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Audraya Wesley




-=/\=-RECORD ACCESS-=/\=-

NAME: Audraya Wesley

RACE: Orion

SEX: Female

AGE: 42

HEIGHT: 5'9"

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Numerous scars on back, Black Kris slave brand on her inner thigh



ASSIGNMENT: USS Comanche Creek, NCC-214

DUTY POSITION: Commanding Officer


NEXT OF KIN: Wesley family, Pittsburgh PA, USA, Sol III

Currently in a relationship with LT. Tifa Kvar, Communications Officer USS Comanche Creek




Audraya is a typical Orion female, with a lighter skin tone and bluish-black hair worn up on duty. There are numerous scars across her back, which she refuses to discuss in official Starfleet documents.




Graduated Starfleet Academy: 22 June 2240

Assigned Undergraduate Pilot Training, 24 June 2240

Assigned Advanced Pilot Training- Hawk, 24 November 2240

Assigned VMF-214, 1 January 2241

Transferred to USS Ark Royal 2243

Promoted LT(j.g.) 2244

Transferred to USS Federation 2245

Promoted LT 2246

Promoted LT(s.g.) 2251

Transferred to USS Farragut 2253

Promoted LCDR 2257

Transferred to USS Entente 2257

Survivor, Battle of Vulcan 2258

Promoted Commander

Transferred to Border Patrol

Assigned USS Comanche Creek, NCC-214





Audraya was born in the Orion colony on Beta Rigel II, however much of her personal history is concealed in the shadows of Orion slave society until freed and adopted by LCDR Robert Wesley. After finishing an accelerated secondary school education, she entered Starfleet Academy, sponsored by her stepfather. Her history at the Academy was tumultuous, resulting in numerous demerits per month. Upon graduation, she was assigned to Undergraduate pilot training at Randolph SFB, followed by advanced pilot training at Armstrong Base, Luna. She was then assigned to VMF-214, officially to cross-level an empty fighter pilot billet, but rumors circulating around Starfleet Headquarters indicate it was to get her away from then-Captain Barnett. Disciplinary proceedings brought against then-Ensign Wesley report a self-defense and sexual harassment case that was initially brought up the chain as insubordination, striking a superior officer, and conduct unbecoming a Starfleet officer. The court-martial board president, in consultation with both prosecuting and defending JAG officers, recommended that then-Ensign Wesley be assigned to a Marine aerospace wing, located on the rim until "tempers cooled".


Assignment with the Marines, where she received her callsign "Scooter", and follow on assignments on various other ships tempered Audraya abilities and command style-let the personnel skilled in their tasks perform the mission, but provide guidance and direction as needed.


Her survival at the Battle of Vulcan was assumed to be "being in the right place at the right time". She was directing damage control actions aboard the USS Entente, when the ship was ripped apart by the Narenda. The section she and her damage control team were in had sealed blast doors, and was able to maintain atmospheric integrity long enough for the main fleet to arrive from the Laurentian system and conduct rescue and recovery operations.




Audraya is qualified on all small arms normally carried on a Starship, and is proficient in the use of firearms. Small craft qualifications include Goshawk/Tomcat/Eagle/Hornet fighters, shuttles and skimmers.




Due to her upbringing as a pleasure slave, Audraya trained as and is a skilled singer, dancer and musician, able to cover a large range of song types and is classified vocally as a dramatic mezzo-soprano. (http://en.wikipedia....c_mezzo-soprano)

((OOC Note: I consider the Orion women as portrayed in the ST:E episode Bound as non-canonical, and use how they were portrayed in TOS/TAS Prime as canon))





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