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Cmdr JFarrington

Manticore Mission Updates

Mission Update - 12.08.2008

During the last mission, the Manticore, along with other Black Ops ships, had been sent to the edge of the Alpha Quadrant where sensor arrays had detected conduits opening at various points along the perimeter. SF Intel supposed that forces unknown were probing that area for weak spots in advance of an invasion. Manticore, stationed at the point where the next conduit was predicted to open, was drawn into a strong vortex and emerged 2 million light years away in the Andromeda galaxy. The conduit closed leaving no evidence that it ever existed.

After a long series of events (documented in "Andromeda Mission") the Manticore returned to the Alpha Quadrant through a similar conduit. Unfortunately, the Special Ops fleet was still standing watch and surrounded the Manticore as soon as it exited. Manticore had lost sensor and navigational control during the trip; they careened into another Special Ops ship, causing extensive damage to both vessels. The list of injured aboard Manticore included Captain Sovak, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mele, Engineering Officer Doug, Science Officer T’Prise, Navigation Officer Keb Mizu, and Security Officer Kansas Kenickie.

Assuming the worst, the Black Ops blockade tightened around the Manticore. In the name of Federation security, Admiral Atragon's personal nemesis, Captain Adrian Wolfe of the USS Babylon, snatched the Admiral from the bridge and began an extensive, torturous interrogation. In the absence of the Admiral and Captain Sovak, Commander Farrington took command only to be incapacitated by her new-found telepathic connection to Atragon. She relinquished command to the Chief Engineer, Commander Garnoopy.

Engineering reports the following:

  • Hull breaches, decks 4-8
  • Primary warp core is offline
  • Damage to plasma systems, transporters, comms, tractor beams
  • Deflector control is offline
  • Shields and weapon systems are inoperable
  • EPS conduits are damaged
  • There is possible damage to the computer core
  • Approximately 20 crew quarters are missing

Captain Sovak has returned to duty. External comms have been repaired. Communications have been established with the rest of the Black Ops fleet. Captain Henry of the USS Truncheon has begun to tow us back to base.

Admiral Atragon continues to be MIA and Captain Sovak has ordered an extraction team to retrieve him from the Babylon.

TBS is one standard hour. 

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Mission Update for 12.15.2008

The crew continues repairing the ship after their near-catastrophic trip from the Andromeda galaxy. The USS Truncheon, Captain Henry commanding, is towing us back to base for repair. 

Meanwhile, Lt Cmdr Matt McFly and Lt Cmdr Faldek have taken the shuttle Cerberus and launched an effort to retrieve Admiral Atragon from the clutches of Captain Adrian Wolfe on the USS Babylon. Despite their best efforts they were captured by Babylon’s security and are being held in a stasis field aboard the Babylon.

Tempers flare as ship damage, crew deaths and injuries, the loss of Admiral Atragon, and lack of sleep push the crew’s operating envelope.

Transporters are unreliable. Engineering and science have been working to restore all systems, with transporters a priority in case the Admiral’s position is detected. Aft shields have been restored. Shuttle sensors borrowed by the away team have been reattached to the Manticore, but sensors are still minimal.

Dr. Chalice has released Kansas Kenickie from sick bay for light desk duty for four hours at a time to be increased incrementally. Her injuries sustained battling the lintu-saal on Qin-a and those sustained during the trip through the trans-galactic conduit were considerable.

Dr. Silviu has released Keb Mizu for active duty and she has returned to the bridge.

Doug T remains in sick bay and will be for several days for recuperative therapy from brain damage.

TBS is one hour. At sim beginning we will:

• have been hooked to the mobile repair base that the blockade brought with them,

• our intrepid rescuers are in an interrogation room aboard the USS Babylon, having been captured by Babylon’s security teams,

• power to main systems will hopefully have been restored though the systems themselves are still damaged.


Manticore undercurrents:

 Dr. Silviu to Keb: How're you doing?

Keb, shrugging: I've managed to escape sedation and being strapped to the bed, and you haven't gotten out the saws yet, so I suppose I'm all right.


Faldek: Oh, crap.

Matt McFly: Yeah, this really does suck.

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Mission Update for 1.5.2009

The Manticore has returned from the Andromeda galaxy and is docked at Starbase 9, the fully autonomous repair station designated for Manticore's use.

Admiral Atragon remains aboard the Manticore in a private VIP intensive care medical suite. He is still unconscious, in a medically induced coma, as his body fights the damage done to him during questioning at the hands of Adrian Wolfe, CO of the Black Ops ship USS Babylon. Captain Sovak remains in command. With second officer Cmdr Farrington at her injured husband’s side, Security Chief Commander Precip is serving as Executive Officer. Commander Precip’s significant suspicions about the Admiral’s abduction by Adrian Wolfe have been reported to Captain Sovak.

The damage done to the ship in the intergalactic conduit and the ship’s subsequent collision with another ship is being worked on by the station's repair bots. At present the casualty count remains at 45 dead and over 80 injured.

Special Ops Team India has arrived unannounced, under orders from Inspector General Morris to help “repair” the ship. Their presence has caused concern and suspicion. Captain Sovak is scrutinizing their credentials and security is kept busy baby-sitting and engineering is on edge, wondering what kind of suspicious things may be planted.

In medical, Drs. Chalice and Silviu are doubling their efforts so Dr. Mele can recover from his head injuries. Doug T remains in sick bay for further investigation of symptoms which seem to go beyond his injuries, though he hopes to be released for light duty soon.

In science, officers Escher and T’Prise contemplate the demise of the Wanderlust and surreptitiously consider future use of that ill-fated ship’s slip-stream technology. They and Syndrx sort out and calibrate new equipment.

TBS is 30 minutes.


No, we are not paranoid:


Garnoopy: Computer, lock down all classified engineering files, secure, and code with my biometric id and access code. Authorization Garnoopy ***-***-***-****. And computer, implant an access loop, in the event that anyone attempts to look at these files, even brings up their names, notify me. ::taps a panel, implanting some booby traps that may explode if you trip them... literally::::


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Mission Update for 1.19.2009

• Manticore is still under repair at Starbase 9.

• Black Ops Rapid Deployment Assistance Team India has come aboard to assist with repairs.

• Admiral Atragon remains in a medically induced coma and will be moved to a secure medical facility to insure his recovery.

• Captain Sovak has been placed in temporary command until the Admiral’s recovery is complete.

• During the interim five days Commander Farrington has remained with her husband but will return to the Manticore to serve as Captain Sovak’s Executive Officer.

Though India Team was meant to be a legitimate help to the crew, their sense of propriety and protocol leaves a lot to be desired. Therefore, the team’s presence has been met with skepticism, mistrust, and suspicion. Security has standing orders to “escort” the team, but they remain on edge, watching the team’s every move.

Commander Faldek and Lt Hilee take a well-deserved respite in the ship’s lounge, then return to their posts to face the reality of the ship’s condition.

Commander Mitar Precip, having missed the Andromeda mission, discussed the reports with Commander McFly, to whom the duty of informing next of kin has fallen.

The India team has succeeded in raising hackles in sick bay by prying into medical flies and usurping the power of Manticore’s physicians by dictating what will and will not happen to their patients. Engineer Doug T and science officer Ian Syndrx have been released for light duty, though they seem to be testing the bounds of that phrase. Dr. Mele has awakened from his coma, but Admiral Atragon does not.

Though Science Chief Escher was on the bridge, Manticore’s science department succeeded in tap-dancing around India Team’s unwanted help.

Commander Garnoopy grits his teeth as India Team’s engineering contingent is a bit less attuned to their jobs and more attuned to each other. Distracted and in their own world of mutual admiration, several problems pop up around the ship.


TBS is 5 days. The ship and crew, minus Admiral Atragon, are ready for duty.


Meanwhile, back in engineering:


INDIA 5> ::taps a panel, rerouting systems, momentarily causing a blackout on deck 4 which goes on for 30 seconds, long enough for people to run into walls, then lights come back on::

INDIA 4> ::accidentally activates a recording of a tango on deck 5, and leaves it running without knowledge, moves over to another panel::

INDIA 4> ::gives a wink to India 5... in a totally inappropriate way::

INDIA 5> ::smiles, and reroutes the plasma conduits, bringing power online to 2 decks without it and accidentally deactivates the gravity plating on deck 2. Then, realizing his mistake about 40 seconds after it happened, activates it, sending most objects crashing to the floor::

INDIA 4> ::accidentally activates techno music on deck 6::

INDIA 5> ::reactivates replicator systems, which causes them to all create two doughnuts in each replicator across the ship::

INDIA 4> ::sends India 5 a text message via PADD... "soooo, what's up?"::

INDIA 5> ::hits his head when his padd vibrates in his pocket as he's in a panel right now::texts back... "Lol. Busy babe. Drink after work?"::

INDIA 4> ::smiles at the text, "Of course!"::

INDIA 4> ::distracted by the texting, accidentally reroutes all turbolifts to the wrong floors::

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Mission Update for 1.26.2009

The Manticore is currently docked at Starbase 9 being readied for a new mission. In the absence of the injured Admiral Atragon, Captain Sovak has assumed the position of Commanding Officer and Cmdr Farrington will serve as his Executive Officer.

While at Starbase 9:

Inspector General Stephan Morris has arrived from SFHQ to personally deliver new orders that are so dangerous he gives the crew the opportunity to opt out of the mission, an unprecedented move in Black Ops.

  • All departments, especially engineering, have received the latest technology – hardware and software – and they are eager to play with their new toys.
  • Engineering is sorting through and calibrating their new equipment in preparation for departure.
  • Science Chief Escher is creating a new pet for the science department, to replace his beloved Cremorian barking spiders. Nothing more important than a pet, eh?
  • Medical is dealing with INDIA team’s “abduction” of the Admiral without their consent. Before leaving the starbase they must also clear the ship of dead and injured, a monumental task given the numbers involved.
  • INDIA team has left the ship with all systems up and running smoothly. Security Chief Mitar Precip has received a full report of INDIA’s activities while on the ship and offers a copy to Inspector General Morris.
  • Security is high as a new dorsal module is installed. Speculation as to its purpose runs rampant through the crew since the penalty for sneaking a peek is death.
  • Faldek has barely survived the typo of the century.

TBS is 2 hours. At sim beginning Manticore will be ready to depart Starbase 9.

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Mission Update for 2.2.2009

After giving the crew the opportunity to forgo the next mission, Inspector General Morris met with the command staff and outlined what appears to be a routine mission for Manticore, but one that could have dire consequences for the Federation.

Manticore is to enter Romulan space, taunt, and engage the Romulan Star Empire. During the battle that should ensue, the Manticore will appear to lose its dorsal module, the contents of which have not been revealed. Strangely enough, it will only work behind enemy lines.

Part of our mission is to make it appear that we do not want to leave the module and we must convince them it is important enough that they will not want to destroy it. In the words of Inspector General Morris, “The delivery of this package, to the right place and with the right events, is the number one priority, at any cost, up to and including the destruction of Manticore.”

Senior staff is wary. Questions and comments during the closed session were:

  • The Romulans are highly intelligent and militarily shrewd. Surely they cannot be so easily duped.
  • The Romulans will suspect Manticore is carrying her standard dorsal module which contains a planet killer. We should make an effort to destroy it to sell the idea to the Romulans.
  • We are committing an act of war against the Romulan Star Empire; the Federation had best be sure they are prepared.
  • And what the heck is in that module anyway?

Only one thing is certain: the crew is woefully over-scrutinized.

TBS is one hour. Inspector General Morris is gone and the Manticore is ready to depart.

Quote of the Day:

LtCdrFaldek -> I don't mind being tortured I can handle that.

Kansas Kenickie -> I have 4 brothers; I have been tortured.

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Mission Update for 2-9-2009

The Manticore has left Starbase 9 and is en route to the Romulan Neutral Zone where we will begin a routine patrol. Riiight…

 Security Chief Precip prepares the crew for the possibility of encounters with the Romulans.

  • Type 2 phasers have been issued to all personnel and strategic areas of the ship have been fortified against boarding.
  • He and Syndrx consider the possibility of using poison frogs and biomass armor for defense – why not? After all, clay jars loaded with scorpions were tossed at the enemy during the Siege of Troy thousands of years ago, the first documented evidence of biological warfare. Poison frogs? Pfft... bring 'em on!
  • Lt Cdr McFly briefs new security personnel on the basics of their roll on a black ops ship and the uniqueness of this mission in particular, preparing them for the worst.
  • Cdr Garnoopy and LtCdr Faldek lock horns over engineering defense protocols. Faldek moves to defend sick bay while Kansas graces engineering with her presence.

Dr. Mele had not completed the course of treatment for injuries sustained during the Andromeda jump. Since he is perfectly happy “consulting” and “observing from afar,” he and Dr. Silviu torture Vilanne with the temporary responsibilities of senior medical officer. Vilanne takes care of that in record time. Kansas gives medical personnel a refresher course in phaser use, emphasizing the don’t shoot yourself protocol.

In-sim time was 24 hours and change.

TBS is one more day.

Since we were 48 hours from the Romulan NZ, at sim beginning we will just be arriving.

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Mission Update – 7.13.2009

 After having the implant placed back into her body, Dr. Chalice is stabilized enough to be released from sick bay for shore leave.

Still believing that she is about to launch the Wanderlust, Lt T’Prise remains in sick bay under sedation.

Having disposed of a decade’s worth of PADD work generated by the Andromeda and Romulus missions, Dr. Mele emerges from his office long enough to get a handle on sick bay and prepare for a bit of shore leave.

After review of the charges against her, Cmdr Precip returns LtCmdr Kenickie to active duty in security and visits Main Engineering to discuss several things with Cmdr Garnoopy. The engineering team puts the final touches on their work to prepare for shore leave.

 Keb Mizu’s father, Ambassador Mizu, invites Admiral Atragon and Cmdr Farrington to dinner on Risa. The topic of discussion will be the pending wedding of his daughter to LtCmdr Faldek.

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Mission Update - 8.24.2009

 The crew of Manticore has returned to the ship after a “vacation” on Risa during which numerous crew members paired off, some partied beyond the bounds of normalcy, and some stretched the bonds of friendship. Putting rank and pretense aside, Admiral Atragon and Engineering Chief Cmdr Garnoopy locked horns over and issue of basic trust and obedience. Atragon gives Garnoopy the choice of shaping up or shipping out.

TBS was 9 hours. It is the next morning, everyone is aboard, and we are breaking orbit for our next mission.

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