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Tifa Kvar

Tifa Kvar





General Information:

Full Name: Tifa Kvar

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Species: Centauran

Height: 5'4''

Weight: 102 lbs.

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Place of Birth: Torus, Alpha Centauri IV (Centaurus)




Gan Kvar (Father)

Shayna Kvar (Mother)



Service Information:

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Position: Communications Officer

Assignment: USS Comanche Creek NCC-214



Personal History:

Tifa is the only child of Gan and Shayna Kvar. They were a small and happy family, living in their home in the Centauri capitol of Torus. As a child, Tifa would often accompany her father on his small business trips to Earth and Vulcan. And it was while on a trip to Vulcan that the Kvars discovered something special about their daughter. Tifa, at age six, had quickly learned and began speaking the Vulcan language. But it didn't stop there as the young Kvar began to show a greater interest in alien languages while she grew up.


Knowing that they had a talented child, the parents began researching the possibilities for Tifa. At the age of ten the Kvar family left their home and moved to Earth. It was here that Tifa was enrolled in Sato's School for Gifted Linguists.




After getting a few more languages under her belt, Tifa began to show interest in putting those skills to use in the diplomatic corps. However her school counselor suggested that she should attend Starfleet Academy, as she felt the experience would be quite beneficial to the young woman's goals.


Tifa joined the academy, majoring in Xenolinguistics. During her senior year the young cadet became an intern at Starfleet's communication networking labs and after graduation, she continued her role there, showing little interest to be sent into space.



Service History:

Tifa excelled in the communications lab but many, including her supervisor, thought that she was wasting her talents. The answer came when Starfleet instituted the First Threat Response Program. Unbeknownst at first, Tifa's supervisor had put her name down as a candidate for the FTR. After some convincing, she reluctantly agreed with the option that if she didn't like it after a few months, she could return to her post in the labs.


Tifa was then given a promotion to Lieutenant (junior grade) and assigned as communications officer on board the USS Comanche Creek.



Personality Profile:

Tifa is a very lighthearted and fun-going person. She always tries to keep an optimistic view on life. She has a deep love for singing, which sometimes leads soft humming of tunes while she is on duty.


Unfortunately she can also be very timid, especially within a highly stressed environment such as combat. Her reluctance to go into space stems from the Nerada Incident. She had lost many friends at the Vulcan massacre. She was also present on the Academy grounds as the Nerada's mining device penetrated the San Francisco Bay.



Language Skills:

Centauri (Native)




Graalen (Andorian)

Xindi (Primate, Arboreal, and Reptilian)


Kolari (Orion)

Various languages native to Earth (Spanish, German, Latin, Japanese, etc.)



Service Record:

Stardate 0904.13 - Graduated from Starfleet Academy

Stardate 0904.20 - Promoted to Ensign and assigned to Starfleet Communications Lab

Stardate 0909.25 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and assigned to USS Comanche Creek as Communications Officer

Stardate 1004.30 - Promoted to Lieutenent

Stardate 1207.09 - Promoted to Lieutenent Senior Grade

Stardate 1406.23 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

Edited by Tifa Kvar

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