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Sakiko Anami

Starfleet Biography

Starfleet Personnel Database Nurse Sakiko Anami



Name: Sakiko Anami

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Species: Human, Asian

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 85 lbs.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Dark blue

Skin Color: White

Place of Birth: Japan, Earth

Marital Status: Single

Mother: Yoshiko Anami

Father: Shinji Anami

Sister: Miho Anami

Brother: Taro Anami (Deceased)



Rank: Petty Officer Second Class

Position: Assistant Medical Officer

Role: Nurse Practitioner, Field Medic

Assignment: U.S.S. Reaent

Registry: NCC-3345-G

Awards: None




Ms. Anami is a very kind spirited young woman who is best known for her selflessness and her knack for alien linguistics. I find that although Ms. Anami's focus is in medical aid, she has not lost her passion for speaking foreign languages without the aid of the Universal Translator. I have also examined that it seems that Ms. Anami seems to break down easily under immense pressure; however her emotional state seems unrelated to her work ethic as she has passed every medical exam with unchanging grades despite her elevated stress level. Despite any of Ms. Anami's flaws it is not to be misunderstood that she takes her job lightly, she has proven herself to be almost obsessively devoted to work and study while rarely taking breaks.


I should also note that Ms. Anami also tends to take herself for granted, she has a high devotion to her work but still sees herself as an inferior to everyone around her. I find it hard to find specifically where this inferiority complex originates from, but I suspect this has to do with her family indefinitely. As a result of this psychological process in her mind she will often do practically anything without question even if it contradicts her personal view, in short she has a tendency to lose her individuality when following an order.


On another note, I must add that I find Ms. Anami's lack of confidence unnerving. I have never seen someone so distraught about their family's honour and identity as this young woman. She seems to care so much about her family's honour system yet she appears to disobey them at every turn. I find no logic in what she's trying to accomplish and most efforts to find out more have ended in failure. I describe her as a "tough egg to crack" but it is her decision to keep things to herself and I have not the authority or the heart to force it out of her.


-End Report, Starfleet Counsellors Office
[Dr. Lilith Edison]



Examinations of Ms. Anami's physical condition place her as a healthy young woman by normal Starfleet standards. However there are prime concerns relating to her diet. On an official note, Ms. Anami is perfectly healthy but even I can see it in her daily routine that she suffers from dietary problems related to extreme emotional stress, as a physician I can only foresee this situation worsening and her body weight decreasing to unhealthy levels due to her reduced appetite.


There is also the subject on Ms. Anami's vision. Some might find it peculiar that she wears a set of quite antiquated pair of glasses. This I can determine as simply being as an aesthetic preference by Ms. Anami. There does not appear to be anything wrong with her eyesight, infact she's had laser eye surgery when she was a child. Her main preference for glasses seems to be only when reading. So her peculiar use of eyewear should not be of any concern to anyone.


Moving onto Ms. Anami's medical history, it seems apparent that she has had broken bones, most notably the right forearm and left wrist. I do not find these injuries uncommon as injuries of this manor are usually found with Starfleet Cadets at this age. However, during Ms. Anami's physical test I noted some unusually reduced stamina and breathing levels in the most peculiar times, more of this information is in the formal report. Ms. Anami does not seem to have had any history of any major notable illnesses but these peculiar conditions with her respiratory system simply should not exist given her excellent physical condition.


With concerns to Ms. Anami's peculiar condition I did research into her family background and found…

(By order of: Yoshiko Anami)


In conclusion of my report of Ms. Anami, I have further concerns that this condition may worsen over time if certain factors are met accidently. So long as Ms. Anami can keep her condition stable, I see no reason to withhold her medical record to any Starfleet vessel that accepts her commission.


-End Report, Starfleet Medical Office
[Dr. Lori Kazuya



Sakiko started her career in Starfleet straight from High School. Her acceptance into Starfleet Academy came mostly from her aptitude with Exo-Linguistics but ended up changing her focus into medicine due to a personal shift in idealisms. While training as a physician she received exceptional comments as being a very skilled medical aid with a unique characteristic of being able to reassure and calm patients with her kind words and gentle smile. While being a particularly skilled physician, Sakiko is not without her flaws. Sakiko has been constantly referred to as a "bad leader" and does not appear to do particularly well in command of any situation; Sakiko's sense of inferiority to others seems to be the cause of this, as a result she was never accepted a doctor.


Sakiko's choice to join Starfleet was not looked upon with admiration by her family and was often a source of rejection. It is still unclear what Sakiko's motives were for joining Starfleet but her family believes she is blindly following the dream Sakiko's brother left behind with his unfortunate death due to illness. Her family seems to believe that Starfleet was to blame for her brother's death because of an over-commitment to the Dominion War; as a result, Sakiko's family business refuses to associate with Starfleet in any way.


As the years in Starfleet Academy passed, Sakiko Anami graduated and without the blessing of her family she attained the rank of a Federation Petty Officer. Following her graduation Sakiko went into a brief state of depression by the recurring rejection by her family and started doubting herself more so than before. Several months would pass before she would finally be assigned and thus a new page in her story is left waiting to be written.



June 07 2381 – Accepted into Starfleet Medical Academy


April 29 2385 – Graduated from Starfleet Medical Academy [Attained rank of Petty Officer]

Edited by Sakiko Anami

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