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Cdr Alces

Now Serving #79

There were over 4,500 legal substances listed in the Federation databanks that were credited with restoring long-term memory. Many of them were derivatives of long-forgotten narcotics, whose appeal died centuries ago as modern technology met the drug trade. The rest were biological wastes and by-products of thousands of different alien animals and insects. Very few were from organic plants, and those few were remarkably similar from species to species. It seemed that every planet in the Federation had culitvated some version of Ginseng.


Zar Alces looked over the wide array of substances in front of him. After analysing their chemical compositions, he determined that only 347 of the memory enhancers could be replicated. He was able to harvest another 62 substances from the hydroponics bay. So far, he had tried 78 of the 409 variations. One of them was bound to work. He swallowed substance # 79, wishing he could follow it with a Pinot Noir chaser. He didn't need long-term memory to know that would have been counter-productive.


But he did need long-term memory. The Inechie and the Nevulsians were about to go to war. Captain Lo'Ami felt this was could be diverted if we could prove that they were really one large, expanded tribe. An away team had just risked their lives on the surface to try and find genetic or historical records that could prove it.


And Alces knew it was true. He didn't know how he knew, he couldn't remember why he was so certain of these events from 1,000 years ago. He vaguely remembered being here in one of his past hosts, but it was so long ago that he couldn't even remember which one. Yet he was just as certain that the Inechie and the Nevulsians were brothers as he was that Ginseng tasted bad and had no purpose.


Substance # 79 was clearly doing nothing. He swallowed substance # 80 and began to write test results in his journal. Suddenly, the room started to swirl. Everything turned blue, then orange, then blue again. The hum of the ventilator shaft took on an urban street-beat, and everything moved in time to the rythm.


Oh great, he thought. # 80 was a hallucinogen. It was the fifth one today. There was no reason anymore to deny the pinot noir. He poured himself a glass and lay back on his chaise for a mid-afternoon nap.


Zar Alces

First Officer

USS Arcadia, NCC-1742-E

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