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Aliana Lucindak


To Kira, sleeping was a marvelous thing. The idea of going unconscious once a day, and being completely enveloped in the sub-conscious fascinated her. Normally she could fall asleep with no problem, due to that knowledge, but right now, she couldn’t. She’d heard rumors in passing about what had happened on the planet from other crewmembers, as she made her way to the holodeck and back to work with a larger scaled map for stellar cartography then the model they had in their room.


Ze’Rea had been on missions like this many times, on the Tigress and on the Arcadia, but Kira still got worried whenever something bad happened. She padded out into the main room of their quarters, and moved to the replicator.


“Warm milk, please,” she asked it, before taking the cup and walking over to the couch. She sipped it, glancing around the darkened room. In the time she had been there, she still preferred being alone to meeting other children on the ship. Most of the time she spent reading or drawing or visiting the holodeck. She knew Ze’Rea got anxious because Kira spent so much time alone, but she said nothing of it to her.


Kira also spent time with her studies. She was studying mathematic, stellar cartography, early history of humanoid races, literature, grammar and writing, that sort of thing. She enjoyed studying most everything, but especially enjoyed studying stellar cartography and history. It was fascinating to her, and with that interest, she spent much of her free time looking at scenarios of things that had happened in different races histories, in the holodeck. That day she had gone over, again, the story of Kahless, which interested her greatly. Now however, she was tired, but restless. She sipped the milk again, before turning and going over to their computer terminal.


Normally whenever she couldn’t sleep, she went over a piece of a diplomatic meeting on pre-cardassian bajor, until she was relaxed enough to fall asleep. Now, however, when she turned the terminal on, she saw there was a message from her sister, Mundaha. She opened it, and sat back, curled up on the chair, sipping the milk.


Dear Ze’Rea,


I know I haven’t been keeping in touch, the work at school here is very involving, not to mention exams are coming up, but I decided to find some time to write you.


How is Kira? I know you’ve told me how she wants to spend so much time alone. It is rather strange… she used to be so social until… mum and dad died. She never seemed to really get over it, though I doubt any of us really will. How are her studies going though? I know she always loved studying history. Is she still interested? I came across an interesting text when I was going through the historical database of the Andorians. I thought she might want to take a look at it, so if she does, I’ll send a copy over.


How are you? How is the post? I know you’ve told me quite a bit about what’s going on. Is that Bajoran problem still bothering you? Don’t worry too much about it. Just remember what we used to talk about when you were younger, and try to just ignore her. At least you aren’t in the same department with her. In one of my classes right now, I am lab partner with this absolutely horrid Bajoran woman. She just goes on and on about the horrors of the cardassian race. It makes me just want to dump the stuff we are testing down her throat to shut her up.


Everything holding together on that ship? The stuff about that dream and testing was quite intriguing. I wonder if part of the reason they couldn’t figure you out was because of your reptilian physiology. I bet they figured that out already. A first year medical student could, and I am in my third year. You’d think I would have a better idea about it. Oh well.


Oh, I met this absolutely wonderful woman. We’re really getting along, and we’re going on our third date tonight. Hopefully it won’t turn out like my last 5 girlfriends did. I really hope it won’t. Met anyone you like? Oh of course you won’t answer, you never did like discussing that. No harm in asking I guess.


Well, I do have to go now. I’ve got my nose to the grindstone and its rumored the tests will be twice as hard this year. Prophets… well, I love you, say hi to Kira for me.





Kira closed the message and turned the terminal off with a sigh. She really shouldn’t have read that, and the stuff about her reaction to her parents death was something she really shouldn’t have read. She finished the milk, trying not to cry as she disposed of the cup. There was a reason she and Ze’Rea never talked about their parents. She went back to bed with a sigh. Closed her eyes, and waited for sleep.

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Sorry for the mess up with posting with my wrong account. It's really hitting an all time low for me.

Edited by Aliana Lucindak

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