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Kallah Ramson

Fighter Debriefing and Review

Three cultist fighters erupted in plasma flames as two Lancelot's unleashed their pulse phasers. As they swept through the dieing blue embers of their previous targets another wing of Cultists dropped down behind them. The Starfleet pilots were quick to spin their craft around into an evasive pattern avoiding the Cultists first salvo. But, twisting and tumbling through space as they could the Cultists stayed firmly behind the two starfighters, taking shots as they could. The stars streaked around in gigantic circles as the crafts jockeyed for position until all sense of direction was lost. At least, the Cultists sense of direction. With a hard twist to port and engines to full the Lancelots made themselves easy targets the Cultists couldn't pass up. As they lined up for the easy kill seven torpedoes from the starfighter squad they had turned their back on obliterated all trace of their existance save a little more background radiation added to the universe.


As the Lancelots of Beta Squad zipped past, the image froze and sank back down into the larger holgraphic tactical map spread out between Lt. Commander Kallah Ramson and the seated 310th Fighter Wing. "And that is how you perform the Saylek 3 Diversion Pattern. Well done Beta." With a motion of her hand over the control panel the tactical map spun around and zoomed outward even more to show the whole combat area. "So overall I am pleased with our performance. There are areas of improvement but there always will be. I am sending specific recommendations to each squad leader... I'll let them rip your flying skills apart." Ramson smiled, giving a glance to her own Alpha Squad. "Are there any questions?"


There was a brief light shuffle as the pilots and crew looked among themselves or gathered their PADDs for the expected dismissal. The rustle quieted as one blue hand lifted into the air. Kallah nodded for the new Gwen pilot to speak. In a thick Andorian accent, "Commander, what tiz that craft in zector 331? I had difficultiez in targetting around them."


Ramson smiled though her eyes spoke of other emotions...and any telepath in the room was getting the whole story. "Oh, one of our shuttles got themselves a little out of position. With experience you'll be able to identify friendly craft quicker. And as we all work and train together we will be able to see and expect each others actions. As we perfect that teamwork we will be ready for any and all tasked layed out before us." She still smiled and her eyes and overall mood softened as well.


"On one final subject, several of the squad leaders have shared your...desire for squad names with a little bit more flavor than some ancient alphabet." Taking a stiff tone, "Like callsigns, these are not needed for the daily operation of this Wing. But.... also like the callsigns many of you have adopted anyways... I will be listening to any recommendations your squad leaders bring to me." Looking around at the generally pleased crowd Ramson nodded and said, "Dismissed".


The room emptied out until only Kallah was left looking over the holomap still spread out in front of her. She reviewed it for a few more moments before turning to reports of a different type. Three Pilots Killed in Action. Seven Pilots Wounded In Action. Two Deck Crew Killed In Action. Eleven Deck Crew Wounded In Action. The lists spelled out the exact cost in life and materials the engagement had cost them. Another list showed the toll they had inflicted on the Cultists. Adding the loss of Epsilon Squad weeks earlier it seemed the 310th had payed back with interest their own injuries taken.


This eased Kallah only on a primal level. The dead were still dead. There were likely more engagements to come. How the scales would tip in the end was still to be seen and whether it would matter at all was anyone's guess.

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