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Cmdr JFarrington

The Romulan Connection

Mission Update for 2.2.2009

After giving the crew the opportunity to forgo the next mission, Inspector General Morris met with the command staff and outlined what appears to be a routine mission for Manticore, but one that could have dire consequences for the Federation.

Manticore is to enter Romulan space, taunt, and engage the Romulan Star Empire. During the battle that should ensue, the Manticore will appear to lose its dorsal module, the contents of which have not been revealed. Strangely enough, it will only work behind enemy lines.

Part of our mission is to make it appear that we do not want to leave the module and we must convince them it is important enough that they will not want to destroy it. In the words of Inspector General Morris, “The delivery of this package, to the right place and with the right events, is the number one priority, at any cost, up to and including the destruction of Manticore.”

Senior staff is wary. Questions and comments during the closed session were:

  • The Romulans are highly intelligent and militarily shrewd. Surely they cannot be so easily duped.
  • The Romulans will suspect Manticore is carrying her standard dorsal module which contains a planet killer. We should make an effort to destroy it to sell the idea to the Romulans.
  • We are committing an act of war against the Romulan Star Empire; the Federation had best be sure they are prepared.
  • And what the heck is in that module anyway? 

Only one thing is certain: the crew is woefully over-scrutinized.

TBS is one hour. Inspector General Morris is gone and the Manticore is ready to depart.

Quote of the Day:

LtCdrFaldek -> I don't mind being tortured I can handle that.

Kansas Kenickie -> I have 4 brothers; I have been tortured.

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Mission Update for 2.9.2009


The Manticore has left Starbase 9 and is en route to the Romulan Neutral Zone where we will begin a routine patrol. Riiight…


Security Chief Precip prepares the crew for the possibility of encounters with the Romulans.

  • Type 2 phasers have been issued to all personnel and strategic areas of the ship have been fortified against boarding.
  • He and Syndrx consider the possibility of using poison frogs and biomass armor for defense – why not? After all, clay jars loaded with scorpions were tossed at the enemy during the Siege of Troy thousands of years ago, the first documented evidence of biological warfare. Poison frogs? Pfft... bring 'em on!
  • Lt Cdr McFly briefs new security personnel on the basics of their roll on a black ops ship and the uniqueness of this mission in particular, preparing them for the worst.
  • Cdr Garnoopy and LtCdr Faldek lock horns over engineering defense protocols. Faldek moves to defend sick bay while Kansas graces engineering with her presence.

Dr. Mele had not completed the course of treatment for injuries sustained during the Andromeda jump. Since he is perfectly happy “consulting” and “observing from afar,” he and Dr. Silviu torture Vilanne with the temporary responsibilities of senior medical officer. Vilanne takes care of that in record time. Kansas gives medical personnel a refresher course in phaser use, emphasizing the don’t shoot yourself protocol.


In-sim time was 24 hours and change.

TBS is one more day.

Since we were 48 hours from the Romulan NZ, at sim beginning we will just be arriving.

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Mission Update: 2.16.2009


Manticore entered Romulan space, running silent and at red alert. Four D`deridex class Warbirds appeared on sensors. Though we have not been detected we have given them a wide berth. All department heads met with their teams for last-minute strategic planning.

  • In Science, Chief Escher has named the armor (still in development) “bioablative armor” or BAA, noting it should be a supplement to the existing ablative armor, not a replacement. He and Ian Syndrx discuss possible implementation and coordinating it with the existing shield and cloak configuration.
  • Security teams refined their strategies to defend different areas of the ship at all costs – LtCdr Faldek in sick bay and LtCdr Kenickie in engineering, with Chief Cmdr Precip and LtCdr McFly on the bridge. All contend with green recruits that replaced dead and wounded after the Andromeda incident.
  • In Medical and Engineering, Dr. Mele and Chief Garnoopy rallied their teams around the security officers, defining strategies and outlining contingency plans.
  • Complications arise when a subspace message, traced to the dorsal module, broke our radio silence and broadcast our presence to anyone within range.
  • At sim end, Cmdr Farrington, in the company of Cmdr Precip, and LtCdr Faldek, had opened the dorsal module. A human dressed as a Romulan officer fell from the module onto the deck in front of them. Its skin was discolored and the stench emanating from the module was nothing short of putrid.
  • During the 10 minute TBS only the bridge and medical have been informed of this situation.

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Mission Update for 3.2.2009


In response to the subspace distress call, a team comprised of Cmdr Farrington, Cmdr Precip, and LtCmdr Faldek, with Drs Mele and Silviu, entered the dorsal module. Their purpose is two-fold: turn off the subspace distress call and investigate the module’s contents.

  • They find the module has been hollowed out and a Romulan scout ship is fastened to the deck.
  • Scattered around the module are humans in different stages of transformation into Romulans. They are dressed in Romulan uniforms and all have been injured or killed by radiation poisoning.
  • Of the original ten, four have survived. The dead and injured have been transferred to sick bay and placed in quarantine.
  • One, a Lt. Harold James, is a biochemist whose record shows he left Starfleet a year ago. Captain Sovak is questioning him on the nature of the team’s mission to decide if we should continue or abort.
  • Attempts to stop the radiation leak emanating from the Romulan scout ship inside the dorsal module have failed. All who entered the module have been affected by radiation poisoning.
  • Most severely injured is Cmdr Garnoopy, who was called when the leak was detected. He has passed out from hypoxia and radiation burns sustained when a poorly-welded seam burst in his hands.
  • Danger from radiation remains as the leak on the Romulan ship has not been sealed.
  • As we are several days from our original destination, Captain Sovak plans to stop at a small uninhabited planet 30 minutes away to regroup and plan our next move.


TBS is one hour.

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Mission Update for 3.9.2009


Manticore is in Romulan space, 3.62 days from the Romulan home world, under cloak, and hidden between two moons of an uninhabited planet.


The one surviving member of the covert operations team in the dorsal module, Lt Harold James, has been questioned by Captain Sovak. Their mission was the following:

• A deadly plague is spreading on Romulus and is threatening to swell to epidemic proportions,

• A member of the Romulan government covertly asked the Federation for aid and Starfleet medical has developed an experimental treatment,

• During our encounter with the Romulan fleet we were to “lose” the dorsal module, the team in the dorsal module was to leave and blend with the Romulan fleet, then deliver the experimental treatment to a contact on Romulus.


Captain Sovak has decided to continue the humanitarian mission, though how that will be accomplished remains to be seen.


With Cmdr Garnoopy in ICU, Lt Hilee has been placed in temporary command of engineering. His experimentation in robotics should pay off as they develop a remote unit to repair the radiation leak.


Science continues to work on bioablative armor and have set up an experiment involving the Cerberus.


Security has been busy keeping order and quelling rumors that have run rampant through the ship after the dorsal module was opened. An all hands announcement has helped, but tension and speculation still seem to have the upper hand and settling the crew to mission readiness is a top priority.


TBS was one hour.

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Mission Update for 3.16.2009


Manticore has now been in Romulan space for just over three standard days. We are four days from Romulus, under cloak and orbiting an uninhabited planet.


Lt James, the only remaining Romulan Connection covert operative, briefed the senior staff from his bed in sick bay:

  • A high-ranking official in the Romulan government covertly contacted the Federation for assistance with an incurable plague. Our mission is to contact that government official and deliver a serum.
  • Romulans are routinely inoculated against Adenoma Ta'Rax, a potentially deadly childhood disease similar to small pox.
  • A virus common to the Federation, Hepatitis A, has made its way into the Romulan sphere. A Romulan who has been inoculated against Adenoma Ta'Rax, when exposed to Hep A, will develop an echococcosis from the combination and die.
  • The Echococcosis plague is estimated to develop into a pandemic within three weeks. The serum must be delivered, tested, and mass produced before then.


  • The government contact on Romulus wants to limit his exposure to the Federation. Only one member of the original team knew the contact, and that member is dead.
  • The team was to use a battle and probably the loss of the Manticore to mask their entrance onto the planet and make contact with the official. Since the diversion of the battle will not available to us, we need to come up with a new method of making the contact.


TBS was 2 days.

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Mission Update for 4.6.2009


After reconstructive surgery, the crew of Manticore has assumed Romulan personae and has taken the place of the original team that was to deliver a potential cure for the Echococcosis plague that is running rampant on Romulus.


After an uneventful trip – spent perfecting the serum and learning the language – their Romulan scout ship blended with a returning patrol and landed on Romulus.


Lt. James made contact with Senator t’Bagg, who names a Dr. t’Tamarak as their contact within the science community. Unfortunately, before they can make contact, the crew is captured and thrown in a holding cell.


After two hours of posturing, protesting, and literal chilling on the floor, they were released into the custody of Dr. t’Tamarak who took them to the medical compound under the pretext of being used as guinea pigs for their experiments.


Is Dr. t’Tamarak on the level, or will they indeed end up at the wrong end of an experiment?


TBS was 10 minutes

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Manticore Mission Update 5.29.2009


Disguised as Romulans, Manticore's away team has been working to develop a cure for the Echococcosis Plague in a secure facility on Romulus. Having completed that part of their mission, they have made their escape in the Romulan Scout ship that brought them. They have been in Romulan space for nearly two weeks and their window of opportunity is quickly closing.

+ + + + + + + + + +


Last week:


Manticore’s away team has escaped from Romulus on their “borrowed” Romulan scout ship, but they are now without propulsion. Their cloak is still operative, but everything except for basic life support has been shut down in an attempt to remain cloaked.


During their escape from Romulus, a console aboard the scout ship exploded, critically injuring Dr. Vilanne Chalice. Romulan Dr. Jaiysa t’Tamarak, seeking asylum with the away team, has performed life-saving surgery on Dr. Chalice.


With the help of the science team the stranded group has managed to send one “cloaked” message to the Manticore with secure ID, coordinates, and an SOS. After sending it, the device burns out, as well as their options.


The Manticore, with Security Chief Cmdr Mitar Precip in command, remains cloaked in polar orbit of a moon inside Romulan space, about three days from Romulus. They have intercepted Romulan communications from the Tal Shiar that mentions a Federation incursion and the USS Babylon. Tension aboard the ship increases as they wonder what has happened to their team, especially because the warbirds that were in their area have been diverted to Romulus.


Romulan Commander Gravous of the Tal Shiar has assumed that the Federation would not have sent the Manticore into Romulan space without its commanding officer. He believes that the Black Ops ship USS Babylon, under the command of Adrian Wolfe, is responsible for the infiltration they have detected. Assuming that Wolfe is as egotistical and power hungry as he is, Gravous is directing his search efforts close to Romulus.


Totally unaware of events that happened after their departure from Starbase 9, Admiral Atragon returns to the Manticore to find Cmdr Precip in command and the rest of his senior staff on a mission. After a situation report he is ready to rescue the away team.


TBS is 9 hours.


Quote of the week:

STSF Precip -> @Sir have you been returned to duty? If so, I yield the Conn to you sir.

Admiral Atragon-9 -> @ Thank you, Commander, my brain is back in normal crazy mode, so I'm as fit to command as I ever was.

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Manticore Mission Update for 6.1.2009


Aboard the Scout Ship,

• While life support wanes, the cloak holds.

• Believing Manticore received their buried distress call, Captain Sovak orders life support set to 60% of present levels to allow Manticore more time to find them.

• Lt Hilee suggests leaving a trail of radioactive material for Manticore to follow; however Captain Sovak reiterates their mission was explicit that no evidence of their presence in Romulan space could remain, even if it meant their lives.

• To that effect, Captain Sovak and LtCmdr Escher contemplate a data wipe to erase all evidence their mission should they be boarded and Lt(jg) T’Prise is confident she can reproduce all medical and scientific data from memory.

• Dr. Chalice continues to waver between life and death while Dr. t’Tamarak tends to her. The implants removed from Dr. Chalice remain a mystery to all but Captain Sovak and Commander Farrington.

• In a last attempt to preserve their anonymity, Captain Sovak diverts all life support power to the cloak.


Aboard the Manticore,

• Admiral Atragon and Cmdr Precip struggle to find the cloaked lost scout ship. They have received the distress call with last known coordinates, but the scout ship has drifted and Lt Fabio has trouble pinpointing their exact location.

• Knowing the scout has little life support left, they consider breaking radio silence, pinging them with tachyons, or flooding space with low-level phaser bursts, all of which will alert the Romulan Fleet to their presence.

• They take a chance with low energy phaser bursts set in wide dispersion at the infrared spectrum level, to no avail; Romulan cloaks are that good.

• In a desperate attempt to find the away team, Admiral Atragon activates something from the main Tactical Console. It makes Dr. Chalice, aboard the cloaked scout ship, scream in pain and the implants that were removed from her body glow in the container.


At simulation pause,

• Sovak and Farrington realize that the third command member who knew of the implants must be aboard Manticore.

• On hearing Vilanne’s screams, Lt Syndrx pulls his tricorder and finds a Borg signature coming from the activated implants.

• The Manticore fires an SOS using phaser bursts,

• The scout ship recognizes it as friendly, they drop the cloak and the away team is beamed aboard.

• The two ships are spotted instantly by the Romulan Fleet and they turn in hot pursuit.

• The scout ship is abandoned with all the scientific data and information on their mission intact.


In Side Action:

• LtCmdr Escher and Lt(jg) T’Prise surreptitiously discuss slipstream drive, which may put the crew in danger of friendly fire.


TBS is 4 Hours

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Manticore Mission Update for 6.8.2009


After a daring incursion into Romulan space, Admiral Atragon and Commander Precip have rescued the rest of the crew from the Romulan scout ship. We are making best speed toward the Federation-Romulan Neutral Zone using a random flight pattern meant to confuse the pursuing Romulan Fleet. Our present course will take us to an “inconvenient” crossing point, between Space Stations R-5 and R-6, which, with random course corrections, we should reach in approximately 91 hours, or 3.8 days.


Meanwhile, the Romulan Warbird Rodan has rendezvoused with our abandoned scout ship. The Manticore’s ruse exposed, Commander Gravous of the Tal Shiar, in command of the Romulan search fleet, has abandoned his search for the USS Babylon near Romulus and is headed to the Neutral Zone at maximum speed.


While Dr. Chalice and LtCmdr Margaux Roget recuperate in sick bay the rest of the crew slowly return to duty. Command remains guardedly optimistic about the future of Romulan Dr. Jaiysa t'Tamarak, who left Romulus with us. Her collaboration with Federation scientists on Romulus and her assistance in our escape supposedly put her own life in danger. However, whether she is truly a defector or a conveniently planted Romulan spy has yet to be determined. Meanwhile, she has been allowed to work in sick bay with a security guard in tow.


TBS is 3 days. We will be just about to cross into Federation territory.

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Manticore Mission Update for 6.15.2009


TBS is 8 hours. Since Keb announced we should be at Station R-6 in just under 36 hours, we will be approximately 28 hours from the station at sim beginning.


The Manticore has entered Federation space safely despite a breach of comm. silence.


Two minutes from Federation space, a secure tight-beam transmission is sent into Federation space from Manticore, breaking comm. silence. Sent by LtCmdr Roget from an engineering console, Cmdr Garnoopy covered her tracks quite nicely – all undetected by the rest of the crew. Of course the first suspect is our Romulan Doctor, Jaiysa t’Tamarak. Cmdr Precip puts her under guard by Kansas and Faldek, then proceeds to lock down main engineering and locks horns with Cmdr Garnoopy. Tactical and Ops have pulled the security tapes from main engineering.

• It’s back to business as usual for science as they resume work on the bioarmor, with emphasis on finding organisms that survive in the void of space.

• Doug T. files a formal complaint against Kansas Kenickie concerning her actions during the Romulan mission.

• Vilanne remains in sick bay, her medical records restricted, and the implants removed from her body securely locked in Cmdr Farrington’s office.

• Very distracted and not quite herself yet, Cmdr Farrington sits on the bridge and – of all things – discusses Keb’s wedding plans while the rest of the command team scrambles to track the security breach.

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Manticore Mission Update for 6.22.2009


Manticore continues under cloak, bound for Station R-6, just inside Federation space.


In sick bay, Vilanne gets antsy while Romulan Dr. t’Tamarak familiarizes herself with Manticore’s technology, shadowed by Kansas. T’Prise pays a visit to consult with Dr. Chalice.


In engineering, Cmdr Precip has concluded his three-hour investigation into the breach of security. He and Admiral Atragon review the video records and find, unexpectedly, that among the hundreds to enter and exit is OPS Manager Lt Cmdr Margaux Roget, with no sign of our prime suspect, Dr. Jaiysa t’Tamarak.


Ship’s Counselor Farrington wanders the halls talking to the crew, most of whom seem distracted by events of the last few weeks. She visits science, finds everyone buried in their work on the bioarmor, and interprets this as a coping mechanism. Lt Cmdr Escher also notices it and orders the science officers to work on something of personal interest as a means of relaxation. Cmdr Farrington approaches Captain Sovak, suggesting shore leave for the crew.


TBS is just over one day. At sim begin we will be ready to dock at Station R-6.

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