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C.M.O. T'Aral

Full Name: T'Aral t'T'Sarla t'T'Sina t'T'Hala t'TRenia Continues ...


Current Starfleet Rank: Leutenant ( Last promotion received 04.02.10 )


Current Starfleet Position: Medical Officer


Current Vessel of Posting: USS Comanche Creek


Personal Information

Species: Vulcan


Gender: Female


Age: 35 ( V.S. ) / 23 ( E.S. )


Birthday: 6th day, 4th month V.S.


Place of Birth: ShiKahr, Vulcan


Marital Status: Single ( Fiancee died on Vulcan )


Height: 5' 7"


Weight: 115 lb.


Hair Color: Brown


Eye Color: Brown


Skin Color: Caucasian ( equiv. )



Medical History


Allergies: None


Blood Type: TA+


Scars/Other Distinguishing Marks: None.


Other History: No further ailments.


Family Information


Father: Sanekk, Instructor of Philosophy of Metaphysics, Vulcan Academy

( Deceased )


Mother: T'Sarla, Instructor of Vulcan Religion, Vulcan Academy

( Deceased )


Siblings: None



( Years in E.S. )

Kahs-wan: Completed, age 9

Privately educated to age 15

Rite of Tal'oth: Completed, age 16

Mount Seleya Seminary: attended age 17 - 19

Starfleet Academy: attended age 20 - 23


Current level of mental discipline: Venlinahr


Fields of training


Neuropressure Therapy, Vulcan Meditative Healing Techniques.

Xenobiology, Xenopsychology, Triage Procedure, Physical Therapy,

Emergency Medical Procedure, Inter-species Pharmacology




L.N.P. / therapist


Career History

Star Fleet Academy

Cadet - graduated with honors

Assignment - USS Comanche Creek, Chief Medical Officer


Hobbies and Interests

Music, Chess, Cooking, Biology, Psychology, Philosophy, History, Vulcan Caligraphy, and Visual Art.



Has omnivorous dietary habits.

Edited by T'aral

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As a child T'Aral spent what little free time she had with her mother, learning the ways of Vulcan spiritual beliefs. While this distanced her from others who directed their logical studies to more reasoned pursuits, her choice gained favor from her parents and the Vulcan priesthood.


Highly inteligent, she quickly mastered the fundamental principles of Vulcan spirituality while demonstrating keen insight into the nature of the katra. As she advanced, however, T'Aral demonstrated a deep concern for others. The Vulcan population entering Starfleet service was increasing, and they lacked contact with their spiritual roots. T'Aral struggled with the thought that such Vulcans would lose their foundations.


Upon completion of her training as a priestess, T'Aral developed a plan and obtained the approval of the clerical elders to provide spiritual support to the Vulcans serving the Federation off-world. Not revealing her full seminary training to Starfleet, she entered a course of study as a medical officer specializing in nursing and recuperative therapy. In this role she could be useful to Starfleet as a whole, remain discreet in her calling, while still providing much-needed spiritual support to her fellow Vulcans.


During her time at Starfleet T'Aral became adept at concealing her clerical nature while maintaining signs which her fellow Vulcans would recognize. The only items which would reveal any clue as to T'Aral's spiritual calling is a set of ceremonial robes which are routinely kept hidden and a displayed stone: a large rock she had taken from Mount Seleya. When off duty she wears ornamental earrings indicative of the Vulcan priestly orders.


With the destruction of Vulcan, T'Aral's future became considerably more complicated. As one of the few surviving priestesses, her assistance would be pivotal towards establishing a new Vulcan homeworld. Yet because of the irrational nature of spirituality, the Vulcan hierarchy is far too reluctant to request her involvement as that would raise difficult questions. Because of this she remains hidden within Starfleet as intended, continuing to discretely serve her people as much as she is able.

Edited by T'aral

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Quarters / Appearance


Quarters are minimally furnished with artifacts, all of which posess functions of a meditative nature. Among them is a large stone with red, purple, and white marbling that was taken from Mt. Seleya. It is now one of the few verifiable artifacts which remain of the planet Vulcan. Other items include a hexagonal gong and two sets of tinabula.


T'Aral's personal dress is traditional Vulcan in nature - loose fitting robes. She wears minimal jewelry which is indicative of Vulcan priests to identify herself to other Vulcans.

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