Halloway

Familiar Stars, Unfamiliar Course

"Closing on the TKR-117 colony, one quarter impulse," Lieutenant Tracey spoke over her shoulder toward the captain, "ETA 5 minutes."


"Thank you, Sabrina," replied Halloway. They'd maintained radio silence during the two day approach, not wanting to broadcast Yorktown's previous position or their foray into Breen space. Their incoming vector intercepted the colony, but they'd picked up little to tell them what was going on there or at Sky Harbor.


The captain swiveled the center chair to face Commander Seiji Fujimoto. As usual, the first officer wasn't in his chair. This time, he lurked near the communications panel of the tactical console. Fujimoto claimed he'd spent too many years sitting behind the helm to get used to another seat.


Halloway was just glad to see his long-time colleague with full mobility. After the injuries Seiji had sustained on the Victory during the Second Borg Invasion over Earth, it was a medical miracle that he was even able to walk again. No more nostalgia, he told himself, not when we don't know what we're heading into. "Still jammed, Seiji?"


"Still jammed," Fujimoto confirmed, "but I don't get it. The interference is coming from Aegis' direction. It's as if..."


His explanation was interrupted by an alert tone. The first officer glanced toward the tactical officer and the console, then looked back to Halloway. "Tight-beam burst from the colony," he reported, "text only." After a careful read, Fujimoto looked up skeptically. "You're gonna want to see this, skipper." He tapped the ensign beside him on the shoulder, pointing his chin toward the Main Viewer.


Halloway leaned on his right arm, turning slowly toward the forward screen.


He recognized the name of the colony administrator and a couple from the Aegis crew. "Arrests?" he said aloud, questioning. "Retrieval team? What the...?" There was no mention of external attack. It sounded like McDowell was more worried about an attack from Aegis itself. "Can you assist us?" he finished aloud.


Halloway sat up in his chair. Just what had Yorktown wandered into?

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