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Seg'Ami Lo'Ami

Ambassador Seg'Ami Lo'Ami was thrilled. Having left his home and family several days ago he was on a mission of peace. This meeting would bolster the relationship between the trill and this newly found race, the "Klingons". He could imagine all the wonderful things they'd have in common, architecture, literature, art, politics oh and food. Seg'Ami was positively famished; he hoped there would be a buffet at the welcome gathering.


The doorbell rang and Seg'Ami walked to answer it. Opening the door he saw the captain standing before him.

"Ambassador, we have arrived at "Kronos" He said with an air of danger.


"Excellent" Seg'Ami responded cheerfully. "I thank you for your kind hospitality captain, now I’ll take a shuttle down to the welcome site and I’ll be out of your hair."


"Welcome site?" The captain asked. "We haven't heard anything about a welcome site. We haven't even had a response to our hail from these klingons, this all seems wrong."


"Oh they're probably just shy. It's perfectly natural. You worry far too much captain."


"I don't think-"


But the captain was interrupted as a voice came through the intercom. "Sir, the klingons are requesting to send aboard a group of their people, what shall I tell them?"


The captain pondered for a moment then replied "Tell them to go ahead we'll meet them in the shuttle bay."


"See! I told you they were nice! Now let's go say hello to our new friends!" Seg'Ami exclaimed.


The chiefs of staff had assembled in the shuttle bay by the time the captain and the ambassador had arrived. The bay doors opened and a very harsh, metallic red shuttle made it's way inside and set itself down.


The door opened, and a figure stepped out, he was dressed in full klingon battle garb and was flanked on both sides by a large comrade with a disruptor rifle. He grunted as his eyes darted at the assembled group in front of him.


The ambassador who had been a little frozen in shock at the frightening entrance and appearance of the klingons, snapped back into reality.


"Greetings! I am ambassador Seg'Ami Lo'Ami of Trill! Welcome to our ship!” the diplomat called out as he rushed forward, arms wide open towards the klingon in the middle...


...Who promptly screamed “qaQaw!” before plunging a d'k tahg knife deep into his chest. As the ambassador fell to the floor, the other two klingons opened fire at the captain and his crew.


Seg'Ami lay on the deck; a trickle of blood ran from his mouth as he managed to whisper. "I thought we could be friends". He closed his eyes, the last thing he heard, the sound of phasers and screams.

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