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Bio - Ens Jyrd Lexi

Starfleet Personnel Profile


Full Name: Lexi, Jyrd Jyrme


Interpreted Pronunciation: Jerrod Jerome (JJ) Lexi.


Race: Brythton


Age: 25


Hair: Black


Eyes: Gray/Green


Skin Tone: Light (with blue tint)


Height: 5'10" (178.1 cm)


Weight: 178 lbs (80.9 kg)




Citizenship: Brythton Sovereignty of Consociational Planets


Federation Status: Cleared on official government visa


Starfleet Clearance Level: Top Secret (special foreign military exemption)


Current Rank: Ensign


Current Assignment: Operations Manager – USS Reaent




Jyrd Jyrme (JJ) Lexi is the first Brythton citizen to serve in Starfleet in the 15 years of Brythton/Federation relations. His nomination and subsequent decision to participate in this military exchange program is viewed as a great honor and sacrifice by his race. Lexi is also of Brythton nobility, holding the title of Count. His father serves as a prefect of a county (prefecture) and holds the equivalent rank of a Brigadier General in the Brythton Corps of Sovereign Marines.


JJ had a typical Brythton upbringing. He enrolled in the Sovereign Military Children's Academy at the age of 5, as is customary in Brythton. Performing well enough to be groomed as an officer, he chose the Sovereign Navy as his desired branch of service. Upon entry into the Sovereign Naval University , he began vocational training to serve in Capital ship operations. His performance at the University as well as his marks as a child in the Children's Academy were important factors in his selection to participate in this exchange program.


Upon selection for the exchange program, JJ was required to attend Starfleet Academy for an abbreviated period (2 years) as a cadet for a familiarization of Starfleet systems, protocol, and procedures. At the completion of this period, JJ was promoted to the rank of Ensign and given is first assignment on board the USS Reaent.


Psychological Profile


As part of the internal Brythton nomination criteria, JJ was subjected to numerous batteries of rigorous psychological testing, and for good reason. The Brythton possess a partially developed form of empathy which borders on a hive mind. This phenomenon is known as "The Song" by the Brythtons and is considered a sacred part of their culture and existence. Their devotion towards it borders on mental dependency, and therefore, only the strongest are allowed venture out alone, away from "The Song". JJ was deemed mentally strong enough for this task.


During his psychological testing at the Academy in San Francisco , JJ tested as mentally stable. However, recurring themes in his sessions with staff counselors were loneliness and emptiness. When asked to explain these feelings, JJ replied with this answer:


"Imagine growing up near a raging river, where there is always the sound of rushing water. It is there when you wake, it is there when you fall asleep. The sound of that river becomes as much a part of your life as anything else. Now imagine being taken away from that river. All of a sudden, there's something missing. Something is not right. There's an emptiness that you've never felt before."


Another effect of being away from this empathic phenomenon is on his mood. Brythtons, are known for having exaggerated moods. JJ's moods are not as exaggerated as the average Brythton, leading many xenopsychologists to believe that the 'normal' Brythton moods are highly affected by their empathic nature.


Despite the separation from his people, JJ Lexi remains mentally stable. His personality is pleasant even if a bit melancholy. He is psychologically fit for duty.


Starfleet Academic Profile


As mentioned before, high marks in the Brythton military academy and university were large reasons why JJ was selected for this exchange program. His academy time was spent mostly taking the advanced piloting and operations classes. Within those classes, JJ was consistently within the top 10 percent of the class. As for grasping basic Starfleet procedure and protocol, JJ adjusted nicely.


Final Assessment


JJ Lexi is fully capable of performing all duties assigned to him. He is fully cleared, and has signed all the necessary non-disclosure agreements. He has officially been deemed cleared for duty.

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