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A Davis

Amanda Davis, PhD

Sky Harbor Aegis Biographical File

Amanda Lyn Davis, PhD


Name: Amanda Lyn Davis

Species: Human

Born: August 19, 2348

Aberporth, Wales

Parents: Stephan Davis

Caitlin Davis


Height: 1.7m (5’ 5”)

Weight: 57 kg (126 lbs)

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green

Distinguishing Marks: none


Education: University of Exeter, Cornwall: BSc Biological Sciences 2370

University of Exeter, Cornwall: M Psychology 2372

University of Exeter/ Starfleet Academy: PhD 2374


Born in the small coastal town of Aberporth, Wales, Amanda Lyn Davis spent her formative years scouring nearby beaches and inlets for anything collectable, especially shells and shiny rocks. As she grew she developed a passion for biology and progressed to collecting animate objects, filling her parents’ cottage with indigenous fish, shellfish, and seaweed. Her parents drew the line, however, when it came to birds, insects, and larger animals, telling her that they were made to be free, and how would she feel if she were caged and forever seeking freedom?


Her passion for biology developed into a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Exeter in Cornwall. During her time of study, however, a professor noticed her innate ability to observe and analyze human behavior. He suggested she take a few courses in psychology, she was immediately hooked, and made that field her life’s work.


After receiving her Master’s degree in Psychology in 2372, she entered the Doctoral program at Exeter. With the onset of the Dominion War in 2372, Starfleet stepped up recruitment for all professions, especially in the fields of medicine and psychology. Amanda began her Doctoral program at Exeter but moved to Starfleet Academy to complete her degree and, along with several colleagues, join Starfleet.


Amanda spent the first year of her practice on Earth, counseling combatants and non-combatants alike, primarily for post traumatic stress. During this time she realized the need for programs of aid and diagnosis closer to areas of conflict. She applied for deep space deployment and was accepted. After several assignments on Starfleet vessels, in 2383 she was assigned to Sky Harbor Aegis.

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