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Marius Tr'Lorin

"Pain, Dinner, and a Spinning Tricorder"

Joint Log: Marius tr'Lorin and B'Etor Patterson


This log takes place right after the sim before last, continuing their conversation after Marius bangs his head. Check the chat log for the lead-in of this conversation.


B'Etor was laying there, looking up at Marius. The dull ache of her stomach has still not going away, but she was sure that was nothing compared to the pain in Marius' head form banging it on a bio-bed. She looked at him as he spoke.


"Well... you have to take a chance to find that special person. Maybe not as far as, well, getting knocked up... but still."


B'Etor laughed, then held her stomach, grimacing in pain. "Whoa.. I don't plan on something like this happening, ever again." She held her stomach, shifting to try and veer the pain somewhere else.


Marius's face softened, sorry for her pain. "Could you take some pain medication or something?"


She shook her head. "I am.. the pain is too... deep. Is that how you would put that?" She looked at her stomach. "I have never backed down from a fight, but if I could go back, I would not have been standing where I was..."


Marius stood for a moment and looked at her stomach, thinking. He twirled his tricorder in his hand absentmindedly. "Maybe you could somehow take your mind off the pain? I don't know how medical this is, but my parents lost a baby, before me. So my dad took my mom on a cruise, to help her forget."


B'Etor listened to him and shrugged a little. "Based on what I heard from Maria, I died, for a moment. Based on the surgical report, the shot went through my abdomen. So basically it was like being stabbed with a sword, only it was a phaser."


She shook her head, spraying her hair further out. "Klingon's are supposed to just, work through the pain, but this... I can't sit up, I can't move... as for the baby..." She trailed off, looking away from him. "I didn't care.... I didn't want it... now it's gone, and I miss it...."


Marius looked at her again. "You're too hard on yourself. Just because you have Klingon blood doesn't mean you have to tough out the pain."


She looked back up at him. "What am I supposed to do? Whine about it and complain? The last thing I want to do is lay here and be talked to and forced to talk to a Counselor. It is embarrassing enough the Captain came to me..." She shook her head, snorting. "I know nothing else but to tough out the pain. What should I do?"


"I wouldn't call it complaining, exactly, but share how you feel with those you're comfortable around." Marius smirked, thinking back to being an ensign. "I know the Counselor isn't the best choice. I wouldn't go to him either! But still, you can still go to someone else. Someone to let you know you're not alone."


"I don't feel comfortable with anyone on this ship. I am a loner. Hell, I think you are the only one I have talked to about anything, that wasn't required." She blinked a few times. "So, I guess that would be you..."


Marius twirled his tricorder faster. "Yeah. Well, like, I try. You did save my life after all." Suddenly, he couldn't think straight. He looked down at his feet, interested in the panel he had just finished inspecting. "I should probably go. I have a lot of work to do..."


She watched him, wondering why he all of a sudden got all clammed up. She raised an already arched brow. "Marius... If it bothers you that I come to you, I can stop...." She bit her lip, wondering if that was the problem.


"No it's ok. I'm usually the one who comes to you, I guess, really." His tricorder continued to spin.


She looked at him as he spoke. "I threatened to eat you. You ran from me, so coming to me was not an option, I had to go to you." She smiled, thinking of that time, just a few weeks ago.


Marius smiled, and stood there, looking down at the tricorder. Then, the tricorder began to slow, nearly stopping. Marius still looked down at it. " Hey, um, we never really got to do that dinner and a movie thing, did we?"


She heard him mention the dinner and a movie, completely forgetting about it. "Umm.. no, but I thought that was because you were worried you were dinner."


Marius laughed, relaxing a little. "I was joking. You're not really going to eat me. ...are you?"


She laughed, and winced again, grunting. "Only if you like that sort of thing. I don't really bite." She looked at him, seeing him relax, wondering what that last minute pause and ackward stance were caused by before.


Marius smiled. "But really, I should probably get going. I've only cleared off..." He opened his tricorder. "4 panels, out of the 50 I need to check."


B'Etor nodded. "Well, I will still be here. Kah'Less know how long, but probably for a while. "And no, I wouldn't eat you. I don't normally eat still living things.. I actually eat more human food. Chicken, Steak..."


Marius continued to smile, and started striding for the door, before, turning around again. "So, once you're up and running again, do you want to see about that dinner and movie?"


She blinked a few times, and just nodded. "Uhh. sure. I'll.. let you know when I am discharged.." She blinked, a slightl look of confusion on her face.


Marius nodded. "Ok. I'll see you later then." She nodded back and went back to wanting to get up, but decided against it, scared of Maria and her wrath.


Marius walked out. In his hand, a blur of tricorder spun in his hand.

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