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Cmdr Ridire

Bio:  Commander Aidan Ridire

Name: Aidan Ridire

Rank: Commander

Position: Executive Officer

Stationed: USS Reaent


DOB: 06/01 Age: 36

Species: Human Home Planet: Earth

Eyes: Emerald Green Hair: Dark red.

Height: 6' 2" Weight: 180 lbs


Awards & Decorations:

Starfleet Silver Star

Purple Heart

Federation Medal of Valor


Languages Known:






Wife: Dr. Deborah Matthews

Status: CMO, USS Reaent

Father: Mikel Ridire

Status: Federation Diplomat (Retired)

Mother: Aine Ridire

Status: Professor, University of Dublin

Sister: Ciara Ridire

Status: Graduate Student, Xeno-Archaelogy, University of Cork


Aidan is the eldest child of Mikel and Aine Ridire of Ireland, Earth. Born to a career diplomat and a University Professor, perhaps it was only given that Aidan grew up with a love of learning and history. Though perhaps genetics played a part in it. The Ridire family, part of Clan O'Connell, goes back more then 1500 years. The O'Connell's ruled much of central and western Ireland in those days and they, and others, left more then a fair share of ruins for young children to explore. As Aidan grew older he and his friends would go off and explore those ruins and try to imagine what life was like back then. He especially liked exploring the ruins and cairns at Rathcroghan, the site of an ancient castle and burial ground that lies near Aidan's hometown of Longford.


As Aidan's 10th birthday neared he got an unexpected shock when his parents told him that he was to be an older brother. At first Aidan didn't like the thought of having to share the attention of his parent's but any jealousy disappeared when his sister Ciara was born. The two are quite close and Aidan is protective of his sister. One time when they were exploring Rathcroghan she fell and injured her leg. Instead of leaving her there to go and summon help, he carried her the entire way home and insisted on taking full blame for the incident despite it being her idea to go exploring that day.


Aidan attended and graduated from Eton where he got high marks. He applied to Starfleet Academy was accepted into the science program, specializing in xeno-anthropology, xeno-biology and xeno-archaelogy. He graduated from the Academy with high marks and was assigned to the USS Venture as a junior science officer.


When he was a Lieutenant he transferred to Ops and was promoted to the post of Chief Ops officer thereupon. He remained in that post until he was promoted to full Commander and chose to accept the assignment of Executive Officer aboard the USS Reaent.


Several notable missions in which Aidan had a sizable role in include the rescue of hostages on the planet of Ariel shortly before that planet joined the Federation. He led a team that distracted the hostage-takers while a fellow Lieutenant, a Lieutenant Ayers, on the Venture led the actual rescue team.


As a Lieutenant, Aidan participated in an undercover mission that ultimately broke up the smuggling ring led by an Orion named Drax. He and a Lieutenant Grayson went undercover as independent smugglers who ended up joining Drax's group and over a period of months they were able to bring about Drax's downfall. Unfortunately, Lieutenant Grayson was killed during the mission. Both Aidan and Lieutenant Grayson were awarded the Federation Silver Star. It should be noted that Aidan also would have been killed if not for the timely arrival of a rescue team from the USS Venture.


He received the Federation Medal of Valor for helping to repel a sizable Cardassian incursion on the USS Venture during the battle for Deep Space 9. After the war, the USS Venture returned to it's exploration duties and returned to the frontier of the Federation.


Medical History:


Aidan has no know allergies nor does he suffer from any current medical conditions. He has had a couple broken bones and suffered a stab wound as a result of the Drax mission.


Psychological File:


Aidan is something of a dichotomy psychologically. He is very disciplined and focused and is usually slow to show any temper. However at times he shows the typical Irish quick temper. He is protective of those he considers friends and can be a holy terror when he feels one of them or family has been wronged somehow. On more then one occasion he found himself in a fight in some bar in one such example. He is generally reserved and it takes him time to trust people and to open up to them. He is also loathe to talk about what he is feeling or thinking when it comes to what he considers his private affairs.

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