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Workout Women

Asyle had been working with Lt. Louis Beckman on creating a spider mole hunter. The two of them were now busy honing her concept for a wasp to search and hunt them out. Lt. Beckman had turned out to be an interesting escort, providing her with an opportunity to actually work with one of the regular crew that didn’t look down their nose or muzzle at her.




“…and by having the Wasp use it’s legs as electromagnetic power contacts, all it has to do is come into contact with any of the power outlets the housekeeping crew uses to power their equipment!” Beckman looked positively pleased with himself, having provided a solution to an engineering problem Asyle was working to solve.




“Nice solution, Lieutenant. This will help make the stinger a high voltage contact the Wasp can use to shock the Spider Moles without causing damage to itself.” They were sitting on stools in the Engineering Lab, close to each other while they focused on the computer screen running the CAD application.




She looked at Louis in the reflection of the monitor as he tried sneaking a peek at her cleavage. She had pealed back her work jumpsuit, because she'd been getting a little bit warm around Beckman. But not that warm, not this soon. This being female was going to be harder than she thought.




She stood up, zipping up her jump suit, and blushing just a little. “Ah, Lieutenant. I want to thank you for your assistance, but… I just remembered. I have an appointment with Lieutenant Victria, in the, ah, what do you call it, the, ah, Null-G gymnasium/weight room on Deck 16.”




Beckman stood up as well, eyeing her curiously at her sudden nervousness. “Oh… sure. Well, if you need any more help, just let me know. If Lieutenant Victria is expecting you, we'd better get moving. She gets testy when people show up tardy."




"With good reason," Victria spoke up from the doorway of the lab. "Tardiness is a sign of disrespect."




Louis jumped and turned, paling slightly. "Ah, Lieutenant… I didn't hear you come in."




"No, I expect not. I am here to collect Ensign Asyle." She frowned at him briefly before turning her gaze to the Pakled. "Are you ready?"




Trying not to seem too eager to leave, Asyle nodded. "Sure. Let's go." She glanced back at Beckman as she and Victria exited the lab and blushed as he smiled at her again. Then he turned to the nearest female engineer and started chatting her up. A bit puzzled, Asyle hurried to catch up with Victria, who had already taken several strides down the corridor.




"Lieutenant, may I suggest that we take one of the ladders to the 16th floor instead of the turbolift? Good for the cardio part of our workout?"




"You will be getting more than enough exercise when we get there without having to clamber through darkened crawl spaces." Victria glanced sidelong at Asyle as they waited for the lift. "How is your work progressing?"




"I'm just... still a little bit of a mole, myself." Asyle paused to wait for the conveyance. "My work is going well. Mr. Beckman and I thought that instead of making a Spider Counter-Mole, a Wasp would be a better role model. He's been very helpful, too."




"Good." Victria nodded slightly. "He is more engineering-minded than some of the others in security, but if he ceases to be helpful, inform me. He has a somewhat... challenging personality, though I decided he would be one of those that would easily accept you."




After entering the lift and commanding it to Deck 16, Asyle turned to Victria. "I look forward to working with him more, and I think that I'll regret it when, or maybe I should say 'if', the Captain and First Officer decide that they can trust me."




"Your discovery of the mole did much to favor you in their eyes. A counter to the device will further that. I doubt you will continue to be saddled with an escort for long." After the brief ride in the lift, she stepped out and headed for the gym. "If you continue to do your duty, they will have no reason to complain."




Following Victria into the gym, they found no one inside. Asyle went over to the gravity weights, dumbbells with adjustable settings to control their perceived weight. "I'm hoping to finish the design of the Wasps soon. We've got the 'Stinger' part worked out, sensor and communications using nature as our guide are done too. All we have to do is figure out if a helicopter design with folding wings would be better than trying to duplicate mother nature's way of having a Wasp fly."




"I look forward to reading the completed report." At the room's atmospheric controls, Victria dialed up the gravity.




Asyle blinked in surprise as the dumbbell she'd been holding dropped to the floor. Her body felt as though it weighed twice the amount and she found it slightly difficult to breathe. "What did you just do? High gravity?"




"Yes. I increase it when I do my routine. It makes the reflexes faster and the muscles stronger. When we revert back to normal gravity, you will see."




"Oh." Asyle lifted the dumbbell again and grunted, finding it harder to lift than before. Bracing her elbow against her knee as she took a seat, she held it in place for a moment as she concentrated on breathing.




"Let me know if it becomes too much for you." Seemingly unaffected by the increase, Victria began her usual routine with stretching and light calisthenics.




"No, it's fine." Determined not to appear weak, Asyle set her jaw and started doing repetitions with the free-weights.




After several minutes of focused silence, Asyle glanced over to the Al-Ucard. "I was thinking…" Suddenly shy, she averted her gaze as Victria peered in her direction. "I've spent too much of my life pretending to be something that I'm not.'




"A male, you mean?"




"Yes. It was necessary, but now it isn't. I'm female. I should start being one and acting like one… dressing like one."




"That would seem the logical thing to do."




"When Lieutenant Beckman and I were in the lab, I caught him looking at me in a certain way. He was… ogling me." Asyle rose and moved to the treadmill.




"I shall have words with him," Victria said grimly, lips pressing into a thin line of displeasure.




"No!" Asyle exclaimed without thinking before she caught herself. "I mean, please don't. I kind of… liked it. Or, appreciated it, rather. It made me blush, and for me, that's a new experience. It also got me to thinking that maybe I'd like that to happen more."




"I thought you had an extreme dislike of men." Finished with her initial stretches, Victria moved to Asyle's vacated weight bench a set of dumbbells to the maximum weight level. She began to work her biceps, watching the other female as she worked.




"At first, yes," she said through ragged breaths as she ran, "but after a few days of being here I realized that these men aren't Pakled men. They are decent and kind."




"Not all of them," Victria corrected. "Even Starfleet allows for the occasional misguided officer."




"Perhaps," Asyle panted, "but most of them are normal. And none of them are abusive."




"So you wish to start acting female. What do you intend to do first?"




"Well, I'd hoped you'd help me with that."




"How, exactly?" Victria's eyebrow rose and her arm pausing in mid-curl.




"Well, you seem to be a good model of a female. I mean, you have all the right parts and men seem attracted to you… the ones that aren't afraid of you, anyway."




"I had not noticed," she replied with bared fangs, concentrating again on her weight-lifting.




"So I thought," Asyle continued through her accelerated breathing, "if you were agreeable, that we could visit the holo-spa… and you can show me how to be pretty."




Victria's reply was a muttered string of Al-Ucardian curses as the weight slipped from her hand and landed on her foot. She snatched up the offending dumbbell and threw it across the room with all her strength. It dented the wall where it hit and fell to the floor without bouncing. She was limping as she stalked to the gym's gravity controls.




Mouth agape, Asyle stopped running and stumbled backwards slightly as the treadmill dumped her on the floor. "Was that a 'no'?"

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