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Maria Zier

One Problem at a Time

Maria, just getting off her shift in sickbay, was peacefully walking down the hall to her quarters. Alex still had a couple hours left on his shift, so she was looking forward to spending some girl time with Julie.


As the doctor rounded the corner the quarters were in sight. She opened the door, seeing Crewman Andrews sitting on the couch. The unusually colored baby was lying down next to her. Julie appeared to be in a good mood as she was kicking her legs and waving her arms around, while making cooing noises. Sara Andrews looked up to see Maria standing in the door. “Oh Ma’am, I didn’t think I was expecting you for another hour.”


Maria let the door close behind her as she stepped inside. She smiled as she bent down and lifted Julie into her arms. “I got out a little early. With a lot of people going on shore leave, there wasn’t much for us to do in sickbay. Speaking of, you should get going. I heard the next group heading down was leaving in about thirty minutes.”


“Yes Ma’am,” said Sara as she stood from the couch. “I was getting ready to feed her, but since you are here…”


“That’s perfect. I wanted to try something anyways.”


“Oh? You’re going to try and feed her something other than that disgusting gunk?”


Maria nodded as she cradled her green baby in her arms. Julie was playing with some of her mother’s long golden hair. “Yeah, Dr. Wydown gave me a little inspiration. I’m going to experiment with it.”


“Well…good luck. I’ll be glad when you do away with that stuff.” Sara made a grimacing face as she stepped to the door. “Because it really, really stinks…” She then stepped out of the quarters, going on her way.


“It sure does, doesn’t it?” Maria says as she holds Julie up to her face, giving a kiss to the baby’s still green nose. Julie giggled at the sensation.


Minutes later, Julie was in her baby seat with Maria sitting next to her. On the little table in front of them were four bottles. “Ok…We’re going to have a little fun experiment,” Maria said to her daughter, lightly poking her little tummy.


She grabbed the first bottle, which contained only milk. Maria slowly brought it up to the baby’s mouth. “Let’s try this one first.” As expected, Julie fussed as she refused the bottle. Maria frowned as she placed the unwanted bottle back on the table.


“Alright, alright…Next specimen…” This bottle was a little different, for it held a mixture of milk and Rue Wydown’s famous banana smoothie. The mother slowly offered it to the baby. Julie took a couple sips, unsure of what it was, before she finally began to fuss once more.


“I suppose it couldn’t be as easy as that huh?” Maria asked of the little baby. She looked at the last two bottles, frowning slightly. The final bottle contained nothing but the disgusting “spider milk” that was fed to her baby while in the hands of those green creatures.


“One more left…” she said looking at her last hope, the third bottle. It contained a mixture of one fourth milk, a fourth of smoothie, and a half of spider milk. Maria took a big breath as she picked up the bottle, bringing it to Julie’s lips. A couple of sips and it looked as if Julie was about to fuss once more, but after second thought, she continued to drink. Maria smiled as she was quite happy.


After Julie finished the entire bottle, Maria gently lifted the baby to her shoulder. With a few soft pats on the back, Julie gave a satisfied burp. “Daddy is going to be so happy with you. We’ll have to make sure we thank Rue too, won’t we? Now if we could only do something about the green…But I guess one problem at a time.”


With a few more pats, Maria stood up and went to prepare Julie for a bath. And after that it was bedtime for the little green baby.

Edited by Maria Zier

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