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Arch Angel

A Day At The Range

A Day At The Range


Personal Log: Angelis,John,A.,1Lt.,CAG, U.S.S. Reaent NCC-3345-G


The preparations of the squadron and pilots had been progressing well enough as it appeared things were beginning to return to a resemblance of normalcy as our new Co and the present mission has been underway.


I am a bit more at ease with one of my pilots Mr.Nansk as he appears to be adjusting and has found a venue to deal with his personal and psychological problems dealing with recent events involving the other ship known as Reaent. I am however keeping an eye out for any kind of behavior that may indicate a relapse and return to his prior state.


The trip to the Gorn border has been essentially without incident and our orders given and passed to the various departments. The pilots have been given additional simulator exercises and scramble alerts while en route,effectively cutting their previous response times to a more acceptable time frame and had been doing very well.


The order came from the bridge to setup Alert fighters in case they were needed,and assignments were posted for Mr.Nansk and Mr.Tomlinson as alert#1 status. The alert# 5 I had planned on personally posting to along with Jester and Ace. The situation was moving along smooth as a baby's bottom until the actual order for the alert#1 fighters to scramble and launch...too much time was taken in discussion with a pilot and did degrade the reaction and time to launch by a factor of 30 seconds...still well within normal time allocation, however not within my expectations and acceptable standards.


The fighters launched as I alerted Jester and Ace to scramble with me to the Alert# 5 fighters and stand by. The situation as it turns out was a planned range exercise for the fighters...I do understand the reasoning,and from what information I have received on the new Captain he is well acquainted with fighter operations, All the better for he does understand the absolute necessity for top performance and response from us here in the squadron...this ship and crew lives may very well depend on seconds,not minutes in a bad situation. No excess time is not a luxury we can afford in our profession.


The CENG Mr.Scherer and I had been discussing the matter of the new prototype fighters and have been weighing the possibilities of being able to actually bring the new fighters online post trials, of course this cannot happen without proper Command authorization from the skipper. This may actually be a most opportune time to do so though as we are not engaged in any type of aggressive situations on this mission...so far.


I have taken in consideration our present mission and have as well allocated additional resources in the event the word is given for a test trial of the fighters. The addition of those new fighters would greatly expand our response capabilities from a tactical point of view and enhance the overall effectiveness of this squadron. The chief and I in theory could perform a dual function if allowed to proceed, One we would have the opportunity to ascertain the performance of the craft in a real, However controlled environment and interact in a real time exercise with fighters of our present line...all the while providing escort duty and ready to respond to any real or perceived threat at a moments notice.


The Alert#5,and #6 would still be available and on ready alert status. This would tactically give the ship and the squadron a desirable advantageous position were we to run into hostile forces during the placements of the sensors along the prescribed corridor. I am quite aware of the desire of a few of my pilots anxiously straining at the bit to test out the new fighters...However in this situation and this particular time it is my opinion a more precise and accurate testing of the fighters be performed. I have listed both Mr.Scherer and myself as primary test pilots designated for trial runs, We simply need accurate detailed test results from the trials...not a ye haw..joyride to test the performance parameters.


I have forwarded my suggestions to the Command staff and awaiting either clearance or denial for the proposed trial runs of the fighters. I as well am a bit more positive at this moment as it pertains to my wife...Apparently the reports I have been getting from Doc are most promising indeed.


The Chief and appears as anxious as I am to actually get those craft space bourne and get on with actual trials, All the static and simulated testing are now complete...I have personally gone over each and every detailed report with Mr.Scherer and everything a go from his professional point of view...and from my professional point of view as a pilot.


The Alert# 5 pilots are in place and standing by...The Chief and I are ready and awaiting the word from Command...Either way it should prove a most interesting day on the range. Computer....End Log: Beep....! :P

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