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Cmdr JFarrington

Cold Station 9

Manticore Mission Update for 1.11.2010

Faldek and Keb settle into their married quarters.

Trius Peers beams a mysterious something into Garn’s office.

Precip, walking with a brace, returns to duty to discuss the Oppo mission with his security officers.

T’Prise and Escher read the book they “borrowed” from the Daystrom Institute, hoping it will contain information on Dr. Kosinski’s Pergrination Project. T’Prise insists she is fully recovered from being integrated to the Oppo core.

Sick bay is busy with doctors returning to work, new crewman Trius Peers having problems adjusting to his symbiont and Turris Morran presenting a requisition from Admiral Locke for piece of sensitive equipment. Upon refusing to release the equipment without approval from the Chief Medical Officer, she is ordered to the brig by… Faldek?

Admiral Atragon has decided to take Consul General Yendis’s offer and become Chief of Special Operations while retaining command of Manticore. It also means that Manticore will be openly assigned to special operations and no longer designated as a “tug,” which, in the words of Captain Sovak, “will boost the morale of the crew.”

 TBS is one day. Manticore is presently en route to Maturin Station for upgrades and the dossier on Special Operations.

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Manticore Mission Update for 01.18.2010

Dr. Chalice is released from the brig. The strange incident of the suspiciously requisitioned medical equipment becomes full-blown intrigue as Security Chief Cmdr Precip, Science Chief LtCmdr Escher, and Chief Medical Officer Cmdr Mele investigate.

 Meanwhile, Admiral Locke of the USS Anaximander contacts Admiral Atragon while Manticore is en route to Maturin Station. Apparently Lt Turris Morran is wanted by Starfleet for theft of sensitive Starfleet property.

 After "requisitioning" 3 hyposprays, a medical tricorder, and a cortical stimulator from sick bay, Lt Turris Morran steals the science/engineering shuttle Cerberus. To make his escape he rigs the computer to begin shipwide diagnostics, putting everything - ship, shuttle, and fighter systems - into standby mode. The Manticore is helpless to change course and follow him as he warps away.

Turris's message from Cerberus to Admiral Atragon is strange: "The path to Enlightenment is long and treacherous, and has many obstructions, but you will be Enlightened. The path to Enlightenment, yes. It is approximately twenty point four light years long, at a heading of three four three mark two."

TBS is one hour. Shipwide diagnostics will continue for at least that hour.

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Manticore Mission Update for 1.25.2010

  • Lt Turris Morran has stolen a shuttle and taken it to Atarxis, an arid backwater planet and a center of scum and villainy. He is 90 minutes ahead of his pursuers and has made contact with his smuggler “friend.”
  • LtCmdr Faldek and CPO Ganner take two fighters in pursuit of Morran. They have landed on Atarxis and are hunting for Morran by surveying the questionable populace.
  • Security and Science plow through Morran’s quarters looking for answers. Escher finds a file that contains data on strains and mutations of the echococcosis virus that was unleashed on Romulus and nearly decimated their population not long ago.
  • Kansas finds a vial camouflaged with a uniform doused in eau de gym-locker. The contents of the vial look suspiciously like the echococcosis virus.
  • According to LtCmdr Escher, “He's adapted it. Changed it from its original form. Now [the virus] is curing something. But I don't know what.”
  • To undo Lt Morran’s diagnostic mode, Engineering Chief Cmdr Garnoopy reboots systems then looks for the hole that enabled the security breach.
  • Manticore continues towards Maturin station to rendezvous with the rest of the Special Operations Wing.
  • Admiral Locke has a hissy fit with Admiral Atragon because Morran “has a shuttle to go gallivanting wherever he pleases”
  • Precip gets a shiny new hoverchair.


TBS is 6 hours. We will be 30 minutes from Maturin Station.

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Mission Update for 2.22.2010

 Manticore is presently in pursuit of Lt Turris Morran and the Cerberus after picking up Faldek and Ganner on Atarxis.

Faldek and Ganner are debriefed by Precip. The PADD they brought from Atarxis appears to be displaying some sort of code comprised of four letters in different sequences. It's passed on for decryption.

Atragon brings himself up to date on Admiral Locke by reading a SFIntel report from Roget.

 Mele snags goodies from the reception and distributes them to his medical team. (Everyone in medical gains a few pounds.)

 When Precip mentions the need for shields on his wheelchair, Garnoopy takes it a few steps further. He and Pilot construct a kickazz power wheelchair complete with shields, a built in phaser and full cloak. Garn decides to check it out on the bridge. Jami is not amused.

 Folks in science and medical work on the echococcosis virus samples left by Turris Moran. T'Prise notes that his particular strain is modified to only target El Aurians.

 TBS is 8 hours. Manticore is still in pursuit of Cerberus.

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USS Manticore Mission Update 3.1.2010

 At sim begin, Manticore hovered over the rogue planetoid holding the ultra-classified research facility Cold Station 9. The planetoid was surrounded by impressive defense platforms. Cold Station 9 itself was protected by a heavy shield.

 On Cold Station 9, not only was Lt. Turris Morran acting really weird, but he had the Cerberus, Manticore’s high-tech science shuttle and was working with a group of “associates,” hand-picked from the dregs of the galaxy on Atarxis. Manticore’s viewscreen not only showed a blond Gene Mark IV computational assistance program, but a group of Starfleet station personnel, bound and gagged behind Morran.

 On Manticore, in science, Escher and T’Prise came to the conclusion that Lt Morran’s neurological damage caused by the gene-specific echococcosis virus is considerable, irreversible, and irreparable.

 In sick bay, Drs. Mele and Chalice fought to save LtCmdr Faldek from his self-inflicted injuries while Jaiysa comforted Keb.

 With Chief Precip incapacitated again, this time by a banana peel, LtCmdr Kenickie led an assault team to Cold Station 9 to retrieve the Cerberus. Kansas, T’Prise, and Eva took the Griffin. Matt and EJ flew the Wyvern.

 OPS worked with TAC and engineering to break through the station’s shield. When the fighters approached the defense platforms, the platforms didn’t even power up, and when they approached the station’s shield it was down. The station door was open and the group of scientists who had been seen onscreen bound and gagged were standing there, unbound and ungagged.

The situation was so bizarre that A9 considered the possibility that Lt Morran is not mad, only “playing crazy” for whatever reason.

At sim pause, with troops on the ground, the infamous Admiral Locke’s USS Anaximander was making a beeline for Manticore at maximum warp, ETA 15 minutes.

TBS is 5 minutes.

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Mission Update for 3.22.2010

 Cold Station 9 has proven once again that things are not always what they seem. The "rogue" Lt Morran and his mercenaries turned out to be the good guys. Admiral Locke, supposedly protecting Cold Station 9 from a terrorist-like attack by " the insane" Lt Morran, turned out to be the bad guy. His cover-up plot exposed, Admiral Locke has been taken into custody by his own executive officer.

On Cold Station 9, the scientists who were working on super-secret biological experiments, have disappeared. When Captain N'Diri and the USS Carthage arrived to take them home, they found only "12 large man-sized amphibian creatures" in the lab. Cpt N'Diri has forwarded all data from the station to Manticore.

 On the Manticore, while en route to Atarxis, the mercenaries who had helped Lt Morran have developed strange symptoms that are affecting their bodies on a molecular level. To eliminate the possibility of contaminating the crew, sick bay has erected a containment field. So far the only ones experiencing the symptoms are the Klingon, Dukath, and the Human, Cal. The Vulcan, Sir'al and Lt Morran are uninfected so far, but as Morran was infected with a variant strain of echococcosis virus he remains in sick bay's ICU.

 The science department is working closely with the mercenary, Sir'al, to determine the exact nature of the vials they found on Cold Station 9 and a strange datacrystal found with Lt Morran. When they upload it to the holodeck they discover the "Gene Mark IV computational assistance program."

 With LtCmdr Precip still recovering from his injuries, temporary chief of security LtCmdr Kenickie questioned LtCmdr Faldek about his accident in the holodeck.

 TBS is 1 hour.

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Mission Update for 4.12.2010

 Still in orbit of Starbase 801, the intrepid crew of Manticore is under complete quarantine as they try to determine a cure for the strange transformation that is taking place among them.

 Kansas Kenickie, Matt McFly, Eva Jaz, Jami Farrington, and Kyle Mele, along with NPCs Dukath, Cal, and Nurse Belamy, are slowly changing. They have retained their ability to talk, reason, and function as sentient beings, but their behavior and appearance is reptilian/amphibian - itchy, somewhat scaly skin, flicking tongues, webbed fingers, bent posture, and lumbering gait as well as a desire for warm, humid places.

 So far the only unaffected personnel are Lt Morran, Cptn Sovak, T'Prise, Sir'al, and Jaiysa t'Tamarak. For some strange reason, Romulans, Vulcans, and Bolians are unaffected. Lt Morran - a Human/El-Aurian - is the lone conundrum.

 It is believed that they contracted the problem at Cold Station 9, which is now under lock-down and surveillance by Captain N'Diri and the USS Carthage. At present, medical is working on isolating a possible marker that seems to have prevented certain races from succumbing to the disease. They are also researching the actual cause.

 Engineering Chief Garnoopy and Engineer Hilee worked round the clock on atmospheric scrubbing and regulating biofilters to contain the contamination.

 The holographic Gene Mark IV Computational Program that Lt Morran brought from Cold Station 9 has given the science department a serum, but its effects remain unknown.

 Meanwhile, Security Chief Precip and Security Officer Faldek examine holodeck 2 in an ongoing investigation.

 TBS was 2 hours.

 A level 5 quarantine is in effect. All decks and environmental systems are locked down restricting movement in all areas. The Bridge and engineering are off-limits to any transporter signal.

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