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Marius Tr'Lorin

Flight Patrol - Part 3

Jericho immediately jumped into action. "Evasive Maneuvers! Evasive Maneuvers!"


Aerilo flipped his craft over and spun into a dive. He swerved again, in the cover of the smoking wreckage. "Where'd that come from?!?"


Hammer yelled out. "I've got visual contact! 2 squads, 'Card Bogeys! Watch it Bethel, on ya six!"


Bethel swooshed by Aerilo's hiding spot. "I need help! Someone get them off me!"


One squad Al-Ucardian fighters zipped by Aerilo in pursuit. He zoomed out of the dark smoke after them, Firing a few shots at the tailing fighters. The shields flared brightly, then gave out, followed by an explosion. Hammer flew in from the other flank, and destroyed another fighter. "Yeahhh! Take that, b*tch!"


Bethel flew to safety behind another asteroid, as the remaining fighters retreated to regroup. Aerilo yelled, "After them! Take them out!"


Jericho barked out orders. "Negative, stay here, we've got to contact Camelot!"


Hammer and Aerilo ignored him, and formed up speeding after them. "Aero! Hammer!"


They soon had the fleeing fighters in sight. "I've got a lock! Gaia 2, fox 1!"

Aerilo shot off a torpedo, destroying another fighter, before the rest shot over an asteroid.


Without hesitating, the two pilots vaulted over, and came face to face with a large cruiser.


"Sh*t! Now we go back!" Hammer flipped back and sped away, Aerilo following after him. Jericho came back on com. "You idiots, where'd you run off to!?!"


"Not now boss! Large cruiser, closing in!"


"Sh*t! Everyone, hightail it back to Camelot!"


Gaia Squadron fled back to Camelot, as the Cruiser remained in the belt, crowing over the smoking wreckage of the Scorpiad ship.

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