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James Howell

James Howell - bio

Name: James Raymond Howell II


Age: 23


Gender: Male


Species: Human, half-Bajoran


Home world: Earth


Home city: Cardiff, Wales, England, UK


Date of birth: March 7th, 2347 (Earth date)


Height: 5'11"


Weight: 165 lbs


Eyes: Brown


Skin: Pale


Hair: Short, dark brown


Other features: Very slight nose ridges; Bajoran earring.


Family: James Raymond Howell (Father), Kani Nataya (Mother), Sarah Howell (Sister)


Marital Status: Single


Current Assignment: Assistant Engineering Officer on U.S.S. Reaent NCC 3345-G


Current Rank: Ensign






Born to a Welsh dentist father and Bajoran mother, James Howell owes most of his heritage to his human side (hence placing his forename first), but still wears the crest of the Kani family. He doesn't pay much attention to Bajoran religion, to the disappointment of his mother.


James hails from Wales's capital, Cardiff. He considers himself every bit the British man, not that being Welsh generates much of a 'sexy British accent', particularly when you're the geeky engineer.


James loved the idea of engineering on a star ship since watching a documentary on Zefram Cochrane as a child. Fuelled by an enthusiasm born of watching 21st century science fiction films, James Enlisted at the Academy after he finished college; dreaming of becoming Chief Engineer on the best ship in the fleet.


After receiving the rank of Ensign upon leaving officer training at the Academy, James was posted as Assistant Engineering Officer on the USS Reant, right next the engines, just where he felt comfortable.


The quintessential engineering nerd, James often tinkers with parts from model vehicles in his quarters. He thinks that, if he had the right parts, he could built miniature impulse engines from scratch, and have a tiny fleet all his own. James is outgoing and social often to the point of annoying, and has a habit of correcting mistakes made by his fellow crewman: what he calls "friendly help" has often been construed as irritating pedanticism.


James' Holodeck time is usually spent re-enacting scenes from Doctor Who, a science fiction programme that was very popular during the 20th and 21st centuries. James will always play the assistant, following the Doctor on magical trips through time. As James will say "when you're in space and meeting aliens, time travel is the only science fiction mystery left".


Instructors at the Academy invariably describe Ensign Howell as "very capable and skilled....when you can shut him up".

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