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NAME-TKAR....female-Vulcan/Human. Home world-VULCAN...City-Shikar.....

Height-5'8,Weight 105-----Hair -Dark Brown

Eyes-Deep Blue <Has mothers eyes> Light skin......

Father-SAKKA--VULCAN <Science officer /Computer and weapons ,security specialist-starfleet<ret.> Vulcan Science academy......Mother <Human> Sam Raphael<Doctor/ Healer<Vulcan science Academy>Exchanged student < medical who married SAKKA after saving him on vulcan <classified - Secuity A1 Rating.>

HISTORY---- First Female to be born to SAKKA <Family line>and Sam taught the vulcan way by Sakka after mothers,death <DUE To childbirth> TKAR Studied Weapons and computer science but found out she <IN human terms loved medicine> But did what the logical thing <Stayed with weapons/security> studied at Vulcan Academy but signed up for Starfleet after death of her father last year ----GRADUATED WITH honors but still not sure of Assigment----has a Black belt in vulcans self defense --weapons and security <AA2 Rating....studing Medical and science in her free time and keeping up with Security dutes<studing to inprove in security proceedures>>----Interests--Vulcan harp, art,human family history.....<Security weapons --classified at this time> Assigned to The Reaent as ensign 2384 then promoted to JR LT---AS of 2385 promoted to LT by Captain McQueen___<Starting friendships with Science Officer O Hallen and the Doctor>------More on BIO--<classified now>

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