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Crash Calestorm

Starfleet Profile
Calestorm, Ashton Marie

===== Starfleet Biographical Profile =====

===== Command Profile/Access Granted =====

===== Calestorm, Ashton Marie =====




Service Information:

Name: Ashton Marie Calestorm

Affiliation: Starfleet Border Patrol, First Threat Response Program Division

Service Number: SF-148905

Primary MOS: Pilot //Current Primary: Hornet 20//

Secondary MOS: Helm Officer

Minor MOS: Small Arms

Call Sign: Crash


General Information:

Birthplace: USS Knights Shield NCC-120 (Dreadnought Class) (Starfleet Colonial Operations)

Birthdate: June 29, 2204

Standard Age: 56* (see Medical Notation)

Current Age: 49* (see Medical Notation)

Height: 5 Foot 9 Inches

Weight: 137 lbs

Hair: Silver White/Graying

Eyes: Hazel-Green

Species: Human/Terran (Female)


Markings: USS Warlock 24th Archmages Flight Squad tattoo (right calf), Starfleet Starfighter Corps Division tattoo (upper left arm), Starfighter Corps 'Death From Above' tattoo (upper right arm)


Educational Background:

Pre-School: Private Class Setting, USS Knights Shield (Dreadnought Class)

Elementary School: Jonathan Archer Elementary School (Georgia, Old Americas Southeast Territory, Earth)

High School: Ghost Falls High School (Georgia, Old Americas Southeast Territory, Earth)

Cadet Training: Four Year Program, Starfleet Naval Academy (San Francisco, Earth)

Officer Training: One Year Program, Starfleet OCS (San Francisco, Earth)

Advanced Flight Training: One Year Program, Starfleet Mars Colony (Sector 01)


Family Background:

Father: Charles Henry Calestorm, CDR retired (former Pilot) (Age: 90)

Mother: Mary Katherine Calestorm, CAPT retired (former Pilot) (Age: 89)

Brother: Jonathan Calestorm, former SCPO (Security), Starfleet Command (San Francisco, Earth) (Age: 60)

Sister: Katherine Calestorm, CPO (MedTech), USS Niagara Falls NCC-608 (Age: 59)

Maternal Aunt: Ashton Marie Killian, COL retired (former 56th Battalion, USS Gettysburg NCC-7419) (Age: 62)

Maternal Uncle: Forrest Killian, WO5 retired (former Battlefield Medic/Aero Ambulance Transport) (Age: 73)

Niece: Shannon Marie Calestorm (Student) (Age: 18)

Nephew: Bodie Jonathan Calestorm (Student, Starfleet Pre-Enlistment Program) (Age: 19)


General Appearance and Information:

Ashton Marie Calestorm is Human, coming from an Earth Irish/Celtic bloodline. She spent her childhood, teen years, and early twenties exposed to the Southern culture of the North American continent.


Her complexion is light and she is prone to sunburn. She possesses average facial features. She does not use makeup, only on the rare occasion or for a special event. Her body shape is lean and athletic, not muscular. Her silvering blond hair is cut short, regulation length. Her general strength level has been calculated as a bit below the average female human. Ashton’s tolerance and endurance level against pain and discomfort has been charted to average.


Personal Background:

Calestorm is the youngest of three children, and led the Starfleet Brat lifestyle of going from assignment to assignment with her parents and then in the care of various Earth bound relatives for vacations or schooling purposes in her child and teenaged years. Coming from a military family with several generations serving, the mindset and practice of military duty, honor and camaraderie was a powerful and long lasting message to grow up with.


Initially applying to the Starfleet Marine Corps Infantry program as an enlisted officer and completing a two month stint at Parris Island, it was suggested by Senior Drill Instructor Zimm that she seek her career elsewhere as her skills and mindset were more suited towards piloting and officer training; Calestorm transferred to the Starfleet Naval Academy and followed in her parents' chosen career as a starfighter pilot. She also participated on the academy demonstration boxing team as a junior lightweight, splitting her skills between boxing and kickboxing.


Ashton’s call sign of 'Crash' originates from her training assignment to the USS Warlock. She was assigned a courier shuttle run from the ship to a planetary colony base, and several passengers sarcastically commented on contracting whiplash or how close they had come to crashing. The Weapons Systems Officer posted for the assignment promptly spread the word among the flight squads and her permanent call sign was born. Calestorm completed her training and transferred over to the regular duty roster, attaining the full rank of Ensign and cutting her teeth as a professional pilot participating in the Orion Cartel-Federation Border Patrol skirmishes. During her early career service as a pilot, she piloted for a variety of missions and assignments: supply convoy escort, troop transport, reconnaissance, and interceptor.


In 2233 she was assigned to the USS Kelvin with a dual concentration as a Helm officer and Shuttle pilot. That same year, the ship was destroyed in battle with the Narada, a converted mining ship commanded by Nero, a Romulan claiming to be from the future. Ashton was one of a few hundred crew members who escaped the brutal attack. There are rumors that she had been involved in a romantic relationship with another officer, Christopher Pike, during her service tenure on the Kelvin, but this relationship has never been confirmed or denied.


From 2236 to 2238, Lieutenant Commander Calestorm was assigned to the Officer Recovery Program (ORP) division of Starfleet Intelligence, under the command of then-Commander Shauna Coyote. The division is and was responsible for extracting Starfleet operatives from deep cover assignments who had become compromised in some way, were in danger of doing so, or the assignment was no longer viable. As a Specialist Extraction Officer (SEO), Ashton was most often deployed on assignments that made use of her piloting skills and familiarity with frontier and colony planets.


During her service as Executive Officer on the USS Reflection in 2250, the ship engaged a Klingon battle cruiser in a border dispute. Injured during the skirmish, Calestorm took shrapnel to her left knee and though the injury can be aggravated at times, it does not impair her ability to serve.


On July 8, 2260, due to Prime Directive-related actions taken during a mission to the previously un-contacted planet of Grayson (Gygax Sector) and a separate incident involving an unsanctioned meeting with an Intelligence contact for use of information on Operation: Lost Souls, Captain Ashton Calestorm was demoted to the rank of commander and posted to Executive Officer duties on board the Comanche Creek for the duration of one solar year per the orders of Admiral Shauna Walking-Coyote. Former Executive Officer Commander Audraya ‘Scooter’ Wesley was subsequently promoted to captain and placed as the acting Commanding Officer of the USS Comanche Creek. In February 2261, following eight months at the reduced pay grade, she was re-promoted to the rank of Captain and position of Commanding Officer following investigative inquiries and action taken against smuggler activity within the Aquarius Major system.


Personality Profile:

As a child, Ashton possessed an agreeable and gentle way about her. She is curious, competent, a very driven individual if she gets an idea in her head. On the negative side of her personality, if she feels strongly enough about something or has a strong opinion, it can be very difficult to dissuade her from a certain course of action. She can have a temper if angered sufficiently, and can be impulsive. She is of the get the job done mindset and while not by nature a ruthless individual, she can have a single minded and stubborn quality that is difficult to penetrate. A tell tale sign of her level of annoyance is the tone and timber of her usually dormant Earth Southern accent. At her core personality, she is adventurous but not one for bravado and is true to her word. She is not anti-social, but will never be the life of the party. Her loyalty runs deep, and can be fierce once unleashed. She expects the best from the people under her command and can have a hard edge regarding crew discipline if involved.


Calestorm is not a good swimmer. She has an intense dislike of wasps and bees and this has been problematic considering she spends a good amount of time serving on detached border patrol duty to any number of Federation colony worlds which may have an abundance of these creatures.


Combat Profile:

Ashton Marie Calestorm is a quarterdeck breed of military officer, content on the field of service. She adheres to the protocols and behavior expected from any officer, but is not inflexible to the point where she paralyzes herself with rules and regulations. Growing up in a military family, Calestorm maintains a healthy outlook regarding her life as a Starfleet officer.


Her piloting records show a high level of skill as well as a retaining the maverick streak prominent in her younger days; she can be loose on the joy stick and creative when it comes to executing mission objectives. A favorite activity still remains buzzing the control tower or operations control center. She comes particularly recommended for troop transport, reconnaissance and escort missions and is more comfortable in hard contact situations providing long range support rather than hand to hand combat support , yet maintains an understanding of battlefield tactics for ground team operations and away missions. Her overall combat skills have been honed into a command presence of maturity, while her psychological work ups have never shown any self destructiveness that a commanding or subordinate officer would need to be concerned with.


Medical Notation:

Per events of late 2259, the crew of the USS Comanche Creek encountered a time rift in space; the ship and crew were transported to the year 2387. Upon their return to the correct time and era, it was discovered that there were new medical considerations and reactions among the crew to consider. In the case of Ashton Calestorm, she benefits from a gain of seven years of age. Her standard chronological age remains at 56 years old; her actual physical age shows on medical scans and data recordings as 49 years of age.


Certified Weapons Clearance:

Starfleet EM 33 Phase Pistol

Starfleet 2258 Silver Type 1 Phaser

Colonial 686 (semi-auto) Pistol (w/ under-mount explosive launcher)

Starfleet MC-16 Pulse Rifle (ORP/SEO variant)

Nortex 12 Praxis Tactical Shotgun


Certified Flight Clearance:

F/A-18 Hornet (Multi-role Fighter/Bomber) //Current Primary//

F-14 Tomcat (Fleet Defense Fast Attack Interceptor Fighter/Bomber)

F-4U Corsair (Space/Atmo Multi-Role Interceptor)

V-22 Osprey (Cargo & Troop Transport/Drop Ship)

Type 1 Shuttle (General Purpose & Courier class)

H2-1 Shuttle (Hydro class)


Service Decorations: Legion of Merit, Purple Heart, Starfleet Meritorious Unit Commendation, Orion Cartel Campaign 2228, Jericho Colony Evacuation 2241, Vulcan Colony Campaign 2258, Operation: Whiteout Campaign 2259, Operation: Lost Souls Campaign 2260, Starfleet Border Patrol Service, Colonial Long Tour Service, Comanche Creek Launch 2258, Comanche Creek Dedicated Service, Expert Phaser, Pistol Marksmanship


General Skills: Horseback riding, Class-C hover flitter license, Class-C automobile driver license, Class-C motorcycle/hover-cycle license


Service Record:

==Note: Classified Service: Officer Recovery Program (ORP) of the Starfleet Intelligence Division, Security Clearance O-6 pay grade equivalency and above to access==


- 2227 to 2229: USS Warlock NCC- 509, 24th Archmages Starfighter Pilot (Transort/Tug Ptolemy Class)

- 2229: Draconis Delta Colony, 10th Raptors Patrol & Recon Pilot

- 2230 to 2233: USS Regulator NCC-0629, 58th Wildcards Squad Lead (Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser)

- 2233 to 2234: USS Kelvin NCC-0514, Helm/Shuttle Pilot (Kelvin Class) (Destroyed in Action, 2233)

- 2234 to 2235: Starfleet Academy, Piloting Instructor, 2nd Bug Stompers Troop Transport

- 2235 to 2236: Starfleet Academy, Piloting Instructor, 367th Star Furies All Female Flight Expedition Team

- 2236 to 2238: = = CLASSIFIED Assignments, Starfleet Intelligence, Officer Recovery Program = =

- 2239 to 2244: USS Maxwell Forrest NCC-1074, 3rd Vigilantes CAG (Miranda Class Cruiser)

- 2244 to 2248: USS San Pablo NCC-1093, Second Officer (Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser)

- 2249: San Pablo Detachment Assignment: New Dubai Colony, Second Officer/Administrative

- 2249 to 2256: USS Reflection NCC-141, Executive Officer (Rogue Class Destroyer)

- 2256 to 2258: USS Vespine NCC-2020, Commanding Officer (Hornet Class Scout)

- 2258: USS Comanche Creek, SBP-214 Black Sheep Commanding Officer (Kelvin Class Destroyer)

- 2258: Receives USS Comanche Creek Launch Ribbon

- 2258: Receives Vulcan Colony Campaign Ribbon

- 2259: Receives Operation: Whiteout Campaign Ribbon

- Stardate 2260.190 (July 8, 2260): USS Comanche Creek, demoted to Commander, Executive Officer

- Stardate 2260.09 (January 9, 2260): Receives Operation: Lost Souls Campaign Ribbon

- February 2261: USS Comanche Creek, re-promoted to rank of Captain, Commanding Officer


===== End Command Profile Transmission =====

===== Connection Access Terminated =====


= = =

Author Notations:

*The USS Kelvin starship and Christopher Pike character copyright Star Trek XI and CBS Pictures (2009)

*The Heavy Cruiser, Ptolemy, Dreadnought classes copyright the Franz Joseph Technical Manual (1980’s)

*Profile image copyright Star Wars Legacy comics (2006-2010); thanks to Solaera Web Design for alterations

*All original Crash Calestorm information is copyrighted by the author (2009-2013)

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