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Starfleet Bio

Personal Information




Name: Knight, Wade Francis

Race: Human, Male

Date of Birth: January 19, 2357

Place of Birth: Relva VII

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Height: 1.93m

Weight: 85.5Kg

Marital Status: Single

Current Rank: Ensign

Current Assignment: Assistant Engineer, USS Reaent




Wade F. Knight was born on the 19th of January, 2357 on the Federationplanet Relva VII to Robert H. Knight and Samantha L. Temple. Hisparents were well respected scientists in the fields of Warp fieldMechanics and Neurophysiology, respectively. Before being born, hisparents had been informed that he would be born deaf due tomalformation of nerves in the inner ear, however since the conditionhad been discovered late in the pregnancy there was nothing that couldbe done. Despite his handicap, as he progressed through his educationhe showed a natural affinity for science, literature and history andwas praised by his peers and his teachers. His mother had spent muchof his childhood attempting to find a way to allow him to hearnormally, and her work was completed in 2375 in a pair of implants,surgically implanted in the inner ear. The implants not only gave himhearing within the normal human range, but also allows him to hearsounds as low 12hz and sounds below .009 dB. The implant later becameknown as the Temple Auditory Implant and is in wide use today. In 2377he applied to Star Fleet academy and was accepted. He graduated in2381 in the tenth percentile with a degree in structural engineeringand computer engineering and received his commission to Ensign. Hisfirst assignment was on the Nebula class starship USS Honshu NCC-60205under the command of Captain Bernard Tansey as an assistant engineer. He is said to have performed his duties admirably and has received thehighest recommendation from Captain Tansey. After applying personallyfor transfer in 2383 he was reassigned to an assistant engineeringposition aboard the Ambassador Class USS Reaent NCC-3345-G under thecommand of Captain Fred Michaels.


Medical History


Mendaken Pox, Age 8

right 5th metatarsal, hairline fracture, age 12

right Tibia; compound fracture. Age 14

Blunt trauma; concussion Age 14

Blunt trauma; concussion Age 15

Acutedermal and neural damage to the right thigh and lower right abdomenresulting from a medium intensity disruptor blast, dermal and neuralregeneration was successful; Age 27



Congenital hearingloss at birth. Mr. Knight also suffers from minor to severe headachesassociated with the temporal lobe. Rarely concurrent memory loss mayaccompany these headaches in severe cases. However he has not reportedthis phenomena since July of 2391. The symptoms are associated withincreased neural activity in the portion of the temporal lobeassociated with hearing, likely caused by the Temple Auditory Implant. Mr. Knight has specifically requested that the implant not be alteredand I anticipate no physical neural damage in the near future.


Cmdr. Alexander Kleiner, M.D.

Academy Physician


Psychiatric Evaluation


From our brief session I surmise that Mr. Knight is mentally sound. His judgment and logical reasoning skills are impeccable. He isextremely extroverted and is a very passionate and singularindividual. What surprises me the most is how he seems to havemastered the English language entirely, though he only begun to learnverbal speech 9 years ago. He also has an excellent grasp of visuallanguage through the use of hand gestures and body language which wasdeveloped solely between he, his mother, and his peers during hischildhood using elements of Human and Bajoran sign language. I wouldsuspect from his social reputation that Mr. Knight is also very drivenin matters of friendship, respect, and intimacy. He suffers from nonotable psychological disorders other than a slight case ofmittophobia, or fear of transporter use. He does assure me that thisfear will not affect his performance in any way.


Lt.(JG) Alayna Jordan, PHD

Starfleet Psychiatry



=^= This Space Left Intentionally Blank =^=

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