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Marius Tr'Lorin

"The Visions of a Dead Man"

Personal Log: Marius Tr'Lorin



Stardate: 0809.02



::Record Initiated::


Marius crumpled to the ground, his chest seared with additional burns on top of the new scars forming from the last instance. An additional black pip appeared on either side of his neck unnoticed, as Marius's mind took flight, trying to escape the pain shooting past the doses of pain killer.


Flash! Heat and humidity seemed everywhere. Strange, yet familiar bugs seemed to buzz everywhere. A jungle canopy loomed high above, speckling Marius's face with sunlight.


Suddenly, a face poked out of the foilage next to him. Marius looked, and found himself looking at his father, Saril. He was alive! Yet... He seemed ragged, and unkempt. His hair was stringy, his face gaunt, and his eyes fearful and nervous. Saril stared out, many times straight through Marius, searching for danger. Then, he ran and dove into another nearby bush. Following him, Marius's mother, in similar condition, passed into view before disappearing into the brush. Marius wanted to chase after them, yet found himself so tired. It seemed impossible to move. Then he heard more people stumbling through the foilage, and the crashing of trees. Shouts echoed in Rihannsu. Marius tried again to move...


Flash! Marius sat on a couch, sunlight shining into the room from a nearby window. Marius looked all over, looking for the searching Rihannsu. They were gone. Instead, the air was calm, the sound of Terran music coming from a nearby room. It was his old home, on Earth.


Brooke walked in, pulling down a shirt just over her belly as she walked in, her hair wet from a recent shower. Marius was glad to see her. He didn't realize how long it had been since he had left on the Excalibur-C. Marius made to speak...


Suddenly Darkness. Everywhere. There was pain, yet no feeling. Marius didn't know where he was. He couldn't see, couldn't hear, couldn't touch, smell or taste. There was nothing.


Light. Small, but there. In the distance, like a speck of lint in the black. Marius wanted to reach for it, to get some other sense to him. But he couldn't move. The speck, the light seemed to shrink, then grow again, over and over. He struggled to reach for it, with all his strength, while around him, his body lay, unmoving, unknowing.



::Record Terminated::

Edited by Marius Tr'Lorin

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