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Doug.T crewman First Class

Accessing please stand by.........

=/\= Star Fleet Service Record Crewman Doug.T

Level 5 clearance or above required to access file=/\=


Access Granted............

Name: Doug Kahn

Race: Joined trill Kahn :symbiont

Gender: male

Birth: Date August 10,2360

Birth place: trill

Age: 23

Height :5"4

Weight 170 LBS

Hair Colour: Blond

Eye colour blue

Rank: Crew man Frist class

=/\=Service record =/\=

Star Fleet Academy StarDate 2374

Current Assignment UssExcalibur 2383

=/\= Medical History=/\=

Allergies: None

marks: on left and right arm

Blood: Type: Y+


9 Months at Star Fleet Academy

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