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Sky Harbor Aegis | Season 14

Aegis Mission Summary for 20 March, 2009


After years of criticizing the plans of those running businesses, especially the one called Sky Harbor Aegis, Ambassador Drankum has found himself running it. Needless to say he is settling into this new role much less easily than the station settled into the asteroid field between Cardassian and Breen Space. Adding insult to injury, a clothed female Bajoran Starfleet Intelligence officer has been posted as his second in command.


Having arrived at its new location several weeks ago, the crew of Sky Harbor Aegis is adjusting to its new assignment far from Cardassia. Exploration of nearby asteroids has yielded a promising location for the new shipyard.


A nearby Class M planet, TKR-117, should soon host a new colony.


Last week:

  • The asteroid exploration team comprised of engineers, science officers, and a medical officer returned to the station. They were minus two engineers who were beamed to the station after a close encounter with a subterranean labyrinth. Heavy metals within the asteroid did not allow ordinary communication and sensor function, which bodes well for the security of the new shipyard.
  • The USS Sentinel arrived at the station, bearing Hannah McDowell, PhD, the new Colonial Administrator and approximately a dozen colonists for TKR-117.
  • The freighter Ticonderoga II also arrived and is waiting to offload supplies for the colony.
  • Commander Chirakis Kirel arrived, looking about as good as her battle-worn, outdated Peregrine fighter.

There was no TBS.


For more information and a full history of Sky Harbor Aegis, go to SkyHarborAegis.com

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Mission Summary – Sky Harbor Aegis - 27 March 2009

Colony Administrator Hannah McDowell and Federation Ambassador Joy Two discuss the formation and organization of the colony on TKR-117.


Our new Romulan Chief of Security, Arrain tr'Jeth Dabi, arrives and is immediately acquainted with Ambassador Drankum's social graces. Operations Manager Porter gives him the five credit tour of the station.


Away teams returning from the asteroid are given a clean bill of health by the medical staff, confirming that no diseasles have crept aboard the station.


Commander Chirakis assures Ambassador Drankum that there are no ulterior motives for her presence on the station. She is to be his administrative assistant, and was sent to assure the security of the station and its occupants in this precarious area of space. A defense readiness drill illustrates the security situation.

They discuss:

  • The Breen and their dangerous proximity to the colony and the station
  • The need for proactive rather than reactive thinking: IE: careful planning
  • The present lack of defensive capability beyond station shields and weapons
  • The need to upgrade internal security logistics and training, and beef up external defense capability, with special emphasis on development of a fighter squadron.

Engineering Chief Jorahl collates data from the away teams and discusses construction of the shipyard with Operations Manager Porter.


Dr. Lepage finds that the Betazoid problem is fading; their neurotransmitter levels should be normal within a week.


TBS was 2 days.

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Mission Summary - Sky Harbor Aegis - 3 April 2009


Cdr Chirakis pulled the third red alert in as many hours to get a benchmark for station internal security.


Disrupted in their efforts were:


  • Medical personnel trying to complete physicals so the colonists could begin their settlement of TKR-117
  • Engineering in the midst of shipyard planning and defense upgrades – an irony beyond ironies
  • Science collating data from their recent trip to the asteroids
  • Security, whose new chief was struggling to pull the department together.

The only ones who seemed to weather the storm were Ambassadors Drankum and Joy Two, who sat in the midway discussing life, the universe, and everything.


Her benchmark obtained, Chirakis will curtail drills for a while to allow the station to settle into a semblance of routine.


TBS is one week. The next simulation will be on April 17th.

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Mission Summary - Sky Harbor Aegis - 17 April 2009


TBS was 2 days.


Aegis returns to business as usual.


Science has determined that the asteroids are prime candidates for the shipyard. In Feretti's words, "They seem to have the ideal density level to support boring and larger ships that will be housed inside it. And the underground caves make for prime tunnels."


In engineering, Chief Jorahl is busy planning construction of the shipyard, Coleridge is tweaking the defense grid, and Fletcher tackles the guts of the station itself.


Continuing his coordination of station security, Lt Dabi meets with Chirakis, Drankum, and Coleridge. There are areas of the station that are not accessible by any means – a puzzle to Chirakis and Dabi, a delight to Drankum, possibly because one is behind his bar.


The last of the Betazoids to be infected, Dr. Belar has fully recovered from the telepathy virus. Medical personnel continue their quest for an end to paperwork.

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Mission Summary – Sky Harbor Aegis – 24 April 2009


TBS is 1 week


Ambassador Drankum visited the CT and informed Porter that he wants his shipyard built, and he wants it built now. Plans to erect a "Coming Soon – Neighborhood Shipyard" billboard in adjacent shipping lanes are considered. He also visited Cdr Chirakis to voice his worries about mutiny and gossip.


Administrator McDowell and her team are settled in colony Alastair I on TKR-117. She has told her team what she believes is below the surface of the planet and they are astounded.


Ambassador Joy visited Cdr Chirakis to discuss her concerns about allied presence in this sector, citing the aftermath of the Sorehl Report as an example of failed diplomacy. In the Ambassador's words, "One cannot simply rearrange a sector of space without consulting the inhabitants of that area of space." Cdr Chirakis has placed an assessment of the sector's inhabitants and the possibility of diplomatic relations with them on her list of high priorities.


Leilani Feretti has pronounced our shipyard asteroid "stable" so we may press forward in our construction.


Lt tr'Jeth Dabi practices his Federation standard to the neglect of his Federation manners as he visits science to assess it for security and obtain scans of the system in preparation for fighter training and defense.


After somewhat of a lull, our medical team is puzzled over a mysterious illness. NPC Lt Sato is down for the count with respiratory distress and NPC Ens Douglas is dizzy and nauseated, which explains the note from Dr. Lepage to maintenance about carpet cleaning.


Centurion Jorahl continued work on the shipyard design. OPS Manager Porter brought good news – that engineering's supplies have been ordered and will arrive with the next shipment.


In case you experience disorientation as you walk from a pylon into the midway, it's not your drink; Lt Coleridge has found that "The orientation of the midway with respect to the two pylons is off by 1.93°," which, in turn, gives new meaning to the phrase, "it's not level."

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Mission Summary – Sky Harbor Aegis – 1 May 2009


Time Between Games is one day.


Alastair I, the colony on TKR-117, has called for assistance in a medical emergency. All twelve of their colonists have become ill with coughing and flu-like symptoms. Administrator McDowell suspects radiation poisoning from possible exposure to jakmanite and our medical and science teams are quite concerned.


Jakmanite is rare and did not show on pre-colonization geological scans. It is one of only five undetectable substances that can exist in a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere and can alter the molecular structure of glass.


Science, medical, and colonist transportation runabouts have been readied and will depart before game beginning on Friday.


Teams assigned to the mission are:

  • Medical: Drs. McKinny and Pavilion,
  • Security: Chief tr'Jeth Dabi,
  • Science: Chief SrLtn Feretti and Ltjg Lucindak.

Be advised:

  • Full isolation protocol is in effect.
  • Scans and information on the colony and planet will be required before anyone receives permission to disembark at the colony.
  • The cause of the illness has yet to be determined.
  • Whether the colonists will be transported to Aegis will be decided by medical personnel.

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Mission Summary – Sky Harbor Aegis – 8 May 2009


TBG is ten minutes.


Three runabouts bearing medical, science, and security personnel, have landed on TKR-117 to investigate the mysterious illness that has incapacitated the colonists there. One runabout stands by to evacuate the colonists if medical personnel deem it necessary. Others are ready at Aegis to dispatch at a moment's notice.


Science Chief Feretti noted influenza virus in the atmosphere along with the radiation reported by Dr. McDowell.


Lt Dabi's suspicion level rises when Dr. McDowell tells him that "everything is okay" in the colony.


Aboard the station, Drs Lepage, Delevan, and Belar continued deciphering the data that Administrator McDowell sent when she called for aid. If the need arises for evacuation, the medical facility originally constructed in Pylon B for the Diplomatic Section will be used for quarantine.


Engineer Coleridge continued to tweak the defense grid. Fletcher readied additional runabouts in case they were needed by the away team and played with a maintenance plan for the new fighters, dubbed "Starfleet go-carts, under powered, over complicated, and needlessly decked out with useless features" by Romulan Chief Engineer Centurion Jorahl.


Ambassador Joy Two, interested in proceedings on TKR-117, visited the Control Tower, then returned to the Federation Embassy suite to plan for the impending visit by Joy Eight.


For anyone who is interested,

  • Sky Harbor Aegis has been in its present position for 38 days.
  • The colony on TKR-117 was established 17 days ago.
  • Distance from Aegis to TKR-117 is approximately 12 hours by runabout.
  • Distance from Aegis to Kobheeria is approximately one week at max warp.

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Mission Summary – Sky Harbor Aegis – 15 May 2009

Dr. Lillian Belar is promoted to Ltjg

Leilani Feretti is promoted to SrLtn

Dr. DJ McKinney is promoted to LtCmdr


Time Between Games is 20 minutes.


Ambassador Drankum visits OPS Manager Porter for updates on all his soon-to-be-profitable ventures. He greets our new security officer, Midshipman Allen Armstrong, with his usual charming, "Shouldn't he be doing something?" followed closely by, "Do we not have any medical persons still aboard this place? Don't they have to prod or do whatever they claim to do when someone new arrives?" Security Chief Lt tr'Jeth Dabi, contends with the medical and science team sent to investigate the illness on TKR-117. He struggles with his Federation Standard, reporting that the team is interrogating instead of diagnosing, logical phraseology to Dabi but questionable to Aegis OPS Manager Porter.


Drs. McKinney and Pavilion, along with Chief Science Officer SrLtn Feretti and Ltjg Lucindak continue probing the cause of the illness. They question Dr. McDowell, Colonial Administrator, about a new site she mentions, believing it should be explored.


Aboard Aegis, Dr. Lepage struggles with lack of sleep while Drs. Delevan and Belar investigate the medical section of the diplomatic wing to be sure it is ready to quarantine evacuated colonists.


Cmdr Chirakis and Ambassador Joy Two visit Chief Engineer Jorahl for an update on shipyard construction.


Science Officer SrLtn LeMorte completes integration of updated graphic and sensor three dimensional rendering equipment and software into the holoimaging systems.


Engineers Lt Coleridge and Ltjg Fletcher have entirely too much fun terrorizing deckhands in the fighter bay in their quest for the source of a power drain.

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Mission Summary – Sky Harbor Aegis – 22 May 2009


Engineering Chief Jorahl takes a shuttle for personal reconnaissance of the shipyard site.


On TKR-117:

  • Preliminary scans at the "new dig" by the science team identify compounds that are consistent with those used as reactor coolant on a starship.
  • Further analysis indicates that the compounds may be a trilithium resin variant approximately 225,000 years old.
  • Dr. McKinney estimates that the colonists have 24 hours before they begin to die from their mysterious illness, so time is of the essence.

At sim end, command, medical, and science were evaluating the situation. The decision to evacuate the colonists to the diplomatic wing on Aegis or treat them on site has yet to be made.


The obvious question, besides the fate of the colonists? What is the source and purpose of the trilithium resin and how did it get on a remote planet to be found by a group of frontier-hugging hippies?


Time between games is 10 minutes.

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Mission Summary – Sky Harbor Aegis – 29 May 2009

Leilani Feretti is promoted to Lieutenant Commander

Scott Coleridge is promoted to Senior Lieutenant


Ambassador Joy Two, Security Mid. Allen Armstrong and Security NPC Bean plan security for the Diplomatic Wing's clinic. Dr. Lepage gives assurance that the colonists are suffering from radiation poisoning, that it is definitely not contagious but some of them have opportunistic infections which are no danger to healthy individuals.


Only two of the colonists are ill enough to have to be transported to Aegis. The rest of the colonists will be treated on TKR-117 in the colony's small sick bay and on one of the shuttles, but the colony's shields must be configured to cover the shuttle and protect it from the radiation.


Science data suggests the reason for the trilithium resin's dispersal pattern is artificial in nature. Ambassador Drankum orders Science Officer Le Morte to TKR-117 to find out why and how artificial chemicals are present on a planet no one owns.


Hopefully we won't need a tractor beam soon. Deckhands under the less-than-watchful eyes of Coleridge and Fletcher have disassembled the tractor emitter and there is no reassembly manual. Chief Jorahl has condemned them to reassembly and taken it upon himself to reconfigure the shields at the colony.


Ambassador Drankum's assumptions include the following happening in the 15 hours between games:

  • The patients are secure on Aegis,
  • The outbound runabout has arrived at TKR-117,
  • Drankum has slept,
  • Chirakis has read her mail,
  • Nicolas has fumed,
  • Joy has recomputed the meaning of life again.

Engineering Chief Jorahl expects his engineers will have:

  • rebuilt the tractor emitter,
  • assassinated a deckhand or two,
  • cleaned up,
  • slept for one hour,
  • been ready to jump into spacesuits and start putting up some walls on the shipyard.

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Mission Summary - Sky Harbor Aegis - 5 June 2009


Drs. Delevan, Belar, and Lepage treat the colonists in the diplomatic wing while Dr. Pavilion works with those still on TKR-117. Science Chief Feretti and Science Officer LeMorte continue science work on TKR-117.


Engineering Chief Jorahl has installed shields to protect the colony. Its hub is protected, but he gives the generators 7 days before the overuse melts them down.


Science Officer LeMorte has taken a runabout for an aerial scan of the area emitting radiation on TKR-117.

  • His computer detects massive metallic signatures that indicate land depths varying from 10 to 100 meters.
  • The layout seems to be an overhead image of a city whose surface has been covered with the detrius of about 250,000 years.
  • There are four signatures inside the structure, three of which seem full of resin and the fourth is less than half full and seems to be the origin point for all resin traces outside the metallic structure.
  • Drankum orders a top priority full review of the structure immediately, with the assumption that it is a power plant of some sort. He mentions that digging that deep will take years and he requires new options be suggested before their shields go dead in 7 days.

The first wave of construction crews along with Engineer Fletcher arrive at the shipyard.

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Mission Summary – Sky Harbor Aegis – 12 June 2009


TBG is 2 days.

On TKR-117:

Colony Administrator McDowell calls Ambassador Joy Two to discuss her worries about the engineers and science officers contaminating &/or ruining the archaeological site. She confronts Engineering Chief Jorahl and forbids the team from doing anything at the site other than removing or containing the source of the radiation.

  • Science officers LeMorte and Lucindak confer with Engineering Chief Jorahl on how best to proceed with containment of the trilithium resin leak.
  • LeMorte and Jorahl view 3-D imaging of the archaeological site and transmit them to Aegis for command viewing.
  • Drs McKinney and Pavilion continue treatment of colonists on site.

On Aegis:


Ambassador Drankum, concerned with events on TKR-117, consults with Ambassador Joy Two, looking for ways to secure and protect the colony from looters. They debate Colony Administrator’s claim to the planet (rather than just the colony). Ambassador Drankum considers declaring a state of emergency to “assume governing control of the site with the ability to manage and secure it as required.”

  • Under the watchful eyes of Drs Lepage and Delevan, the NPC Drs Krazynski and Hawkins, colonists brought to the station for treatment, continue their recovery.
  • Security Chief Dabi and Security Officer Armstrong attend to matters of station security. The fighter bay is full; now all we need are pilots. Training begins immediately.
  • Engineering Officer Fletcher takes off with supplies and shield generators for the colony, ETA 12 hours.

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Mission Summary - Sky Harbor Aegis – 19 July 2009

Security Officer Allen Armstrong is promoted to Ensign


On Aegis:

~Upon her return to the station, Colony Administrator Hannah McDowell and Ambassador Drankum hammer out an agreement for mutual control of the archaeological site on TKR-117, with Aegis responsible for security.

~Reports from the shipyard indicate construction is still on schedule.

~The Medical Department enjoyed a rare relaxing day.

~Security Chief Dabi provided escort for Administrator McDowell while Security Officer Armstrong conducted routine security checks.

~Engineer Coleridge checks integration of the defense grid with the tactical console in the Control Tower.


On TKR 117:

~The science and engineering teams continued cleanup of the trilithium resin at the archaeological site. Contamination has leaked from the original deposit site down several layers.

~Before leaving for Aegis, Engineering Chief Jorahl estimated that removal of the resin containers should be within the 2 days between games, but cleanup of what has already been spilled will take at least a week once a method of cleanup is developed.

~Engineer Fletcher set up several replacement power units for shields that will contain radiation at the source.

~Dr. Pavilion has returned to Aegis with the runabout, which will return to the colony with supplies for the science team.


Time between games is two days.

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Mission Summary – Sky Harbor Aegis – 26 June 2009


Life settles to a more manageable pace on the station and in the colony.


Colony Administrator Hannah McDowell prepares for the first excavation of the archaeological site, to take place as soon as the site is declared resin-free by Aegis's Chief of Science, LtCmdr Leilani Feretti.


With Engineering Chief Jorahl offsite, Engineer Caelan Fletcher supervises continuing cleanup of the trilithium resin spill while discussing the project with the Administrator.


On the station, Ambassador Joy Two visits Cmdr Chirakis to discuss the diplomatic situation.


Drs Lepage, McKinney, Delevan, and Pavilion exchange family stories over coffee and donuts.


Security takes on a whole new meaning for Security Chief Ltn Dabi as he keeps the midway safe from marauding children while the others patrol and protect.


Time between games is two weeks.

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Mission Summary – Sky Harbor Aegis – 17 July 2009


Time between games is 10 days.


On the station, with the departure of Ambassador Joy Two, Ambassador Drankum informs Commander Chirakis that hereafter she will be his liaison to Federation worlds in the area.


Drs Pavilion and Belar tackle the mound of paperwork that has accumulated since Drs Lepage and McKinney left on personal business.


After giving new meaning to the saying "when the cat's away…," Engineering Officers Coleridge and Fletcher knuckle down to work on the Pylon B shield generators and the shipyard.


NPC Security Officer John Apple is deemed "unprepared for Midshipman duty" by Security Chief Dabi. He is to learn the entire station schematic, all personnel aboard by name and rank, the entire treaty, and the station's complete operation protocol.


On TKR-117, Science Officer LeMorte searches for resin that may have escaped the initial cleanup of the archaeological site while Administrator McDowell, Science Chief Feretti, and Science Officer Lucindak coordinate the final cleanup process and the placing of force fields around contaminated areas.

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Mission Summary - Sky Harbor Aegis – 24 July 2009


Ambassador Drankum reads reports in his quarters.


Engineer Caelan Fletcher loses his personal herald but gains a Service Ribbon. Engineering Chief Jorahl returns from the shipyard construction site and receives an update from Fletcher.


Security Chief tr'Jeth Dabi tends to the station as well as reviewing specifications for the new fighters and requests additional technologies if possible.


Administrator McDowell has a falling-out with Science Officer LeMorte and banishes him from the colony.


Commander Chirakis helps Dr. Pavilion trudge through her mound of paperwork – say what?


Time between games is 1 week.


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Mission Summary – Sky Harbor Aegis – 7 August 2009


Engineer Coleridge was tweaking a telemetry program for the defense grid while Fletcher wavered between chartreuse and apricot for the shipyard wiring system.


Dr. Pavilion kept sick bay running smoothly in the absence of Dr. Lepage.


On TKR 117, Administrator McDowell and Science Chief Feretti explored the archaeological site via shuttle. They informed Aegis of an anaerobic bacteria in the soil with qualities that may be beneficial to medicine. Dr. Belar was dispatched to the colony to investigate.


Cdr Chirakis consulted Science Officer LeMorte about the strange writing he found on the walls of the archaeological site.


Security Chief Dabi recruited Engineer Coleridge for fighter training.


Time between games is one week.

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Mission Summary – Sky Harbor Aegis – 14 August 2009


Aegis has just entered its third month in the asteroid field and the crew was settling into a routine when a sensor marker at the edge of the asteroid field detected a ship, configuration and identity unknown, entering the asteroid field at sublight speeds.


As the vessel approached, sensors showed it comparable in size to a D'deridex-class warbird but had the general configuration of a rectangular solid. Internal scans showed high energy signatures and 90 fighters have emerged, destination unknown.


At sim pause the station had just gone to red alert.


Time between games is 60 seconds.


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