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Arch Angel

Sage And Cedar

Sage And Cedar


Personal Log:Angelis,john,A.,CAG,420th.Light Fighter Grp., U.S.S. Reaent NCC-3345-G


The scent of prairie sage and cedar filled the front room of Angels and Schawnsee's quarters as he sat reflecting on the events of the day. It feels strange and out of place without my wife present as we usually share in the relaxation and meditation and communion with each other.


This day has presented itself as one I would hope to never repeat again. I sat with Doctor Matthews and our new counselor Doctor Curtis as we discussed Schawnsee and her present condition. I had already suspected the eventual suspension of my little one from the duty roster as Csec...at least temporarily. The word was given by Doc as she explained her rationale for pulling her from duty. I understand full well the reasoning and the logic behind the decision...irregardless of personal feelings.


The discussion proceeded to her regiment of treatment and medications and that was when I suggested to both the doctors that the regiment they had revealed was agreeable in most of the context. I had to then reveal to them something of a private nature as it pertains to both my wife and I and the connection to our native beliefs and practices along with the gifts we possess. The reactions from the two doctors appeared to be varied as I related the necessity of along with the regiment they suggested that Schawnsee be enabled to seek healing and treatment in our way as well.


I had started to exit sickbay and Doc's office when schawnsee was escorted in by Dr.Deb I had just asked Dr. Curtis to explain I had to return to duty and it might be best if I were not present when the details of her treatment were given to her. My wife knows me better than any one individual on this ship...she knows full well my dedication and work ethic and in so being there might actually be detrimental to her stability.


The point was moot as Dr. Matthews briefly conversed with Schawnsee which did perhaps trigger an unexpected positive response from her. Schawnsee looked up at me with those most beautiful eyes and greeted me,called me "Hun"..not much mind you however considering the past few weeks it is a marked improvement.


I smiled and greeted her of course...and probably all to obvious to all present in a very loving and personal way, So much for decorum. I did almost as quickly explained I had to return to duty with much work to be done and excused myself. I paused at the door as my little one softly urged me to be careful...again an unforeseen and positive statement. I instinctively replied in the no speak tongue as our people refer to it as...and was surprised to see her in my peripheral vision look up as if in response...again a positive .I exited without further ado.


The trip back to Flight Ops and my office were involved in deep considerations not only of my wife but the additional crew that had been effected from their/our last little engagement in the recent past and the recorded and documented recorded logs of that incident. I am deeply concerned with Mr.Nansk and his apparent problem with coping with the situation, Then there is Will another pilot whom had been in that other when and where. The concern with he is not as critical as he from outward appearances is finding a way or ways to cope...his reactions and timing during testing and duty reports confirm that at least.


The concern of the crew of Captain Michaels our previous CO is prevalent and the reactions from the crew in general is like an open wound as it pertains to their collective attempts to deal with the matter of our having a new CO over Commander Ridire being chosen in good stead. I had as well as the other department heads gave our assurance to Captain McQueen cooperation and routines will continue without hesitation,no reserve assurance was noted ...with the one exception of my wife of course.


I had been busied with the doctors and Schawnsee earlier apparently when the new CO decided to pay a visit to the fighter section and had apparently met with some of the pilots and Mr.Scherer. The report and feedback from Will indicated his impromptu tour went well apparently...I do wish I had been there, there are some matters I would have loved to have gone over. I am as well impressed with the fact the CO is quite familiar with fighters and flight operations...perhaps this will help ease the transition for my pilots to their new CO from our last one.


The remainder of the day was pretty much routine with the additional training schedule ran by and overseen by Will in my absence. I did return and post review of the simulator grading report, I had to have Will take them thorough one additional training routine to sharpen their reactions and timing...I will not tolerate sloppiness and ill timing on an emergency scramble drill...there is just too much at stake.


I am reflecting once again on Tabor and his situation. I know he has been avoiding any discussion or conversation for that matter with me like he is being chased by the devil himself...devil indeed , I know his personal demons must be hell dealing with. I must now make an informed decision for the sake of this squadron as well as the safety of this ship wether to continue to allow Tabor to continue,or pull him off flight status until he can return to his duty and carry out his duty as is expected from us all. I have consulted with Dr.Curtis on this matter and I must give Tabor one last chance to seek out help in his situation...or he will be pulled from flight duty.


The prospect of being pulled from duty for any pilot is almost as bad as being beaten and then drawn and quartered with remaining parts being stuffed into a garbage disposal unit and given as a gift to the Borg. I have been observing the reactions from the crew and there is an air of ease and relaxation being informed our mission destination was changed at the last possible moment by Captain McQueen.


I do think personally the new CO has the best interest of the crew in mind and is well aware and informed of our past adventures and the toll it has taken on this ship and crew collectively. The scent of the Sage and Cedar are having their desired effect along with the herbal tea I am relaxing to a degree.The thought of my wife and how much we have seen and been through together is still on my mind...I hope for our sake we can both find a suitable venue to work through this and get on with our lives and not turn back.


The evidence of what was claimed by the crews recovered from the escape pods and the memories I have personally seen through my little one's eyes and mind is irrefutable and above reproach. The occurrence most certainly happened...however we are alive in this here and now,We all must go forward and get on with our lives...or be doomed to live and dwell in the past. The recent past in this case is not a very inviting place to be in my opinion..perhaps we will all be able to cope and go on...Computer...End Log: Beep.

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