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U.S.S. Reaent Technical Specifications









Name:                    United Space Ship Reaent (re-aunt)

Registration:          NCC-3345-G

Classification:        Ambassador Enhanced Scientific Explorer Refit

Commissioning:     December 6, 2378 (Stardate 0112.06)

Motto:                    "To learn all that is learnable..."





Length:                                    526 Meters

Beam:                                      320 Meters

Height:                                     125 Meters

Mass:                                       2,350,000 Metric Tons

Personnel:                               550 Normal Operating Personnel

Cruise Speed:                          Warp Factor 6.0001

Maximum Cruise Speed:         Warp Factor 8.997

Maximum Speed:                    Warp Factor 9.772





Deck  1 - Main Bridge

Deck  2 - Ready Room, Primary Conference Center

Deck  3 - Upper Senor Dome, Observation Lounge, Cargo Bay 1 (Deck 1),

              Cargo Bay 2 (Deck 1), VIP Lounge, VIP Staterooms

Deck  4 - Cargo Bay 1 (Deck 2), Cargo Bay 2 (Deck 2), VIP Conference Area,

             Primary Computer Core (Deck 1)

Deck  5 - Port/Starboard Sensor Domes, Crew Quarters, Transporter Room 1,

              Primary Computer Core (Deck 2)

Deck  6 - Crew Quarters, Science Department Offices, Science Lab 1 & 2,

              Primary Computer Core (Deck 3)

Deck  7 - Senior Officer Quarters, Holodeck 1, Ward, Storage, Holodeck 1,

              Primary Computer Core (Deck 4)

Deck  8 - Support Services, Science Lab 3, Junior Officer Quarters,

              Primary Computer Core (Deck 5), Transporter Room 2

Deck  9 - Security Offices, Armoy, Weapon Testing Facility, Brig, Storage Areas,

              Primary Computer Core (Deck 6)

Deck 10 - Fabrication Center, Communications Relay, Auxiliary Control,

              Crew Quarters, Primary Computer Core (Deck 7)

Deck 11 - Stellar Cartography, Library, Chapel, Garden, Recreation Center,

              Guest Quarters, Primary Computer Core (Deck 8)

Deck 12 - Holodeck 2, Ship Stores, Primary Computer Core Access,

              Crew Quarters, Primary Computer Core (Deck 9)

Deck 13 - Auxiliary Support Systems, Crew Quarters, Navigational Support,

              Primary Computer Core (Deck 10)

Deck 14 - Crew Lounge, Conference Rooms, Crew Quarters, Guest Quarters,

              Primary Computer Core (Deck 11)

Deck 15 - Primary Computer Core (Deck 12), Science Lab 3, Biochemical Medical

              Research Facility, Crew Quarters, Junior Officer Quarters

Deck 16 - Emergency Saucer Seperation Control Systems, Planetary

               Landing Ramp,Transporter Room 3, Guest Quarters, Holodeck 3

Deck 17 - Shuttle Bay 1 (Deck 1), Main Security Offices, Brig

Deck 18 - Shuttle Bay 1 (Deck 2), Impulse Fusion Reactors (Deck 1),

              Sensor Platform, Crew Quarters, Umbilical Support

Deck 19 - Impulse Fusion Reactors (Deck 2), Sickbay, Ward, Trauma

Deck 20 - Dorsal Subsace Communications Relay, Holodeck 4,

              Transporter Room 1, Security Support Lab, Torpedo Launchers

Deck 21 - Warp Core (Deck 1), Aft Torpedo Launchers, Storage Areas,

              Medical Research Lab, Emergency Support Systems

Deck 22 - Warp Core (Deck 2), Computer Core (Deck 1), Science Lab 4,

              Botanical Garden, Botanical Lab, Biological Sciences Lab

Deck 23 - Shuttle Bay 2 (Deck 1), Warp Core (Deck 3), Computer Core (Deck 2),

              Storage Areas, Aft Phaser Control Subprocessors, Crew Quarters

Deck 24 - Shuttle Bay 2 (Deck 2), Main Engineering (Deck 1), Warp Core (Deck 4),

              Shuttle Bay Maintenance & Support, Aft Lounge, Crew Quarters,

              Computer Core (Deck 3)

Deck 25 - Main Engineering (Deck 2), Warp Core (Deck 5), Deflector Control,

              Engineering Support Lab 1, Transporter Room 5, Computer Core (Deck 4)

Deck 26 - Main Engineering (Deck 3), Warp Core (Deck 6),

              Engineering Support Lab 2, Deflector Support Systems, Aft Tractor Beam

Deck 27 - Crew Quarters, Warp Core (Deck 7), Emergency Support Systems

Deck 28 - Crew Quarters, Warp Core (Deck 8), Storage Areas,

               Dorsal Sensor Platform

Deck 29 - Storage Areas, Deuterium Holding Tanks, Resupply Ports

Deck 30 - Emergency Warp Core Ejection System, Antimatter Storage Pods





      With the last Ambassador Class ship constructed in 2357, the forty-seven vessels belonging to this group have remained in service to the Federation. Though priority was shifted from the Ambassador Class to the Galaxy in 2358, and then Sovereign in 2372, Utopia Planetia's schedule started to include required refits to keep ships of this class current and functional.


      Engineers found many of the forty-one ships still in service in 2373 were well beyond the recommended major refit cycle of twenty-five years. With the Ambassador Class having a superstructure life span estimated at one hundred and twenty-five years, the vast majority of the ship's primary systems were removed and replaced with more modern technology. Complete with refitted offensive, defensive, scanning and engine systems, the refitted Ambassador Class ships currently hold an operational rating almost comparable to that of the Galaxy Class. Due to the extensive overhaul, most ships involved in the refit have been decommissioned and are slated to have new crews assigned.


      As of 2377, Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards had confirmed that twenty-six Ambassador Class Refits were operational or nearing completion. The remaining ships in service are scheduled to have their refits complete by 2381. Refit teams reported a ten percent loss in available deck space, reducing the size of some ships by up to ten decks due to the need to install internal support systems for modern equipment.






System Model:                        Type IX Phaser Arrays

Number Of Arrays:                   10

Phaser Total Output:               30,000 TeraWatts



System Type:                           Pulse/Quantum Compatiable

Number Of Tubes:                    2

Number Of Torpedoes:             250

Firing Arc:                                Fwd, Aft



System Type:                           Auto Modulation

Total Capacity:                         2,025,000 TeraJoules



Hull Material:                           Duranium/Tritanium

Hull Type:                                Double Hull

Armor:                                     7cm - High Density

Integrity Field Type:                Standard Structural

Integrity Field Compromise:    Less Than 1.994%





Bio-neural Circuitry Subsystem:

      Due to implemented construction requirements during the Dominion conflict, bio-neural circuitry computer components have been integrated into the Reaent's computer core. Modeled on a humanoid brains neural pathways, they consist of gel packs of synthesized bio-neural cells that organize information more efficiently and speed up response time over an iso-linear system. Although not as heavily used as in other classes, they control approximately nineteen percent of the ship's computer processing capabilities.


Emergency Medical Holographic Program - Version 4.9 (EMH-4):

The Emergency Medical Holographic Program is a holographic projection, created and controlled by the computer. It can treat patients if an actual Doctor is not available. The program contains information on 10,000 medical reference sources and the experience of 260 former Chief Medical Officers. Via the utilization of shipwide holographic emitters installed during the refit, the program can travel to the location of any ship emergency.


Science Subsystem Information:

      The scientific facilities of the Reaent are well equipped to handle almost anything. The ship contains the most powerful space borne sensor arrays, installed during the vessel superstructures five year refit/recommissioning at Utopia Planetia. This new updated system, commonly found on Sovereign Class vessels, includes twenty modulate sensor pallets for mission specific equipment. Thirty large dedicated laboratory facilities are also aboard, with facilities to convert three of the cargo bays to hold extra science equipment if needed.

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