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Cmdr JFarrington

Misson to Oppo

Mission Update for 8.31.2009

After shore leave on Risa, the USS Manticore has been dispatched to Oppo, a quiet, thriving planet with a peaceful society on the verge of warp capability. Within the past few weeks Starfleet has lost all contact with the local population, the Irenics. Their communication satellites have gone silent, their radio and television transmissions have ceased. Local sensor buoys were directed to the planet, but they can detect no lifesigns when there should be almost a billion people. The planet is well away from any hostile worlds. Their disappearance is indeed a mystery.

TBS is 5 hours. We are just approaching Oppo.

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Mission Update for 9.7.2009

Upon reaching Oppo the Manticore confirms no lifesigns on the planet. The away team sent to investigate comes under fire from 3 meter tall humanoid robots. First they fire on the team and then they stop shooting and just capture them all.

In orbit, after destroying sensor-jamming satellites, the Manticore receives a partial message from LtCmdr Kenickie before her lifesign disappears along with those of the rest of the team. Again, Manticore can detect no lifesigns on the planet. The senior staff doesn't know if the landing party is dead or captured and hidden from sensors. It is NOT a festive mood around the conference room.

TBS is one hour.

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Manticore Mission Update for 9.14.2009

 The Federation Council has sent the USS Manticore to the peaceful planet of Oppo to see why it has gone completely silent and is no longer registering life signs from long-range sensor sweeps of the sector. Sensor sweeps from orbit confirm that there are no lifesigns on a planet of billions.

A landing party has been sent to the center of one of their largest cities. Led by LtCmdr McFly, with LtCmdr Kenickie, LtCmdr Faldek, LtCmdr Hilee, Lt Pilot, Lt T’Prise, Ctn t’Tamarak, and NPC Brutus, they are currently being held captive by strange robotic beings who seem to realize their needs. Though their area of confinement is cramped and seamless they have an abundance of fresh air and the atmosphere is comfortable and well-lit. All their communication equipment, tricorders, and phasers are gone. The least comfortable is Lt Pilot, whose arm was broken in their struggle to escape.

 Aboard the Manticore tempers flare. After the away team came under attack their biosigns completely disappeared, indicating that they were either dead or their signs are somehow being masked by a highly sophisticated system. Frustration mounted as Admiral Atragon called a department meeting and no one had anything to report.

Meanwhile, scientist Lt Syndrx discovered that, though debris from destroyed satellites could be seen from observation windows, it did not register on sensors. The science team is presently working on alternative methods of scanning the satellites in orbit while we retrieve orbiting debris &/or a complete satellite for examination.

 TBS is 2 hours.

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Manticore Mission Update for 9.21.2009

 The Manticore remains in orbit of Oppo, unable to communicate with an away team that beamed to the surface.

 Those on the ship have captured a satellite from the planet’s atmosphere, along with several pieces of debris from destroyed satellites. They hope a scientific and engineering analysis of the objects will give them insight into the technology. We do know that they employ some kind of stealth surfactant; there is a material in those satellites that is invisible on sensors, but can be seen quite plainly by the naked eye.

 It was postulated that we may be dealing with a civilization that prefers to exist in seclusion, we intruded upon them without being invited, and because we are under cloak they do not know we exist so the away team can be returned.

 Captain Sovak has ordered a shuttle to be prepped for unmanned reconnaissance over the city. The rest of the crew aboard Manticore has been informed of the situation on the planet concerning the AT.

 The Away Team, after being addressed by a disembodied voice that calls itself “The Network,” was separated into two groups.

• T’Prise, Hilee, t’Tamarak, and Brutus are taken to a room where several thousand Oppo lie on metal tables, stripped naked and shaved bald.

• McFly, Kenickie, Pilot, and Faldek are sent to a gigantic metallic room two to three hundred yards long. Thousands of Oppo people are there, clothed in rags. A water trough runs through the room, piles of vegetables scattered on the ground. The Oppo people take no notice of the new group.


TBS was five minutes.

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Manticore Mission Update for 10.5.2009

On Oppo, hooked up to the Network:

• Hilee

• T’Prise

• Jaiysa

• Brutus 

On Oppo, in the Compound, digging holes and fighting with each other:

• McFly

• Kansas

• Faldek

• Pilot

Ordered by the IG to leave his crew behind on Oppo, Admiral Atragon demolishes the ready room door in a rage then orders Engineering Chief Garnoopy to disable the ship’s engines so they cannot move. After word games on the bridge, Chief Garnoopy, Cmdr Precip, and Admiral Atragon take the Chimera on a daredevil rescue mission to the surface.

Escher, Syndrx, and Morran continue analyzing the captured satellite’s stealth coating. Escher has found a way to detect the satellites through their stealth technology. 

The ship receives a comm from LtCmdr McFly on the planet saying that the captured team is fine and he just needs more personnel on the surface. But he doesn’t respond with the confirmation code. 

TBS was 1 hour.

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Manticore Mission Update for 10.12.2009


• t’Tamarak, Hilee, T’Prise, and Brutus are fully connected to the Network, slowly losing all sense of self despite their best efforts to the contrary;

• McFly, Kenickie, Faldek, and Pilot remain in the holding compound;

• McFly and Faldek come to a consensus regarding command.

 Aboard the Chimera:

• Admiral Atragon, Cmdr Garnoopy, and Cmdr Precip, having taken the Chimera on a rescue mission, crash on the planet after being hit by an energy weapon from the surface;

• Cmdr Precip breaks his leg and, given a very small window of opportunity, Manticore is able to beam him to sick bay;

• The Chimera is damaged, but not beyond repair.

 On Manticore:

• Tension mounts as the crew mentally calculates the chances of success for the rescue mission and faces the possibility of losing their commanding officer and two commanders along with the already-captured away team;

• Vilanne, Eva, and Nancy take a well-deserved rest in sick bay – until red alert sounds and Precip arrives, injured from the Chimera crash;

• Escher and Morran restructure the sensor grid to detect and penetrate the alloy. They are still working on a weapons configuration that will penetrate the alloy.

At sim end:

• McFly, Kenickie, Faldek, and Pilot are still in the compound;

• T’Prise, Hilee, t’Tamarak, and Brutus are still hooked up to the Network;

• Atragon and Garnoopy are in the crashed Chimera;

• Precip is on the Manticore in sick bay, tended by Vilanne, Eva, and Nurse Nancy;

• Sovak, Jami, Keb, and TacGuy are on the Bridge.

 TBS is 15 minutes.

Technobabble Award:

MC_Escher -> (m) So the wave field gets jacked up into the gamma spectrum, where it interfaces with the beta shielding and provides a low-force kickback through the navigation matrix. That should resonate with the internal feedback from the power regulator. Once the regulator gets synced with the wave matrix it should start to oscillate in and out of phase, which should be able to penetrate the structure aaaaand... ::gives a few buttons and the screen lights up:: Yes!


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Manticore Mission Update for 10.19.2009

On Oppo, McFly, Kansas, and Faldek test escape strategies while providing entertainment for Irenic NPCs Del Spooner, Thomas Anderson, Kyle Reese, and Connor.

After beaming the injured Cmdr Precip back to Manticore, Admiral Atragon and Garnoopy search for the lost away team. They find The Network, with several thousand Irenics plus Hilee, T’Prise, Jaiysa, and Brutus hooked up to it.

On the Manticore, Sovak, Keb, and Jami monitor operations from the bridge. Escher, Syndrx, and Morran, assisted by their AI (who happens to look a lot like T’Prise) and SFIntel LtCdr Roget, discover that hydrogen dioxide (H2O2) – aka hydrogen peroxide – fired in high velocity from orbit may be effective against the alloy that currently blocks transport and generally protects the baddies on the planet.

In engineering, Doug keeps the ship running smoothly.

Drs Chalice and Jaz complete surgery on Cmdr Precip. Dr Mele convinces Cmdr Precip that a little TLC from Nurse Nancy and a lot of rest will be his only option for a while.

TBS is 10 minutes.


Quote of the night:

 Garnoopy: Well, I'm not reading anything that'd be specific to the away team, but I'm showing an awful lot of energy flowing to one location. If we go to where it's flowing we could run into resistance but it makes sense the away team is there. If we go to where it's coming from, we can blow it up.

Admiral Atragon-9: I like the blowing up bit, but we should locate the team first, so we don't kill them in the process.

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Manticore Mission Update for 11.09.2009

 In an attempt to free our crew members and the citizens of Oppo from the clutches of a robot civilization, we test a virus that will hopefully be uploaded into "The Network." We hope it will lead to the release of those hooked up to it and the destruction of the Network.

 Meanwhile, Brutus's life hangs by a thread. The usual numbness and capitulation of the body to the control of the Network does not seem to be working for him. He starts "shivering and sweating; his head almost used to the amount of pain, it now spreads to the rest of his body; the unbearable burning rushes down his spine; his blood feels like it boils and his bones feel like they could melt." Stay tuned.

 Admiral Atragon interrupts Cmdr Precip's pre-op preparation (not to mention the entire medical routine) to fill him in on progress and ask for suggestions concerning the pending assault.

 Several of Manticore's fighters and shuttles have been modified to fire high-pressure streams of H2O2. They should help us break through the planet's defenses in preparation for an assault team. Fighter and shuttle assignments so far:

* Wyvern: Atragon, Sovak, Keb

* Griffin: Syndrx, Crystal

* Basilisk: Jami

* Hydra:

 TBS was 10 minutes.

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Manticore Mission Update for 11.16.2009

Assault teams landed on Oppo bearing H2O2 cannons and troops. Troops and fighters blasted the robots and assorted other metallic barriers away with H2O2. Having been there before, Admiral Atragon led the way to the Core Room where T'Prise, t'Tamarak, Hilee, and Brutus were hooked up to the Network. Reverting to her medical background, Cmdr Farrington checked the status of the four and disconnected them as Captain Sovak and Ian Syndrx uploaded a virus to the Network. Just before sim pause the four were beamed directly to Manticore's sickbay.

We hope the uploaded virus will disable the Network enough to free the rest of the humanoid Irenics of Oppo from their robotic overlords. The question remains, however, as to the reason the robots seized power and enslaved the Irenics. Fortunately that is none of our concern but a problem to be worked out among themselves, aided by the Federation if they so desire. Our immediate concern is focused on finding four of our crew who remain missing. McFly, Kenickie, Faldek, and Pilot are still at large, being held captive - along with other Irenics - on what is called the farm.

TBS is 1 minute.

Fighters, shuttles, and troops are still in the Core room, about to depart to look for the missing four.

For tomorrow night, people can either remain as their Assault Team NPCs, revert back to doctors on Manticore, or NPC farm folks - since that is our next stop.

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Manticore Mission Update for 12.7.2009

 Manticore is limping back to Sector 001. Having disobeyed a direct order from Inspector General Morris, Admiral Atragon kept the Manticore in orbit of Oppo and mounted a rescue of the missing crew. Now he must face charges and a possible court martial for his actions.

 Admiral Atragon and Cmdr Garnoopy reconcile their differences.

Sick bay now seems to be the main focus of activity, with Admiral Atragon, LtCmdr McFly, and even Drs. Chalice and Jaz pacing the floor, worried about the injured.

Patients recovering in sick bay include:

• t’Tamarak – awake

• Hilee – awake

• T’Prise – still unconscious, occasionally convulsing

• Brutus – critical, unresponsive

• EJ Pilot – broken arm

• Kansas – stir-crazy; definitely on the mend

• Precip – sedated, out cold, recovering from surgery

 The Core Four remain in guarded condition except for Brutus, who is still in critical condition, not responding to any treatment. Pilot, Kansas, and Precip will fully recover with rest and the excellent care they receive from Drs. Mele, Chalice, Jaz, and NPC Sloan.

 Captain Sovak has the conn.

In the absence of Cmdr Precip Ensign Crystal remains at tactical.

Keb is at helm and Jami at OPS, monitoring their progress towards Sector 001.

Escher, Ian, and Turris plow through data gathered from our encounter with the Network.

Doug continues work in engineering.

 • TBS is one day. At sim begin we will be one day from Earth.

• The Doctors and Core four will decide what they are like after a whole day, but no one has been released from sickbay.

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