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Arch Angel

To Serve And Protect

To Serve And Protect


Duty Log: Angelis,John,A.,1Lt.,CAG, 420 th. Light Fighter Group, U.S.S. Reaent


The briefing at 1600 hrs. in the Pilots ready room adjacent to the fighter bay had gone better than many had predicted. The expressions of relief were apparent on the various faces of those in attendance.


The results from both the asteroid target practice and simulated close combat engagement with the fighters that were on station and in practice runs when engaged by the two prototype fighters flown by myself and Mr.Scherer was quite revealing .


The data from the surprise mock engagement being beamed directly back to Reaent by our telemetry has demonstrated the welcome augmentation and benefit of the fighters as a valuable addition to our standard fighters. There are still performance parameters needing to be set as a benchmark for refinement and possible modifications to really make the Corsairs a very effective and efficient superiority fighter platform in support of our present craft.


The maneuverability and enhanced speed capabilities are most impressive when coupled with the newest additional sensors package, The ability to mask or reduce the overall signature of the craft to resemble smaller bits and pieces of transient meteoric,or asteroidal debris while on a direct approach to engage the enemy is phenomenal indeed.



The combination of the various propulsion,guidance,integral pilot link to the computer practically moves the craft at the speed of thought along with the manual input on the stick to heights not previously found on fighter craft* Note* Enhanced performance ability of the craft may exceed pilots natural abilities in piloting response*, I have been assured the onboard link systems automatically gauge and set to pilots skill level while performing the power up phase of start up and pre flight sequencing.



The results of the individual pilots recorded performance while in practice runs resulted in very good marks across the board, some were exceptional, Those found to be very exceptional were afforded the luxury of not attending remedial simulator drills and given an eight hour downtime leave to do as they wished.



The overall progress of this group of pilots I am most pleased with and must admit they do in fact represent some of the fleets finest it has been my honor to work or be associated with. I do take some solace and pride in the knowledge each and everyone of my pilots have demonstrated unswerving commitment to duty and professionalism. I have no reservations in the assignment of any of the pilots under my direct command filling any type of mission role as it pertains to fighter support operations.



The Alert#1 fighter teams have been posted with Alert# 5 teams in reserve. I have posted results of the practice drills on the pilots performance and duty board on the fighter deck and have classified as top secret ,the results from the prototype fighters telemetry and down loaded the data and forwarded to the Command staff for review and presentation to fleet H.Q. at their convenience with notations and suggestions on future test and trials.



Computer...suspend duty log and make a transfer addition to my personal log...Beep!, Addendum to personal log...The old fashioned mariners clock has just chimed 2300 hrs.,the coffee is strong and cold.


I still have to stop by sickbay on my way to quarters to see my wife. Schawnsee had contacted me briefly upon exiting the simulator room post running Mr.Shamor through a rigorous simulation. She had indicated she had some very good news to share, That is something I could certainly use right now...I have been very concerned about my little one. "Computer...Resume duty log:..Beep!.



The future prospect of the fighter division to perform at the very best of expected and exceed expectations in the security of this ship and crew in my professional opinion has been demonstrated without hesitation as I shall continue to assure we will continue to serve and protect this Grand Dame...the Reaent!. Computer,encrypt and forward to Command staff this duty log .,....Beep. :wacko:

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