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Chirakis Kirel, Captain

Starfleet Personnel File
Chirakis Kirel, Captain
Starfleet Intelligence Section 5
Alpha Clearance Required

Name: Chirakis Kirel

Rank: Captain

Current Post: Sky Harbor Aegis

Current Assignment: Liaison, Starfleet Intelligence Division V

Species: Bajoran

Place of Birth: Cardassian Mining Colony, Asteroid 27

Date of Birth: 2339 – exact date unknown; Starfleet determination 1 January.

Height: 1.7m (5'8")

Weight: 66kg (146 lbs)

Hair: black

Eyes: steel grey

Distinguishing Marks:

Lateral, horizontal, oblique scars: back

Tattoo, House of Ghorr: left forearm

Lateral scar: left palm

Bajoran nose ridges appear as scars

Relatives: none known


Chirakis Kirel was born in a mining colony in the asteroid belt of the Cardassian system where her family had lived in slavery for several generations. Only the year of her birth is known. For Starfleet purposes the date is recorded as 1 January 2339.

 Little is known of the Cardassian mining colony and its demise. That it remained hidden from the Federation for generations before the Cardassian aggression that ultimately resulted in the occupation of Bajor in 2328 does not speak well of our intelligence resources. Sketchy accounts pieced together by Starfleet indicate that the colony was covertly attacked in 2358 by a small Klingon force under the command of HoD GoragH. The colony was destroyed and the few Bajorans who survived were transported to a new free colony outside Cardassian-controlled space.

 Chirakis Kirel was the only one of her family to survive. Fueled by an intense hunger for revenge, she had no desire to live a peaceful colonial life. While the others disembarked, she hid aboard HoD GoragH's ship and succeeded in eluding his guards for several days before she was captured. Impressed with her tenacity, her physical strength, and the high pain tolerance she learned at the hands of her Cardassian overlords, GoragH kept her as a member of his crew. Her stealth and cunning gained her status; she rose to second-in-command, and was eventually adopted as GoragH's daughter into the House of Ghorr.

 GoragH withheld no part of Chirakis' training, treating her as he would any prospective Klingon warrior. He also instilled in her a sense of honor, fealty, and loyalty to House. Still, as a Bajoran, Kirel never received the respect due her as an adopted daughter of the House of Ghorr and she always felt like an outsider except for her deep familial bond with GoragH. Even the attempted removal of her Bajoran nose ridges did not seem to rectify the problem.

 During the short-lived but brutal Klingon-Federation war GoragH was severely injured and soon succumbed to his wounds, but not before exacting an oath from Chirakis that she would search for her Bajoran family, join the Bajoran Resistance, and fight for their freedom.

When the Dominion ruse that began the war was exposed and hostilities between the Federation and the Klingon Empire ceased, Kirel joined the Maquis cell that eventually came under the direction of former Starfleet officer LtCdr Michael Eddington. Despite her hate of Cardassia and all things Cardassian, Chirakis could not abide Eddington's use of biogenic weapons. Her distrust of Eddington and distaste for his tactics soon became apparent to a Starfleet operative deep within the cell. He convinced her to become an operative and together they formed the framework that led to Eddington's demise.

 Chirakis Kirel is presently assigned to Sky Harbor Aegis as Liaison, Starfleet Intelligence Division V.


Psychological Profile
Annual Review
Chirakis Kirel, Captain
Operative SI-5


Subject is Bajoran female; age determined 45 Terran years; unusually dark complexion. Removal of nose ridges is evident though how and why she is reluctant to divulge. Subject's physical health is excellent despite an apparent history of violence that has resulted in significant scarring. Subject exhibits no evidence of significant psychoses. Though she readily admits a hatred of Cardassians as a whole, she works with and considers several Cardassian operatives close friends and allies, and she is unable to explain this apparent contradiction.

During psychological testing subject reacted as many do when under interrogation. One or two word monosyllabic answers were the norm and prompting to elaborate brought insignificant results. Subject demonstrates exceptional ability to evade.

 Subject is not easily provoked. Verbal and physical stressors that ordinarily would have triggered reactions did not. More abusive stressors were introduced to no avail. Attempted removal of her d'k tagh by security did, however, prompt a reaction within the bounds of acceptable behavior for combatants.

 Reports from superiors and co-workers indicate Chirakis Kirel is fiercely loyal and has demonstrated a willingness to employ extraordinary measures to accomplish her goals, defending colleagues with complete disregard for her own safety. She is particularly protective of superior officers and fellow operatives.

Rashid Vernadadine, MD
Starfleet Medical Corps

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