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RAdm S.Coyote

FTR Commanding Officer
Shauna M. Coyote, FTR Command

= - = - = - Profile Access Granted = - = - = -



Name: Walking Coyote, Shauna Meredith


Current Rank: Rear Admiral

Service: Federation Starfleet

Project Lead: First Threat Response Program, Starfleet Operations/Starfleet Border Patrol

Call Sign: Wile E.


General Information:


Sex: Female

Species: Terran Human

Age: 58

Height: 6 ft

Weight: 165 lbs

Eye Color: Sky Blue

Hair Color: Auburn/Brown

Skin Color: Olive


Known Markings:


Small birthmark/back of right shoulder

Small scar on bottom left of chin


Cultural Note:


Tribe Affiliation: Comanche, Old Americas Territory, Earth

Honorary Tribe Elder


Background and Family History:


The Walking Coyote family bloodline can be traced back to the ancient tribal roots of the Comanche people, an indigenous tribe originally hailing from the Old Northern Americas Territories of Earth.


Shauna M. Walking Coyote participated in Starfleet AP classes in high school prior to enlisting in the Federation Starfleet at the age of seventeen. She chose to study as a star fighter pilot and navigator and served within the Starfighter program before transferring over into the Navigation field full time. In her later career she became a fast track command front runner, moving up the ranks to take on her own command level ship and station postings and eventually her current admiralty rank.


Shauna's paternal grandfather, Shaun Walking Coyote, was a retired civilian development contractor who had gone into civilian level politics. He was serving within the local galactic sector administrator field when he took on the lead administrator role as representative and head colonist for the Comanche Creek colony. The colony was originally intended as a Federation relay outpost for the outer frontier quadrants and the establishment was finalized and located on a Class M planet in the year 2230. The residents and workers were representative of various continents of the Earth, and the outpost was originally named for a creek of the same name located within the Southwestern regional territory of the Old Americas.


In 2238, the colony suffered a devastating attack at the hands of an unknown band of Romulan traders who came under the flash guise of friendship and trade only to betray the trust of the colony residents; a brutal attack was launched and the Romulan scavengers proceeded to systematically decimate every man, woman, and child inhabitant of the Federation outpost. The entire colony was stripped of every available piece of technical equipment -- even the electrical and gel pack wiring fuse connections wired throughout the walls of the colony structures -- and no further evidence existed as to the identity of the raiders other then a few grainy image capture photos recorded on a personal digital camera recovered from one of the colonists corpses.


In due part to the modern image recognition capturing equipment employed by the interception ships during the Battle of Vulcan with the Romulan captain of the Narada, Nero, there is current speculation after the comparison of these modern images to the older digital images that the unknown colony raiders may have been Nero and his Narada crew as they appeared twenty years ago, or at least a possible Romulan pirate faction employed by the warlord Nero.


All told, Admiral Coyote lost three family members to the Comanche Creek colony massacre. The USS Comanche Creek ship of the Federation Starfleet First Threat Response program is named in honor of the fallen colony residents, and Admiral Shauna Coyote currently serves as the FTR border protection programs lead liaison officer and representative. She has a passion for the protection program that is borderline obsessive, no doubt due to her family colony history and a desire to prevent a reoccurrence of the fate that befell the Comanche Creek colony.


Coyote is the classic composite of a loner, yet she does maintain contact with certain people that she has served with. She is a highly formidable and career oriented officer. Some would call her ruthless, while others refer to her as professionally driven. She has no children and has never married, and maintains a distant yet cordial contact relationship with her younger brothers. Unknown to her two brothers, Shauna has set up a trust fund program for her niece and nephew when they both reach the age of 21, to be implemented anonymously. The fund will go retroactive for immediate access by her family should she pass away prior to the children reaching the age of 21.





= - = - = - = - Classified - = - = - = - =

= - = - = - = - High Level Security Access Only - = - = - = - =



During her service as First Officer on the USS St. John Talbot, she was approached and recruited by Starfleet Intelligence for special project work involving undercover officers who required off the grid and special needs extraction from operations. Since these missions were usually short term and non invasive from a general career standpoint, Coyote would frequently employ and recruit trusted comrades and officers that she had served with over the years to go and extract the target officers. She stayed with the Intel Extraction program for three years before moving on and reinstating herself back into the mainstream Starfleet

= - = - = - = - Classified - = - = - = - =

= - = - = - = - High Level Security Access Only - = - = - = - =


*Character Bio information is copyright by the author 2009 to present

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Folks, say hello to Rear Admiral Shauna Walking Coyote. Image is copyright Dynamite Comics, Battlestar Galactica (Admiral Cain character). - Crash


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