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Sky Harbor Aegis | Season 15

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Mission Summary | Sky Harbour Aegis | 12 March 2010


Drankum withdrew to his quarters for a rest.


Feretti, LeMorte, Dabi, and Chirakis were and are still in the brig. Porter was and is still confined to quarters.


Jorahl was released from sickbay and immediately questioned Chirakis, but not before she had a go with Spader about ocular implants.


Drs. Lepage, McKinney, and Pavilion, and NPC Robin discussed the alien's physiology.


In the absence of Dr. Feretti, resident NPC Lt Nye stayed up all night scanning the alien databases and now resembles a hobo.


Duroz inspected the alien ship, grabbed a snack, then reported to medical for his physical.


Armstrong beefed up security. Spader relieved Rutian. Bean was busted.


TBS was 6 hours.

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Mission Summary | Sky Harbour Aegis | 19 March 2010


After three days in custody, Dr. Feretti and Sr. Ltn LeMorte - the science team that had been helping Dr. McDowell on TKR117 - were released but given restricted duty for three weeks.


After five days of incarceration stemming from the incident during the last attack, Cent. Dabi, and Lt Porter were released.


Cdr Chirakis was released but SubCdr Jorahl remained as Executive Officer.


Drs. McKinney, Pavilion, and Belar discussed the alien ship's anatomy and physiology while LtCdr Coleridge and Mid Duroz examined its structure, technology, and weaponry. They met to hopefully determine an exploitable weakness. Lt Fletcher milked a minor injury for all it was worth, garnering as much sympathy from the medical staff as possible.


Cdr Brown questioned Cent Dabi in the brig regarding his part in the alleged mutiny.


Because of an unorthodox stealth approach to the station, the USS Odyssey and Cdr Brown were ordered to leave the station "for violation of station protocol and creating a security situation." They are presently moored at anchorage Delta, awaiting orders from Fleet.


Time between games was set at 2 hours.

There will be no sim next week, April 2.

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Synopsis | Sky Harbor Mission Summary | 26 March 2010


The date is now 19 July 2386, 14 months, 19 days after the last sim.

At sim begin the time will be 0929, Aegis Standard.


Ambassador Drankum is Commanding Officer.

Commander Chirakis is Executive Officer.

The mutiny is history, but tensions still exist.



July 2385 - One berth was certified as being functional.

October 2385

~A second berth was certified

~ Preliminary plans to begin construction of a joint RSE-Federation starship design were formulated.

July 2386

~A workforce of 200 is present; this is expected to grow to over 1200.

~So far the shipyard has only performed maintenance work on ships.

~Shipyard workers and their families have greatly increased the number of civilians aboard Aegis.


Asteroid Mining:

April 2386:

~Requests were submitted for mining operations to occur in the asteroid field around Aegis.

~As the asteroids are high in several desirable minerals critical to starship construction, the contract was approved by both the Federation and Ferengi Alliance.

May 2386: The first contract mining is started by a Romulan firm.


Shipping Lanes:

Late June 2386

~ A serious accident occurred involving a civilian cargo hauler.

~ The accident resulted in toxic levels of radiation being released into the main approach lane of Aegis.

~ Many non-military starships were unable to use the approach.

July 2386 (present time) - Traffic is again moving, but clean up is ongoing.



April 25, 2385 - the last attack by the Athra; they seem to have disappeared.

June 25, 2385 - a task force headed by Captain Halloway and the USS Yorktown, along with several RSE ships, began investigating along the Breen border.

August 2385 - a Gor-class Breen ship told the Federation to back off; no further communication has taken place.

December 2385 - with no further sightings, the mission investigating the Athra was terminated pending new information.


TKR-117 & Alastair I Colony

July 2385 - Starfleet was granted unfettered access to lead the archaeological dig.

December 2385 - 200+ researchers and support team live on TKR-117.

~ Researchers are coordinated by Aegis science division.

~ Aegis labs and equipment are leased to colony researchers.


Present Time - 19 July 2386:

~ The Athra have disappeared for the moment.

~ Aegis' shipyard has two fully certified berths and a growing workforce of over 200; so far only ship maintenance has been performed.

~ A mining operation by a Romulan contractor has just begun in the asteroid field.

~ Aegis' civilian population has increased with shipyard and mining workers, colony researchers, and their families.

~ Aegis' science division leases labs & equipment to Alastair I researchers.

~ Traffic in the shipping lanes is moving.

~ Mop-up for the accident involving a civilian cargo hauler in the shipping lanes continues.

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Mission Summary | Sky Harbor Aegis | 9 April 2010


Senior Staff met with Ambassador Drankum in the conference room.

  • Cdr. Feretti reported that preliminary impact testing on the freighter spill was complete. Most of the spill is concentrated in a central area, the compound elements in the spill will take at least a few months to clean up and if the cleanup is not done properly the spill may spread.
  • SubCommander Jorahl reported that routes to the shipyard have been adjusted and staggering vectors have kept the central shipping lanes open.
  • In the shipyard, the Kelson was remaining for more extensive repairs but the Joplin would leave by the end of the day (i.e. it is gone).
  • The joint Federation-Romulan starship is stuck in the design stage causing SubCommander Jorahl a great deal of frustration.
  • A plan for disposal of the disabled freighter should be in place by sim begin.


During his shift at OPS, Cdr Brown reported three scrubber ships working around the clock to cleanup the toxic spill in the asteroid belt. He and SrLtn LeMorte discussed cleanup of the freighter leak.


A memorandum from Starfleet announced the arrival of a ship by July 25 (2 days from sim begin). Four hundred total, 80 "sworn" and 360 civilians. Little more is known, but Ambassador Drankum suspects they are for staffing something. He called for housing, poking, and security screening.


Shuttle training began for medical personnel.


In security, Centurion Dabi gathered his team to review the locations and monitoring of security cameras throughout the station.


In engineering, Lt Fletcher was strangely distracted from his work - more distracted than normal, that is. Symptoms included exhaustion, confusion, and general malaise.


Time between games was 4 days.

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Mission Summary | Sky Harbor Aegis | 16 April 2010


Lt Fletcher wandered the station talking... to himself? He finally ended up in a secure holodeck working on . . . something. With... Alpha clearance? How'd he get that?

SubCommander Jorahl beamed to the shipyard to work on ship designs. Yes, we now have transwarp beaming - installed in the interim.


In preparation for receipt of a new medical runabout, medical personnel continued their shuttle/runabout training. Dr. Belar at the helm with Ens Spader riding shotgun gave Sec Tech Elder a run for his money as well as a few thumps into the bulkhead - in the simulator, thank the gods. Lillian's verbal commands of "stop that" didn't work very well; Spader's power adjustments did. Ne'er-do-well Sec Tech Bean's favorite napping place was sabotaged with precariously perched gel packs - busted he is.


Dr. Feretti (in the science lab), and SrLtn LeMorte (in the control tower, flashing Cptn Savage's signet ring) formulated a concise plan for cleaning up the radiation spill.


As with any community experiencing sudden population growth, the station is going through growing pains. All departments are stretched thin, some working round the clock to accommodate rapid expansion of services and facilities.


Time Between Games was set at 2 days.


The USS MacIntyre with 80 military personnel and 360 civilians will be within docking distance of Aegis. Orientation meetings and requisite physicals have been scheduled. Security clearances are pending.

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Mission Summary & Briefing | Sky Harbor Aegis | 7 May 2010

The station is still dealing with the influx of personnel unceremoniously deposited here by Cptn Krittenden and the USS MacIntyre. The area fouled by septic backups is clean and the situation has returned to normal on the Midway, except that there are still a lot of people still trying to find their way around the station. Engineering has put in redundant systems to prevent a recurrence of the problem.


Fletcher is engaged in top secret experimentation/ testing in the holodecks.


Science and engineering are finalizing cleanup of the radiation spill.


Medical is.... recovering from overload:

Lillian Belar -> So running around like idiots and then starting a huge riot, while simultaniously breaking the Midway's "facilities", resulting in everyone getting pelted with ultra high frequency bursts wasn't their fault?


The fighter squadron schedules are firming up.

Time Between Games was 1 day.

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Mission Summary | Sky Harbor Aegis | 7 May 2010


Three massive objects entered Aegis space from the frontier. Traveling just above sublight, they seem to be headed towards the station. As they did not respond to hails and the radiation spill rendered our sensors limited, Spader and Harada scrambled their fighters for a closer look. The objects were eventually identified as biological, visually resembling a cross between a dolphin and a manatee. SubCommander Jorahl has taken a runabout with Science Officer Le Morte, Engineer Fletcher, and Dr. Pavilion to investigate.


Time between games was 10 minutes.

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Mission Summary | Sky Harbour Aegis | 21 May 2010


The runabout with SubCommander Jorahl, Sr Ltn Fletcher, Sr. Ltn LeMorte and Dr. Pavilion aboard returned from investigating the "giant whale things" only to find that a section of the hull of the runabout was missing. Sr. Ltn. Coleridge and Ensign Duroz investigated. Their initial assessment was that it looked like something dissolved the hull. Sr Ltn Le Morte has sealed the damaged section pending further study.


The freighter Slighe Chlann Uisnich docked, and its captain, Caden Finlay, was greeted by an old acquaintance - Ensign Spader.


TBS was set at 20 minutes.

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Mission Summary | Sky Harbour Aegis | 28 May 2010


While science and engineering investigated the hull breach in the runabout, a similar breach occurred in the shuttlebay doors.


Cdr Feretti reported that the space creatures seemed to have a sentient intelligence that communicated via a sort of telepathy, but that she could not exactly pick up on it.


Security probed an observed disagreement between Cpt Finlay and Ens Spader.


SrLtn Fletcher reported progress on his R&D project to Cdr Chirakis.

TBS was set at 1 standard hour.

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Mission Summary | Sky Harbour Aegis | 4 June 2010


Executive Officer's Log

Stardate 238607.27 Aegis Relative

Chirakis Kirel, Commander, SI-5


Sky Harbor Aegis, its shuttles, its runabouts, and several vessels in the area have developed holes in their hulls from something that ostensibly came from the space-faring creatures that passed through the system a few days ago. In the twenty-six plus hours since the holes appeared, little progress has been made, though all breaches have been contained. Several theories as to the cause have been postulated, but we have, as yet, no definitive diagnosis, nor do we have a course of action. On a positive note, it seems that the progress of whatever is causing the holes has slowed, at least to a manageable pace.


In the meantime, all traffic through the system has been halted. This, of course, effects progress in the shipyard, export of ore from the drilling operations on several asteroids, and places severe restrictions on the import of goods, equipment, and personnel both on the station and throughout the system. All allies and those in nearby shipping lanes have been alerted to our situation. Hopefully our friends the Breen and the Athra will remain at bay until the problem is resolved; surely they realize the danger is not confined to our technology.


Initial reports from the science and medical team believed the holes were caused by the space-faring creatures' young, supposedly deposited when one of them rubbed against the investigating runabout. They tell me now that, though the space-faring creatures' DNA is present in whatever they suspect is eating the hulls, it does not appear to be young. And... there is an added complication. These... things... are elusive, appearing and disappearing with a strange irregularity. In addition, tiny fluctuations, similar to those of a warp field, have been detected in the areas of their appearance.


The science and medical departments are continuing their investigation. An engineering team has just begun EVA. Civilians and non-essential personnel have been evacuated to Pylon B. Project TALIS continues, but training has been put on hold pending resolution of the structural problem. My next course of action is to approach Cdr Ogura with a request to use their technology for investigation and repair.


End. Encrypt. Distribute SFHQ, SI-5, JAF. File.

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Mission Summary | Sky Harbour Aegis | 11 June 2010

As holes continued to appear in the hulls of Pylon A and several visiting ships, ship crews and station personnel experienced growing frustration. Evacuations to Pylon B have not helped as it has pressed double the number of people into an area already bursting at the seams. Families of shipyard workers, science teams assigned to TKR-117, and employees of the drilling firm in the asteroid field vie for space and security does their best to contain the chaos, specifically rigging a holodeck as a playground.


Ambassador Drankum continued to absent himself from the melee, sequestering himself in the peace and quiet of his suite.


Meanwhile, engineering and science sent a charge to the hull in an attempt to "sour" the meal of whatever is eating it. The result was movement and a slowing of deterioration. SubCommander Jorahl suggested they may be organic and wondered about the end result of their digestive process.


Captain Finlay experienced the throws of assisting childbirth and barely escaped delivering the baby - a boy, born to the wife of a human shipyard worker.


TBS was two hours.

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Mission Summary | Sky Harbor Aegis | 6 June 2010

At present, 33 hours have passed since the first breach in Aegis' hull, and though we make progress, the problem remains. A negative charge was sent to the hull four hours ago in an attempt to "sour the food," and it seems to have worked - somewhat. Their progress has been slowed, and though the causative factor still appears to be present, no new holes have appeared. Yet.


SubCommander Jorahl's engineers, working in close coordination with Dr. Feretti, Mr. Le Morte, and Dr. Pavilion, have found biological evidence on the hull that leads them to believe the holes are being created by a life form, most likely a parasitical one picked up from the space beings we recently encountered. Mr. Le Morte believes they have a way to modify sensors to detect them.


EVA teams have repaired most of the current damage and are on standby, waiting for the sated parasites to resume feeding. During this resting cycle it is highly probable that they will breed and multiply.


Science is to find out what those things eat. Everyone is to work on a possible evacuation plan. To that end, a safe distance for ship approach is to be determined. It is theorized that contact is necessary for the parasites to spread from one surface to another, but we are not discounting the possibility that they may spread by other means.


SubCommander Jorahl estimates that within two days we will not be able to keep up with repairs. In four days, structural integrity will become an issue. Time is of the essence.


TBS was 3 hours.

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Mission Summary | Sky Harbour Aegis | 9 July, 2010


28 July, 2386 0500 Aegis Relative


In the two hour interim, the parasites have fed, done further damage to the hull, and are resting while engineering continues to plug the holes. We are 37 hours into the infestation; there remain 44 hours to hull compromise and we still do not know the full range of the infestation. Meanwhile, an environmental group, the Preserve Microbial Species organization, has been prowling the decks, distributing their propaganda and creating controversy, the activists and non-activists occasionally engaging in overheated discussions that keep security teams busy.


Previously on Sky Harbour Aegis:

  • Midshipman Cameron Briggs joined alpha shift security.
  • Medical and science teams determined that the parasites enjoy deuterium and all bonding metals, including titanium, but they do not digest processed silica.
  • An engineering team successfully trapped a sample of the creatures.
  • Science updates to the sensor grid showed massive parasitical damage between the midway and the subspace pallets on the boom arm, threatening to sever it from the station. After evacuating the area, another charge to the hull momentarily disoriented the parasites, then, sensing uncharged metals floating a few meters off the hull, they moved in that direction. Phaser fire hit the floating creatures but the result is still unknown.
  • Neither passing ships nor the shipyard have reported outbreaks, which leads to the possibility that direct contact is needed for them to spread. We will, however, err on the side of caution and keep our standby evacuation ships at a considerable distance just inside transporter range of the station.

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Mission Summary | Sky Harbour Aegis | 16 July 2010

28 July, 2386 - 1300 Hours Aegis Relative

Dr. Feretti and Mr. Le Morte, along with Drs Belar and Pavilion have captured and are in the process of examining the parasites that are eating the hull.

Engineers Coleridge, Fletcher, and Duroz discussed several methods of forcing the parasites to leave. Since the parasites do not nom* on processed silica, they contemplated adding bling* to the station in the form of a glass coating with suspensions of colloidal gold. However, Duroz suggested that more than taste may come in to play when they are looking for food. Since the negative charge to the hull did not repel the parasites, they may try different flavors of waves instead.


Centurion Dabi remained in the Control Tower, dispatching teams to deal with the Protect Microbial Species (PMS) problem.


Meanwhile, a fleet of allied ships - military and civilian - stand a safe distance off Aegis in case of evacuation.


TBS was 8 hours. We have 38 hours to hull breach.


*nom - old earth slang for eat - no longer in common usage but, surprisingly enough, present in the Federation Standard translation program.

*bling - old earth slang for flashy ornamentation. Strange the words that are still present in the Federation Standard translation program.


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Mission Summary | Sky Harbour Aegis | 23 July 2010

28 July, 2386 - 1405 hours Aegis Relative

Science is working on a DNA/RNA modification to render the parasites harmless.


Meanwhile, the structural integrity field was intentionally compromised so engineering could send a tetrahertz wave pulse to the hull, their "plan to interfere with the creatures' ability to perceive our hull as food."


The weakest area of the hull (read: the most likely to collapse) was evacuated. As many nonessential personnel as possible were transported to waiting ships; others were sent to vacant quarters in the Diplomatic Wing in the upper areas of Pylon B.


The space whales have moved into the system once more, well away from the station. This caused our waiting evac armada to leave.


TBS was 5 minutes.

Engineering has sent the tetrahertz wave pulse to the hull. We await the outcome.

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Mission Summary | Sky Harbor Aegis | 30 July 2010


28 July 2386 - 1635 hours Aegis Relative


Time between games was 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Engineering's tetrahertz wave was not successful in squelching the parasites' exceptional appetite for Aegis hull. Therefore, full evacuation of the station has been ordered. Engineering is now struggling to preserve the station's structural integrity field, greatly weakened by a power supply stressed by the transport of some 1,260 personnel to waiting ships.


The space whales have now passed beyond the system and the evacuation fleet has returned. With only thirty minutes to hull compromise, security is working feverishly to evacuate all personnel.


The science and medical teams, assisted by the fighter squadron, is attempting to neutralize the parasites by spraying a DNA/RNA cocktail on the hull, but spraying has become an issue.


In a surprising turn of events, Ambassador Drankum and Commander Chirakis worked as a team during the crisis, especially after a strange secure transmission the Commander sent on the Ambassador's behalf.

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Mission Summary | Sky Harbor Aegis | 6 August 2010


28 July, 2386 - 1655 Hours Aegis Relative

In-game time was ten minutes.

The time between games was set at ten minutes.


At game beginning it will be ten minutes to full hull compromise. However, since a good number of the parasites have broken off and headed for the fleet, we may have a few more than that, but only a very few. Power and life support are at minimum and showing signs of failure with the strain of keeping the SIF viable.


Since the fighters have not been able to keep up with the advance of the parasites on the station hull, engineering has flooded the inside of the station with the DNA/RNA spray. As the last personnel left the station, a group of parasites detached from the station and made a run for the fleet.


Leilani Feretti, Mimi Pavilion, Lillian Belar, Le Morte, tr'Jeth Dabi, and Jennifer Spader were transported from their rendezvous point in the control tower to the USS Missouri. They have undergone decontamination and are now guests of Captain d'Ka in the observation lounge. From there they have a good, though distant, view of the station.


Allen Armstrong, Tarou Harada, Cameron Briggs, and Sec Tech Elder are in fighters, spraying the station.


SubCommander Jorahl, Scott Coleridge, Caelan Fletcher, and Duroz are in engineering, flooding the interior of the station with science's cocktail. They have turned off the tetrahertz wave generator in favor of only one method, sending all available power to the Structural Integrity Field.


Commander Chirakis is in the control tower, having finished recording her final log.

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Mission Summary | Sky Harbor Aegis | 13 August 2010

Season 15 Finale

28 July 2386 - 1730 Hours Aegis Relative

With Sky Harbor Aegis beginning to collapse, fighter pilots Armstrong, Harada, Briggs, and Elder joined the rest of the evacuees aboard the USS Missouri, Captain d'Ka in command. Ambassador Drankum and Commander Brown were requested on the bridge to assist in Missouri's maneuvers concerning the station. All other personnel were invited to the observation lounge where they watched in horror as the station, with SuCdr Jorahl, LtCdr Coleridge, SrLtn Fletcher, Ens Duroz, and Cdr Chirakis still aboard, began to collapse.


A quarter of the center saucer section of Pylon B condensed from twenty decks to five, closely followed by the collapse of decks one through twenty and the subsequent separation and crash of the upper section of Pylon B into Pylon A.


Aboard the station, engineering struggled to keep the station together. In an effort to conserve power, Cdr Chirakis curtailed life support in the control tower and joined the engineering team. Pylon B's main power fusion reactor coolant system failed, but immediately thereafter parasite activity in the collapsed zone could not be detected. Lighting, internal gravity, and Pylon B emergency forcefields failed.


During the melee, it appeared that a mix of oxygen-rich atmosphere and the chemical spray neutralized the parasites. Since power relays were jammed, engineers rushed to manually release oxygen from tanks around Pylon A. The station's shields failed, allowing the USS Missouri to acquire a lock on the team as the station collapse continued.


As the emergency transport from the USS Missouri engaged, a massive eruption of light from Aegis momentarily blinded the Missouri's sensors.


Time between sims is 3 minutes.

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