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Archie Phoenix

"N Minus 16 Hours"

Sixteen hours. That was the best estimate that Samantha-Kent could generate based on the data that Daena had entered into the computer, to say nothing of the piece of Daena’s mind which existed in the Tom-Servo program. Daena’s knowledge of solar physics, Archie’s mastery of computer engineering, and Torre’s studies of the Aetherian energy grid had all come together wonderfully to give Samantha-Kent all the tools she needed. The move toward the inevitable had begun.


In sixteen hours, the Aetherian sun would go nova.


Nine of Aether’s solar collectors were now under the control of Samantha-Kent. Millions of programs throughout dozens of Aether’s Districts had been infected by her code, and Aetherians were in panic at the changes she’d brought to their city. They would demand a response from the technicians. But the technicians did not know half of what Samantha-Kent knew of the functioning of the energy grid or the structure of the control systems. Their only viable response was to bow to her control.


Their immediate response to her increased consumption of the solar energy was to reduce the flow to Aether. This effectively contained the spread of Samantha-Kent’s control. Unable to take direct control of either the Solar Induction Station or the City Core, their systems isolated as they were from the main energy grid, there was nothing she could do about this directly. But it was exactly the response she’d anticipated … and exactly the response she’d desired. With the energy induction reduced, the drain on the Aether star had been thrown out of balance. The balance could not be restored unless she ceased her activities in the controlled sectors of the city.


The Aetherian sun had already had an appointment with supernova in just under two decades. Thanks to Samantha-Kent, it would now take only sixteen hours. She was certain that she was the only entity who could stop the breakdown.


She was ready -- in fact, eager -- to bargain.

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