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Cdr Alces

Bio of Zar Alces

Zar Alces is a male joined Trill in his late 30's. The Alces symbiont is one of the oldest living Trill symbionts. It is impossible to tell if Alces' erratic behavior is due to the eccentric nature of his hosts, or if it's a sign of symbiotic dementia. His prior host, Ronan Alces, was put on the 'Do Not Transplant' list on the Trill homeworld.


Ronan Alces was the mission leader on a Federation project to develop Gigaphasic shielding. The shields allowed him to take the USS Caruso into a dense area of space known as The Devil's Nebula. The ship was destroyed in the process and Alces and the crew was trapped for over 10 years. Most of the crew died during their ordeal, including the Ronan host. When he died, the remaining crew members decided that Alces was vital to their survival, so they defied the Trill homeworld decree and transplanted him into a new host. The Zar host was the only remaining Trill on the crew. He was chosen to receive Alces.


After 10 years in the Devil's Nebula, the survivors were joined by the crew of the USS Arcadia. Starfleet had continued its Gigaphasic shielding project, and the Arcadia had been selected to repeat the Caruso's experiment. The Arcadia succeeded in penetrating the Devil's Nebula, and the crew was trapped there as well. Several of them died, including the Arcadia's counselor, a Vulcan woman named Dr. Virax. However, unlike the Caruso, the Arcadia was not destroyed by the journey. Zar was able to use his knowledge of the nebula to guide the Arcadia back to Federation. He and the few remaining survivors from the Caruso were finally free.


Shortly thereafter, the Trill homeworld learned of Alces' return and of the unapproved joining. They ordered Alces to return to Trill, so that the symbiont could be removed from Zar. Captain Moose of the Arcadia quickly hired Alces as his Chief Science Officer, unearthing an old agreement between Starfleet and Trill Prime. As long as Alces remained an officer of the fleet, he could not be extradited back to Trill.


His travels with the Arcadia took him to an area of space governed by a group of Academics known as The Coalition. Coalition science was decades ahead of Federation research, due to their ruthless and aggressive research methods. The Coalition had evolved beyond warp technology by developing the 'fold-drive', a method for bending space which allowed them to travel almost anywhere. Alces learned that small Coalition research pods had been able to fold space and penetrate the Devil's Nebula. In fact, the crew of the Caruso had been under observation by the Coalition for the entire time they had been stranded. One of these pods had actually rescued Dr. Virax and nursed her back to health. She had joined the Coalition as was assigned as the Federation Liaison when the Arcadia was in Coalition space.


Alces defected to the Coalition and became Virax's research partner. The two of them found a deactivated research pod in a Coalition junk pile and managed to activate it. However, the pod was difficult to control, and they spent many months being deposited randomly across the galaxy. Not only were they travelling randomly through space, but through time as well. Eventually, they reappeared back on the Arcadia, but this was not the Arcadia that Alces had left. This Arcadia was commanded by Captain Dacotah and had fallen through a spatial anomaly which had trapped them 20,000 years in the past. Virax left Alces on the bridge and tried to use the pods sensors to pinpoint the Arcadia's exact position. The pod disappeared and she never returned.


Alces travelled with Dacotah and the new crew back to their proper time where he discovered that Captain Moose had never reported his defection to the Coalition. Alces had merely been listed as M.I.A. He was a Federation hero and his status was quickly re-activated, preventing his extradition back to the Trill homeworld.


Zar Alces currently serves as the First Officer on board the USS Arcadia.

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