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Juliana Lo'ami

Trichon approached Lt. Lo'Ami's room.  He rang the buzzer and heard someone say come in.  He walked into the room and noticed a Vulcan he had not met yet.


"Sir I was supposed to bring you these reports.  If you don't mind me asking I did not interrupt anything did I?"


Lo'Ami looked at Trichon.  "No ensign.  I was just getting in touch with myself so to speak.  We were performing the zhin'tara.  Its a Trill right of passage."


"Anything I could do to help sir.  I am new and anything I can do well it makes me feel useful."  


"Acutally you can Ensign....  What was it again?"


"Ensign Light sir.  Trichon Light."


"Trichon.  Well, Trichon the zhian'tara will allow a host of mine to talk through you.  So I can become whole again.  Sounds like something you would be interested in?"


"Anything to help out.  Lets get started."  The Vulcan walked over to Trichon and placed one hand on his face and the other on Lo'Ami's stomach.  The Vulcan looked us and asked Trichon "Who are you?"


"I am Juliana Lo'Ami.  Ahh so its your zhin'tara huh."


"Yes," Lo'Ami responded.  She noticed that Trichon's voice had taken on a subtly feminine tone to it.  "So tell me a little about yourself."


"Well," Trichon moved over to the couch sat down and crossed his legs, "not much to tell really.  I was a private Investigator on the Trill Homeworld.  To my knowledge I was only the 2nd or 3rd host.  I was good at my job.  There was nothing more satisfying to me then my work.  At least until I met him."




"Yes.  See I was hired to work a case.  The strangest case I ever had.  My client believed there were aliens on the homeworld.  I thought he was crazy but the money was good so I took the case.  I was sent to investigate some people and I met a man that was the most unique person I had met up to that point in my life.  He was suspected of being an alien.  I tried very hard to determine this fact for myself.  I started spending time following him.  I asked everyone I could about him.  Nobody knew where he came from its just as if he had just popped out of no where and started leading a life as a farmer.  One day I was tailing him and he spotted me.  I ran but he caught up to me and he grabbed my arm."


"And then what happened?"


"He asked me out to dinner.  I must admit there was something about him that I found charming.  I went to dinner with him even though I shouldn't have.  He was a case not a prospective boyfriend.  He was a very interesting man as I learned over dinner.  He was a farmer by trade.  He was a very passionate man.  But nothing I learned would prove that he was an alien.  After dinner he asked if we could go out again.  I said yes.  I actually said yes several more times."


"So you had a steady relationship with him?"


"Yes, I had the case dropped and told my clients that he was no alien.  Even though something in the back of my mind always told me there was something different about him.  It didn't stop me from falling in love with him.  We even had some children.  1 boy and 1 girl.  I know our son Braca joined the initiate program for joining.  I know my daughter got married but after that I don't know what happened."


"Did you ever get married to him?"


"We thought about it, but we never did.  I think back now and wish I had."


"So what happened to him?"

"Well, there was always a thought at the back of my mind that this man that I had fallen in love with had been accused of being an alien.  Well, something finally proved that he was.  As I got older I started to show my age of course.  He didn't.  It was like he didn't age at all.  When I finally asked him about it he told me he didn't know what I was talking about.  I accused him of being an alien.  He told me I was crazy.  I yelled and screamed at him that I wanted the truth.  He told me that he couldn't tell me the truth.  He said he loved me too much.  I told him to leave my house and to not come back until he was ready to tell me the truth.  He left and that was the last I saw of him."


"The last you saw of him?"


"Yes, It was like he just disappeared.  I never could prove that he even existed on any records or anything after that.  It was like he was just a figment of my imagination.  I went around and told everyone that he was an alien.  I was treated like a laughing stock.  My own son Braca had me locked away in an asylum and had me dubbed unfit to be joined anymore.   The commitee agreed and decided to have the symbiote removed.  The symbiote was removed and I died shortly after.  I believe it was shortly after my 89th birthday.  I always what happened to that man.  Even though I accused him of being an alien I still loved him very much."


"What was his name if you don't mind me asking."


"Not at all.  As I remember he had a very strange name.  It was Gary Light.  Well, I must be going now.  I hope the rest of your zhin'tara goes well," with that Trichons body became his own again.  He stared at Lo'ami for a moment.  Trichon started to tear up a bit.


"Sir I have to be going now.  I have some ... some.  I have to go."  Trichon ran out of the room.  


Lo'ami wondered if he should go after him, and decided it would be better if he left him alone for the time being.

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