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Abe Kas

Attendance tonight

::In the mess hall::


Abe, where did you put the "Really, really, special good" Root Beer?


John, you've got to get a job on this ship where you can get to work harder. Drinking and hanging out in the mess hall ain't going to cut it here.


Maybe so, Abe. Maybe she'll notice me then.... What do you suggest?


I'll talk to the XO, and see what he says. ::gets up and puts his plate in the recycler. Comes back to table where John is sitting, still lost in thought:: Some women, you just have to let them go, and if they never come back, you never really had a chance. Fire up that warp core and move on, John. There's someone out there for you.


Thanks, Abe. ::Downs his root beer, and follows Abe out the doors for the destinations fate will bring::

Edited by Abe Kas

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