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... and on the 7th day she rested.

She'd been working practically non-stop on their trip back to Camelot station. She'd been fixing shield generators as of late, they'd become almost worthless after their 150% and 170% usage levels. First was emergency repairs to the hull from the two blasts that had torn through the saucer section, the first one destroying her quarters. She helped out the crews to slap some hull plating on it so it had some structural integrity field continuity, it was all they could do for now. That at least took some of the power load off of the engines when they could finally turn off the emergency force fields which was all there was between them and open space.


Then there was consoles that had to be patched together, the most critical ones in Security and the Bridge getting a somewhat better job done that others. There was no priority given to replacing much of the interior that had been destroyed since it looked like the Union was probably going to be used for spare parts from now on.


She didn't really miss having her own quarters anyway, ships like this had many places where someone like her felt comfortable. She actually felt uneasy when alone in any room she couldn't touch both walls at once, unless it had engines, weapons, consoles, fighters, computers, recycling processors, heck, even waste disposal units were good company once you got to know them.

Through all of the action, she hadn't had a security escort for a while now. Seems like when they switched from the Excaliber to the Union, they'd either just got too busy to notice it, or she'd actually proven herself by exception to be trustworthy. Either that or they just needed some semi-competent warm bodies to man positions, and she was a fast learner.


When they had switched into Bajoran uniforms, she had stowed her Star Fleet ones in her room. Not that she had many, being a "Provisionsal" Ensign. While most everyone had changed back into Star Fleet ones, she hadn't because her quarters were no more. Nobody seemed to notice, probably because when you are dirty most of the time, you couldn't tell to easily. Maybe Cmdr LeftEar JoNs during her recovery from being knocked out would remember because Tandaris wasn't looking too good, and Marius couldn't care one way or another she was wearing as long as she got her work done. If he did, he'd probably get in trouble for it!

So she'd taken to staying in her favorite Jefferies tube, where she had hidden a few of her personal belongings from when she had first made it aboard ship. She'd never be able to impersonate a male Pakled anymore, all of that cosmetic and prosthetic pieces went poof when her room got destroyed. Not that she'd done it during the almost one year she'd been around. Da'veed White had cured her of that, she could remember the hot pastrami sandwich lunch she'd had with him like it was yesterday.

They were fast approaching the station, and she was starting to get anxious about what was going to happen next. Seeing as how there was little need for her Bajoran uniform, torn and filthy, she had better see what she could get to change into, and get cleaned up. There was an old storeroom with some historical items in it from the previous crew. Maybe if there were some old clothes or a uniform, it would be better than nothing....there were those old style uniforms Da'veed mentioned would look really good on her and her long legs from being 6 foot tall.


She made her way via Jefferies tubes from her little offshoot to the storeroom, thinking, what did he call them? Miniskirts?

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