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Abe Kas

Fixing Cepheus & Laundry

Joint Log: Lt. Abe Kas & Ens. John McGee



::In crew lounge, both are attired in flight gear, sitting back with a couple of sandwiches and root beers, with exhausted looks on their faces::



Abe puts down his root beer as if the almost empty mug was too heavy to hold, “John, we have got to get some rest. I couldn’t keep Workbee 3 steady enough out there while we were welding ..ah..oh I’m too tired to remember that ship’s name!”



John swallows and grins. “Cepheus. Constellation class. Four nacelles. A real slug to maneuver and maneuver around, too. I know what you mean, Abe. Bringing you those patch panels over to you and holding them in place was fun at the beginning, but..” Taking a sip of his root beer and clunking it down, he continues. “After all these hours of doing it, I’ve had enough funnin’ for a while.”



Since John had been assigned to the Fighter Group, he’d been helping out in Engineering when his duties permitted. He explained this as wanting to know about how the ships he flies work beyond what’s needed to control them. Nothing new, as John was often found spending his free time working on his antique airplane kept in storage. Abe’s curiosity led him to join John infrequently, but enough that the two were becoming friendly and somewhat informal with each other.



“Well, at least we’ve completed all of the main jobs we had to do on the Cep’ so she can make it on her own now. Thanks for pitching in, John.”



Silently, the two tired officers looked out the ports where they could see the Cepheus. Still looking battle worn, she was at least space worthy. With a sigh of resignation from Abe, John stands up. “I know what you mean Abe. Nice new ship, even though it handles like an old tub, shouldn’t be looking like that so soon. I’m going to bed, and so should you.”



“Yep, you’re right.” Abe gets up too, and as they both take their trays back to the kitchen, Abe continues quietly to John, “Say, did you see Reed’s uniform lately?”



“I know! She’s got some fine landing gear there! How come she’s wearing them?”



Abe smiled and grinned. “I’ve got a request to see what’s wrong with the laundry machines that just seem to keep sending her them that way. It just may take me a while to assign it to someone!”



As they exit the mess hall, John says “Don’t rush it, man!”

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