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Guest Laarell

"Scorpiad Explorations"

Laarell Teykier meandered from console to console, occasionally making an attempt to activate one control or another and entering the results into her padd. When she wasn't occupied with her preliminary exploration of the Scorpiad bridge, she occasionally sent a rather venomous glare the resident vampire's way, though the Al-Ucard was either unaware of it or preternaturally skilled at ignoring "annoyed Orion". Laarell suspected a combination.


She wasn't particularly pleased with how difficult the systems were to access, and even less satisfied by the Union team's success (or, rather, lack thereof) at cracking in. On the other hand, however, she had to hand it to the Scorpiad -- they had safeguards on their computer systems as good as the tendril-catchy device was on the physical-intruder level. And even if that had afforded Victria the opportunity of making Laarell wait around for her to unshackle everyone else while the damn thing shocked her -- repeatedly -- Laarell still had to admire the basic tech side of the thing. The Federation never came up with things like that for Starfleet ships... but then again, Starfleet wasn't made up of paranoid, possibly xenophobic, and certainly overgrown arachnids, her "experimental laboratory pet" aside.


They certainly did a good job of keeping guests from feeling welcome. The Orion shuddered. The organic ship was creepy, dark, and she imagined it had any number of highly unpleasant smells, and her Trill was right -- it was easy to imagine Citrus here -- along with decidedly less friendly little arthropods... even if there weren't little infant Scorpiad prowling the lower decks, it seemed like the sort of environment that would spawn infestations of some disgusting kind...


Laarell sighed. Next time, she'd decline the generous offer of joining the away team and would instead send Science's orange terror as her personal representative. Citrus would have far more fun in places like this than Laarell was having.

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