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Cptn Corizon

Letter from the Captain

Prospective Crew:


Thank you for your interest in the Excalibur simulation!


The Excalibur is one of the finest, longest-running games on the internet with over 14-years of gaming history. We have a diverse crew with players from all over the United States, Canada and even International simmers.


The mission of the Excalibur is simple: we strive to provide a diverse, energetic and fun environment for players of all ages to relax and enjoy themselves. We meet every week for about an hour starting at 10 PM EST on Sundays.


The story of the Excalibur, an Akira-class vessel, is as diverse and complex as her crew. Focused primarily in the Gamma Quadrant, the Excalibur is set nearly ten years after the end of the Dominion War. The end of the war has given birth to an unprecedented level of cooperation between the Alpha and Gamma Quadrant, with the former adversaries joining together to build Camelot.


The dream of peace, however, has yet to be realized. With the Founders in glorious isolation, as Odo attempts to save his people from themselves, the Dominion has fallen into chaos. The Vorta Council rules in proxy, but without the metaphorical ‘white’ of the Founders’ presence, their hold on power is tenuous. Meanwhile, in the dark heart of the Gamma Quadrant an ancient enemy of the Founders rose once more to challenge their old rivals.


A year’s long war has left both powers even weaker. The Scorpiads now face a rebellion from their once loyal lieutenants; while the Vorta Council struggles to keep order a group of changelings known as the Hundred have arisen to challenge their authority.


Starfleet has pushed beyond the boundaries of Dominion-controlled space, encountering new species, such as the Al-Ucard and Scorpiads—sometimes with devastating results. The bold crew of the Excalibur set out on a year long mission to locate a mysterious object that the Vorta Council hoped would put them back into contact with the Founders. The mission was a success as the crew, after months of searching, finally located the device but the results weren't what the Vorta hoped for and now they must face the reality that the Founders have left them to forge their own destiny.


We hope you will join us as we seek peace by the sword, but a peace only under liberty.



Captain Ah-Windu Corizon

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