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STSF StarDust

Vesta Lo'Ami

Ziggy really hadn't wanted to do this. He had avoided Alces zhian thing, had avoided every mention of strange rites performed by other species. But he needed to escape, if just for a time, his own life. And he owed it to Lo'Ami. So, as if his feet knew where to go when his head didn't, he found himself in front of Alces magnificent spread.


"Oh, Mr. StarDust! I have the dish for you!" Alces drug him over to a plate sizzling with beef, chicken, shrimp, onions and bell peppers. Warm tortillas lay wrapped in a cloth, and bowls of quacamole, sour cream, cheese, pico de gallo, and more sat nearby.


Ziggy munched on the fajitas, amazed that someone not from Texas could make them so darn good. If for no other reason, the food was a good excuse to come. After eating all of the fajitas Alces had made, Ziggy nibbled on a few other things spread out on the buffet, and thought perhaps he could sneak out before he was called to do anything.


Just then Alces caught his arm. "They're ready for you." He half led, half dragged Ziggy to a seat next to Lo'Ami.


Ziggy sat there rather uncomfortably through the start of the ceremony, trying not to recoil from the idea of someone being in his mind.


Blinking he looked around the room. Then he sighed, and turned to Lo'Ami. "You know, the next time you do this, you really need to get more female volunteers." Ziggys voice was softer, with a cultured lilt.


"I'm sorry. And you are?"


"Vesta. I came after that idiotic dancer."


Aphrazad looked taken aback.


"Oh, she did give me a touch of gracefulness. But she was not much of a host for Lo'Ami."


Ziggy stood and moved about, something feminine to his movements. A certain female gracefulness. "A starship. So.. your one of those spacegoing types. What an uninspired life."




"Yes. Travelling through space, blowing things up, discovering things for someone else to research, no stability to your life. Not to mention disconnection from your own people."


"But there's so much more than that-"


She waved him off. "Look at me. Here I am, one of the most beautiful and respected women of my generation, and I am forced to use this scarred up male body to tell you who I was. You have no idea what a real zhiantarra is supposed to be about, asking humans and Klingons to take on the thoughts and identities of a Trill. Its only one of the things that travelling space has taken from you."


He could hear in the strange woman/Ziggy voice the sadness and not accusation in the tone. "Can you tell me more about you?"


"That is why we're here." Ziggy smiled, and returned to his/her seat. "I was the wife of a government official, before being appointed Minister of Culture upon his death. I spent most of my life watching over the Trill population, devoting all I had to making sure people remembered who they were, where we came from. We were just begining to explore space, and as we explored more and more, people were losing touch with thier past. While I understood the need to explore, I hated the loss of identity that seemed to go with it."


Lo'Ami listend quietly as she continued.


"I finally retired after my grandson was appointed to the post. None of my children understood the importance of my job, but my grandson did. He was a joined Trill as well. After I retired, I lived quietly on the vineyard where I grew up. I had no great adventures, but my life was very full." Ziggy's eyes turned to meet Lo'Amis, but through them there was someone else looking out. "I hope you find what you need from this Zhiantarra. It is important that you understand your heritage."


Lo'Ami nodded. Vesta did not stay around long to chit chat, simply passed on some information on her life, and what it had meant to carry the Lo'Ami symbiont.


And Vex.... I thought your log was awesome, any references to your host was strictly in character! :D>

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