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Sky Harbor Aegis | Season 15

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Mission Summary – Sky Harbor Aegis – 21 August, 2009


SrLtn Scott Coleridge and Lt(jg) Caelan Fletcher have been awarded the Starfleet Merit Award for their joint log, Batteries Not Included; Some Assembly Required.


SuCmdr Tylus Petrinius Jorahl has been awarded the Starfleet Starburst for his exceptional work in graphics and design for Sky Harbor Aegis, the Aegis Shipyard, and associated vessels.




An unidentified vessel entered Aegis space and disgorged 90 fighters that approached in attack position. The fighters turned out to be false targets that covered an attack from vessels approaching under cloak.


Aegis is presently under attack from unknown entities in a strangely configured ship that has no record in our database.

  • 37 enemy fighters have been destroyed;
  • 28 Aegis defense platforms are either damaged beyond use or destroyed;
  • Aegis fighters have engaged the enemy carrier, targeting weapons and engines
  • The enemy carrier forward shields failed about 2 seconds before their main weapon fired, the impacts of Aegis' defense grid taking their toll;
  • The enemy carrier's shot misfired but impacted the primary pylon shields; power on Aegis flickered and shields fail to register.

Time between games is 2 minutes. In that time:

  • "Darkness" has fallen but is short lived;
  • The station still exists;
  • There are no major holes;
  • There are some injuries;
  • Tactical is still firing torpedoes.

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Mission Summary – Sky Harbor Aegis – 28 August 2009


At 0140 on 1 April 2385 Sky Harbor Aegis came under attack by ships and species unknown. The attacking vessel and its fighters have been destroyed but the purpose of their attack has yet to be determined. The station received no distress call from the colony on TKR-117, but their status remains unknown.


SubCommander Jorahl and his engineering crew are working to determine the cause of the temporary failure of the defense grid. No jamming or interference from the attackers was detected.


Aegis has sustained extensive damage to Pylon B, the main focus of the carrier ship's attack.


An enemy fighter rammed the Midway, compromising the hull near Pylon A, underside junction. Force fields are containing most of the hull breaches but life support on the Midway is minimal with numerous atmospheric leaks.


The attacking carrier exploded, likely due to a power core breach. The shockwave hit Aegis causing major damage to the shields and impacting debris across the station. Shields are down to 50% and the sensors are functioning with severe limitations. All the attacking fighters have been destroyed but one still sits, heavily damaged, in a hole in the Midway.


Time between games is 2 hours. At sim begin the time will be 0643 on April 1, 2385.


Attacking Alien Ship

by SuCdr Jorahl


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Mission Summary – Sky Harbor Aegis – 4 September 2009


Ambassador Drankum remains in the medical suite tended by Dr. Belar. Cdr Chirakis is in temporary command.


We have had no response to our distress calls to the Federation or its Allies. Despite the crew's exhaustion, repairs and cleanup are underway. Engineering Chief Jorahl estimated that, aside from the Midway, systems should be at full in 6 hours, but serious flaws in the defense grid demand attention.


Administrator McDowell reported that the colony on TKR-117 was not attacked. Cdr Chirakis has ordered the colony to sit tight and keep a low profile.


The station has extensive damage to the Midway at the junction of Pylon A. Lt tr'Jeth Dabi, Chief of Security, is busy salvaging what he can from his office. Security Tech Bean is in sick bay.


Engineering worked in conjunction with science and medical teams to extract an alien fighter that damaged the Midway when it penetrated Aegis' hull. Radiation was leaking from the fighter's power core. Extraction of the pilot may be problematic because the pilot, in critical condition, seems to be fully integrated into the fighter. Teams are working to move the fighter and its pilot to Cargo Bay 3. Cargo Bay 3 will be in lockdown with security in full force, access restricted.


Time between games is 36 hours.

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Mission Summary – Sky Harbor Aegis – 11 September 2009


Thirty-six hours after the attack, damage reports stream to the Control Tower. Minor damage was reported across the station with major damage to the Security complex at the junction of the Midway and Pylon A. LtCmdr Shepherd has been assigned to oversee repairs to the security complex.


Administrator McDowell reported that the colony had been ignored by the interlopers. Data amassed by their sensors during the attack on Aegis has been forwarded to the station and the colony has resumed its regular schedule since scans have shown no hostile activity for 48 hours.


Ambassador Drankum remains in sickbay with significant short term and some long term memory loss. Cdr Chirakis, aka What's her name, has given him a full report on station status and remains in command.


The enemy fighter is still in Cargo Bay 3 under close watch by security. Medical and science are working to remove the biological component of the fighter in the hopes of reverse engineering its systems and perhaps getting insight into their origins and purpose.

SubCommander Jorahl, SrLtn Coleridge, and Lt (jg) Fletcher are working to determine the reason for partial failure of the defense grid during the attack. Chief Jorahl is considering the possibility that the total grid energy output may disturb local subspace channels or interact adversely with local asteroids.


Cdr Chirakis has directed a return to regular shifts so the crew can rest.


Time Between Games is 4 days.

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Mission Summary – Sky Harbor Aegis – 18 September 2009


All is quiet in the sector as Aegis continues to repair the damage incurred by the alien attack. In Cargo Bay 3 the fighter that lodged itself between the Midway and Pylon A is in a stasis/confinement force field being examined by science, medical, and engineering teams. Cdr Chirakis has ordered the teams to ascertain the beings' species, their possible origin, and the full nature of their technology.


In the time between games a standard shipment of replacement parts has arrived. The crew of the freighter seemed surprised to see a debris field and damage to the station.


There has still been no word from anyone in Starfleet or the allied powers concerning the attack. Commander Chirakis has concluded from their lack of response that the station and its inhabitants are on their own in this sector of space. She is in the process of shifting priorities to assure that the station and all connected to it – namely the shipyard and the colony on TKR-117 – are protected.


Ambassador Drankum has somehow convinced the doctors to release him to his quarters for recuperation. He was last seen entering a turbolift and asking for a random destination. Perhaps Chirakis will soon be CO.


Science has repaired their systems and successfully integrated them with the engineering grid. Engineering is close to determining the cause of the defense grid failure and a solution to fixing it, one of which seems to be a Romulan strategy. Lt Dabi and Cdr Chirakis confer on the security of the station. They consider several options, including asking assistance from the Romulan Star Empire. Does anyone else see a pattern emerging?


Time between games is 1 day. The date at sim begin will be April 7, 2385.

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Mission Summary – Sky Harbor Aegis – 25 September 2009


Dr. Pavilion has released Ambassador Drankum for duty.


Feretti and LeMorte take samples of the alien and its craft, attempting to determine the creature's species. They exorcise it from its fighter craft/shell and give what remains they can extract to Dr. Belar for autopsy, then begin complete examination of what seems to be a fully integrated bio/tech enemy craft.


Having drawn the short straw, Fletcher erects a level 6 force field around the alien craft to begin investigating the ship's technology. Security has cleared the craft of any known armaments, with a footnote that there may be unknown weapons or armaments still aboard. Coleridge works on deploying the replacement defense platforms.


Jorahl and Dabi ponder a strange discrepancy with the state of the security office and the reports generated by the computer.


Chirakis asks Administrator McDowell to watch for hieroglyphics, images, or artifacts in the colony's excavations that may point to an encounter with this species in the distant past.


So far we have no determination of the species or their galactic origin. Hopefully within a week there will be at least a general direction – other than "out there" – determined from their projected asteroid field entry trajectory.


Time between games is one week.

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Mission Summary - Sky Harbor Aegis - 2 October 2009

Ambassador Drankum, cleared for duty, wanders station and ends up in the Control Tower, ill at ease and unsure of his surroundings.

SubCommander Jorahl puzzles over a glitch in the computer system that seems to be rewriting reports so certain areas of the station are left unrepaired. Though the areas seem to be of little tactical importance, it still bears watching. He and SrLtn Coleridge discuss the defense grid and the lack of replacement parts. Coleridge suggests we need to depend less on imports and begin manufacture locally, placing automated factories elsewhere in the system to boost productivity, which would lead to needing increased number of workers, which would create a need for services, which could, in turn, create profits.

Administrator McDowell departs for Aegis to report something of possible importance that they have found in the archaeological dig.


Since the security offices were nearly decimated during the attack, Lt Dabi settles into his new, sparse and utilitarian Romulan surroundings.


Dr. Pavilion is pleased that traffic in sick bay has slowed since most of those injured in the attack have been released and are either recuperating in their quarters orback on duty.


LtCmdr Feretti reports that control of the enemy craft in the cargo bay is conducted telepathically via neural connectors in the pilot's brain. The craft's design is also aerodynamic with virtually no drag. She believes that the swooping design and control of the craft is something we can possibly implement on our next generation fighters. Telepathic control of the craft can be implemented with neural implants we have available but the accuracy and speed would vary by species. "A Vulcan or Betazed, for example," she mentions, "might have a better reaction time than a human given their own natural telepathic abilities."


Time between games is two days.

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Mission Summary - Sky Harbour Aegis - 9 October 2009


Administrator McDowell, SrLtn LeMorte, and Cdr Chirakis view images from TKR 117 and consider the possibility that there may be a connection between the archaeological dig and the unknown species that attacked Aegis. They discuss the possibility that the species may be 500,000 years old and that digging at the site may have drawn the species into the system. All this has yet to be proven and remains, for the moment, only intriguing thoughts.


LtCdr Feretti continues analysis of the chip that Cdr Chirakis retrieved from a similar fighter she found on a planet near Breen space a decade ago. Among other things she finds a map of the system, but everything in the system seems out of place. Again, more questions than answers.


Dr. Pavilion keeps sick bay running and sends the report of the autopsy of the fighter pilot to Cdr Chirakis.


In engineering, SrLtn Coleridge and Lt(jg) Fletcher work on station systems.


SubCommander Jorahl monitors engineering progress from the Control Tower where he is in temporary command. He and Lt Dabi plan an external survey of the sensor systems using Aegis' fighters. Jorahl reports that shipyard construction is on schedule.


Ambassador Drankum enters the CT. Oddly subdued and distracted, he enters the conference room and sits amid a pile of padds that have been there, unattended, for days. SubCommander Jorahl and Lt Dabi notice his aberrant behavior and are concerned.


Time between games is 30 minutes and 29 seconds.

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Mission Summary - Sky Harbour Aegis - 16 October 2009


The station came to red alert when Cdr Brian Brown, former Executive Officer of Sky Harbor Aegis, approached within 1000 meters of the station with the Covert Operations Ship USS Odyssey in full stealth mode. The Odyssey was on a mission not far from Aegis when the station was attacked, but they could not respond without revealing their presence. Cdr Brown is in the area to investigate the effects of the Breen disappearance and to search for Captain Savage.


Ambassador Drankum received a offering of tube grubs from Cdr Brown.


Lt Dabi and his security teams received a good workout guarding the Odyssey's docking port and providing escort for Cdr Brown.


Administrator McDowell, after viewing the remains of the enemy fighter and enduring the shock of red alert on the station, returned to Alastair I on TKR-117.


Dr. Pavilion reviewed the autopsy report from Dr. Lepage and took a last look at the alien's body.


Dr. Feretti and Mr. LeMorte continued their discussion of the symbols found on TKR 117 and the data from the enemy fighter.


SubCdr Jorahl and Mr. Fletcher attach sensor pods to the fighters in preparation for external scans of the station.


Time between games is two days.


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Mission Summary - Sky Harbour Aegis - 23 October 2009


Cdr Chirakis wandered the station looking for answers while Ambassador Drankum remained in his quarters.


Drs Pavilion and Belar discussed the autopsy report and were briefly visited by Cdr Chirakis.


Coleridge and Fletcher completed fitting sensor pods on the fighters in preparation for Aegis external scans.


Cdr Brown and Lt Dabi:

  • discussed USS Odyssey's stealth technology and the possibility of configuring Aegis's sensors to detect ships so equipped,

  • considered joint training exercises for Odyssey crew and Aegis pilots,
  • discussed granting station leave for the Odyssey crew,
  • inspected the enemy fighter.

After retrieving data from the chip found in the alien fighter, Mr. LeMorte discovered something quite interesting.


Time between games is approximately one week.

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Mission Summary - Sky Harbour Aegis - 30 October 2009

  • Aegis comes under attack for the second time in as many weeks from the same mysterious, elusive enemy.
  • The fighters engage. Two are lost.
  • The grid performs admirably in defense of the station. Its enhanced sensors take high-powered scans of the invading ships.
  • Feretti and LeMorte collaborate to plot entrance and exit vectors on the enemy fighters. One enemy fighter exits the system towards Breen space.At the dig on Alastair I, Administrator McDowell is informed of the attack and goes into secure mode. So far the colony remains untouched.

Time between games is two hours.

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Mission Summary - Sky Harbor Aegis - 6 November 2009

As the station resumed normal operations, Ambassador Drankum remained under guard in his quarters. Cdr Chirakis fielded questions from Centurion Dabi concerning station security, the chain of command, and what he should do with Ambassador Drankum; he and SubCdr Jorahl exchanged thoughts on Starfleet and the Romulan Star Empire. Engineering brought the grid back to ready status. Science officer LeMorte reported intriguing findings on the data from the datachip found by Cdr Chirakis on an enemy fighter a decade ago. Administrator McDowell reported that the colony seems to be invisible to the attackers - an interesting thought.

Time between games was 2 hours.

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Mission Summary - Sky Harbour Aegis - 13 November 2009


Ambassador Drankum remained in his quarters under guard.


Dr. Lepage's report on the ambassador says he is "of sound mind." Though Cdr Chirakis will question Dr. Lepage on his findings, she still suspects the ambassador of, at the very least, withholding information pertinent to the defense of the station. Now she must decide if she is should keep him in custody pending an investigation or take Security Chief Dabi's advice and release him and follow his every move.


Station life returned to as normal as it can be in this area of space. Engineering Chief Jorahl worked on upgrading the security mainframe. In his words, "We are introducing a self checking relay system with a new encryption system as well as trinary self diagnostic processors."


Assistants Coleridge, Fletcher, LeMorte, and Dr. Belar took some time off. Dr. Pavilion struggled with reports.

Time between games is 1 hour.

Quote of the week:

Jorahl: I assume Fletcher has already taken advantage of the off shift.

Scott Coleridge: He sort of vanished . . . he's very quick. Apparently I have to learn how to ski.

Jorahl: Learn to ski? Is he still trying to give you a social life, or has he moved to simply taking your life?

Scott Coleridge: I think it's a little bit of both.

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Mission Summary - Sky Harbour Aegis - 20 November 2009


Dr. McDowell received a Service Stripe

Caelan Fletcher was promoted to full Lieutenant.


A mere five hours had passed since the second alien attack on Sky Harbour Aegis.

On TKR-117, Administrator McDowell, Dr. Feretti, and Mr. LeMorte collaborated on the archaeological dig.


On Aegis, Cdr Chirakis released Ambassador Drankum from house arrest. She still suspects him of collaboration with the enemy but has no substantial proof. She has ordered Centurion Dabi to watch him closely.


After speaking with Dr. Lepage, SubCommander Jorahl approached Cdr Chirakis to question her motives. As his discussion with Jorahl raised many questions in his mind, Dr. Lepage was on his way to her office for clarification. The word "mutiny" was heard in several areas of the station.


Ambassador Drankum occupied his time reading command authorization manuals and sending a message to Ferenginar - something about profit opportunities on the horizon.


Engineers Coleridge and Fletcher spent time in the holodeck preparing for Scott's upcoming date.


Time between games is one day. 29 hours will have passed since the attack.

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Mission Summary - Sky Harbour Aegis - 4 December 2009


It had been just over a day since the second alien attack and the station settled into routine. Having been released from house arrest, Ambassador Drankum remained sequestered in his quarters while Commander Chirakis held the fort from the Control Tower with Fischer at Operations.


In the medical suite, Drs. Lepage, Belar, and Pavilion found themselves spread thin with 32 patients in sick bay, 11 still in critical condition.


Centurion tr'Jeth Dabi monitored security and kept the station safe while Sec Tech Rutian kept ze ladies safe from holodeck power outages.


Engineering SubCommander Jorahl repaired station equipment while SrLtn Coleridge and Ltn Fletcher occupied themselves in the holodeck.


Perhaps the most interesting developments are happening at the colony on TKR 117. Dr. Feretti and SrLtn LeMorte have joined Administrator McDowell on the planet to investigate symbols found at the archaeological site.


Time between simulations was two days.

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Mission Summary - Sky Harbour Aegis - 11 December 2009


Leilani Feretti was promoted to Commander.

Scott Coleridge was promoted to Lieutenant Commander


Ambassador Drankum remained in his quarters doing what Ferengi do best.


The station has received reports from various nearby sectors of space, a "strange unidentified species" passing through without attacking. Operations Manger Porter is sorting through the reports looking for a pattern or any other information that can be gleaned. Concerned about these reports, Cdr Chirakis visited engineering to examine station readiness and inform SubCommander Jorahl of the new information. She instead found LtCdr Coleridge and Lt Fletcher and was not entirely pleased with their responses.


Drs. Lepage, Belar, and Pavilion continued to patch up crew injured in the last attack. Cdr Chirakis visited the injured.


Drs McDowell and Feretti, along with Mr. LeMorte, descended to the working area of the archaeological dig on TKR 117. Cdr Chirakis is interested in anything they find at the site, especially anything that may point directly or indirectly to the attacking species. So far, most of the artifacts and characters they have found appear to be more Tkon in origin, though the scientists are moving cautiously and are not jumping to conclusions.


Time between games is one day.

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Mission Summary - Sky Harbour Aegis - 18 December 2009


Believing that Commander Chirakis was staging a mutiny, Ambassador Drankum, with the aid of Engineering Chief Jorahl, brought an armed team to the control tower and took control of the station.


Commander Chirakis is currently under arrest, having undergone both a physical and psychological examination.


Security Chief tr'Jeth Dabi and Operations Manager Damian Porter are also being held and undergoing interrogation.


The medical team of Drs. Lepage, McKinney, and Pavilion, in charge of the physical and psychological evaluations of the incarcerated senior officers, are frustratingly caught in the middle with no apparent exit.


Administrator McDowell, Cdr. Feretti, and SrLtn LeMorte were giving Commander Chirakis an update via comm from the archaeological dig on TKR-117. Confused and alarmed after witnessing the station takeover, they have decided to sit tight, gather more information, and await further developments.


Time between games is an hour or two.

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Mission Summary - Sky Harbour Aegis - 8 January 2010


The station is presently at alert condition yellow.


On the Control Tower:

  • Ambassador Drankum is in command.
  • SubCommander Jorahl is Executive Officer.

  • All station systems are back online.
  • Security codes have been reset.
  • Ambassador Drankum informed SFCommand, the Ferengi Alliance, and the Romulan High Command that "the mutiny has been put down and they request assistance."
  • Ambassador Drankum informed the crew and those on the colony of the situation. Aegis personnel on the colony were ordered to return to the station.

The Detainees:

  • SubCommander Jorahl questioned Cdr Chirakis, Centurion Dabi, and Operations Manager Porter.
  • Porter was released from the brig and confined to quarters.
  • Jorahl offered Dabi suicide as an alternative to public disgrace.

In Medical:

  • Cdr Chirakis was cleared by Drs. Lepage and McKinney.
  • Dr. Pavilion researched the possibility that command staff have been infected by a virus.
  • After a heated discussion, Dr. Lepage went to the Control Tower to take his place as Second Officer.

In Security, Sec Tech Bean replaced Security Chief tr'Jeth Dabi.


In Engineering, Chief Jorahl handed command to LtCmdr Coleridge.


On TKR117:

  • Administrator McDowell, Cdr Feretti, and SrLtn Le Morte continued working at the archaeological site.

  • After the science officers were ordered to return to the station, Administrator McDowell requested that they be allowed to remain at the colony and continue working.

  • Unbeknownst to the colonists, Ambassador Drankum ordered a strike force - headed by Sec Tech Bean - to arrest the science team and forcefully return them to Aegis.

Time Between Games is 10 hours. In that time the strike force will be within striking distance of the colony.

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Mission Update - Sky Harbour Aegis - 15 January 2010


SubCommander Jorahl replaced Commander Chirakis as executive officer. Chirakis, accused of mutiny, remained in solitary confinement. LtCdr Coleridge was placed in charge of engineering.


Centurion Dabi was in the brig, but Ltn Porter was released and confined to his quarters.


Drs McKinney and Pavilion discussed the possibility that aliens from Aegis's past have returned to "inhabit" the command staff. Mimi was off to get scans of Chirakis and Drankum, if possible.


The strike force led by NPC Sec Tech Bean and accompanied by NPCs Wolfe and Axcelis, reached TKR 117 and were met by the USS Yorktown.


Sitting tight on TKR 117, Administrator McDowell, LtCdr Feretti, and SrLtn Le Morte tried to contact the Yorktown, but Aegis jammed communications. Dr. Feretti created a distress signal by varying the colony's energy core electrostatic discharge; it was detected by the Yorktown but not the runabout.


No time between games. At sim begin:

  • The Yorktown will be in orbit of TKR 117;
  • There has been no contact between Aegis and the Yorktown (Drankum wants Halloway to "show his cards");
  • Yorktown will have just received the squirted message from the colony but they will not have any specifics on the situation;

  • The strike team is holding position above the colony.

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Mission Summary | Sky Harbour Aegis | 29 January 2010


The USS Yorktown, with Cptn Halloway in command, picked up Aegis' science team from TKR-117, along with the colony Administrator, Dr. McDowell. On the way to Aegis, Cptn Halloway sequestered himself to sort out what appeared to be a complicated situation on the station. Meanwhile, Dr. McDowell, Dr. Feretti, and Ltn LeMorte discussed their options and defense strategies.


Aboard Aegis' shuttle Gravius, which is shadowing the Yorktown, Sec Tech Bean, Axelis, and Wolfe occupied their time playing cards and generally annoying one another.


On the station, Ambassador Drankum was also sequestered, preparing for Halloway's arrival. Dr. Belar visited the brig and informed Cent. Dabi and Cdr Chirakis that the Yorktown is en route and Odyssey is in the area. During their ongoing investigation of Drankum and Chirakis, Drs McKinney and Pavilion found a classified unidentifiable insert in Chirakis' left forearm. Ltn Fletcher experienced the loneliness of command as he kept the station on an even keel.


In the Control Tower, Ops Manager Fisher detected an anomaly closely approximating the signature that appeared when the Odyssey first approached. SubCommander Jorahl ordered yellow alert and brought the defense grid to full. SubCommander Jorahl and Cdr Brown of USS Odyssey exchanged words. The Odyssey docked under strict surveillance. Ostensibly bearing a message for Cdr Chirakis, Cdr Brown was denied access.


Time between games is 3 hours. In that time Yorktown will be close enough to begin docking procedures.

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Sky Harbour Aegis Mission Summary for 5 February 2010


USS Yorktown is in station orbit. USS Odyssey is docked and under guard.


Captain Halloway was given a red carpet welcome with full honor guard. Ambassador Drankum informed him of the mutiny charge against some of Aegis' crew and then invited him to dinner.


The brig became more crowded, with Feretti and Le Morte joining Chirakis and Dabi.

Dr. Lepage's request that the science team be brought to the medical suite for post-mission physicals was denied.


Time between games is 1 hour.

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Mission Summary for 12 February 2010


The Yorktown is still in station orbit. The Odyssey is still docked.

Feretti, Le Morte, Dabi, and Chirakis are in the brig, all in solitary confinement.

Dr. McDowell is a guest of Captain Halloway.


Previously on Sky Harbour Aegis:


All aboard voiced concern for the safety of the station and their desire for a quick resolution to the present situation.


Cdr Brown, initial counsel for Cdr Chirakis, was allowed on the station to visit her, but only under full security escort.


While Dr. McKinney approached Ambassador Drankum to have Dr. Feretti and SrLtn Le Morte released to sick bay, Dr. McDowell visited them in the brig. Meanwhile, SubCommander Jorahl visited Dr. Lepage for a tete-a-tete on the station's situation. They agreed to not stab each other in the back for the time being and SubCommander Jorahl gave Dr. Lepage permission to bring the science officers to sick bay.


Lt Cmdr Coleridge and Lt Fletcher did their best to absent themselves from the situation but realized they are in the same boat as everyone else and considered the best way to deal with it. Their compromise to a full-out strike was to do their jobs, draw them out as long as possible, give long repair estimates full of confusing jargon, and take plenty of coffee breaks - aka work slow-down.


Time between games was 1 hour.


Quotable quotes:

Concerning Wolfe pulling her phaser when Hannah visits Leilani and Le Morte:

Hannah McDowell -> ::rolls eyes at Wolfe:: Now see here, it that really necessary?

Hannah McDowell -> What do ya think I'll do, talk them ta death now?


In Engineering:

Scott Coleridge -> ::Caelan:: This means war. Not against the Starfleet faction, not against the . . . other people. Against all of them. We are not going to let them continue to bypass our security and the safety of this station for their little dispute.

Caelan Fletcher -> ::perks a brow:: Us versus the whole universe?

Caelan Fletcher -> ...We'll need a bigger gun.



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Mission Summary for 19 February 2010


The science team was moved, one at a time, to the VIP sick bay for physicals, then returned to the brig.


Engineering continued their work slow-down. I see target practice in SubCommander Jorahl's not-too-distant future.


After speaking with Ambassador Drankum, Captain Halloway was on his way to visit Cdr Chirakis in the brig.


In the brig:

  • Cdr Chirakis remained in solitary confinement.

  • Dr. Pavilion scanned Cdr Chirakis, looking for more information on the previously-detected inaccessible subcutaneous implant (say that fast three times). The implant does not register on her tricorder. At all.

  • The security feeds from the brig have mysteriously corrected themselves.

Cdr Brown wandered the station, questioning personnel and gathering information for Cdr Chirakis's legal defense.


On a personal note, Dr. Lepage and Dr. McKinney made amends.


Time between games was 1 hour.

At sim begin the time and date will be 29 April 2385, 1300 hours.

Quote to Ponder:

MrDrankum -> But do not dare lecture me Captain Halloway on loyalty or trust. Both can be bought and sold, regardless of uniform. And some of the supposed righteous of Starfleet don't give a credit about it because I don't fit their mold as a leader.

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Sky Harbour Aegis | Mission Summary | 26 February 2010


Speculation on the mutiny ran rampant through the station, a constant undercurrent not easily assuaged by any manner of probing or questioning. Even the bare facts didn't provide an answer, as Captain Halloway of the Yorktown discovered in his attempts to understand why and how all this happened. Conflicting accounts from Ambassador Drankum and Commander Chirakis haven't helped the situation.


Three new crew were added to the mix - Midshipmen Spader and Harada in security and Midshipman Duroz in engineering. That the Chief of Security was in custody under charges of mutiny seemed to be only slightly confusing to Spader and Harada, who decided to tread lightly. The only abnormality for Midshipman Duroz was a Holo-Scott in engineering.


On the upside, Centurion Dabi provided entertainment for SrLtn LeMorte, Commander Feretti, and Commander Chirakis. He disabled the force field from inside his cell, then waited inside his cell for Sec Tech Bean to find him. When Centurion Dabi handed the temporary security chief position to Midshipman Spader, Sec Tech Bean forgot that Dabi has been removed from his position, underscoring the need for Midshipman Spader to take over. As a precaution, Centurion Dabi was moved to another cell. Sec Tech Bean got to clean the old one.


Fortunately for all close by, medical supplied SrLtn LeMorte with the sustenance required for his stay in the brig. Commander Feretti, on the other hand, made do with Swanson dinners, a step up from the usual MRE fare available.


While Midshipman Duroz plunged into engineering with gusto, SubCommander Jorahl took the real LtCmdr Coleridge for a tete-a-tete in his office.


Dr. Pavilion and Dr. Belar received the new recruits for physicals.


Time between games was set at a day and a half - 36 hours.


A simulation timeline date adjustment has been made.

Aegis has been at its present location for 4.2 months, or 124.5 days.

It has been 33.5 days since the first alien attack on April 1, 2385.

It has been just over 8 days since the second alien attack on April 25, 2385.

The present Aegis date is May 4, 2385.

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Mission Summary | Sky Harbour Aegis | 5 March 2010


At Drankum's Bar, Captain Halloway told Ambassador Drankum of USS Yorktown's imminent departure, citing his desire to investigate the mysterious species that has twice attacked Aegis. The Captain made an interesting observation concerning officers the ambassador could count on.


Drs. Pavilion and Belar held down sick bay while Dr. Lepage gave Ambassador Drankum a report on the physical condition of the science team. The doctor was ordered to examine the alien ship once more to see if there are any weaknesses we can exploit. Engineering will assist.


After a cursory introduction to Mid. Spader and Harada, SubCommander Jorahl spoke privately to Dr. Feretti and SrLtn Le Morte in a security interrogation room. A compromise is in the works that may allow them to return to duty. Lt(jg) Armstrong returned to Aegis security and also made his presence known to the Midshipmen.


Ltn. Fletcher filled Mid. Duroz in on the latest requirements for engineering reports and suggestions.


At sim end, SubCommander Jorahl had collapsed in sick bay.


Time between games is 12 hours.

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