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J. Shamor

Shamor Bio (Update)

Starfleet Personnel Information:




Name (Complete): Jontilles Maguntar Vanthros Shamor


Name (Abridged): J’untar Vanthros Shamor


Age: 2,213 years old


Gender: Male


Species: Zemun


Home world: Ma’arrat (Pronounced “Ma-ha-rat”)


Home city: Ruzyn (Pronounced “Roo-zeen”), Capital city of Ma’arrat, government sector


Height: 6’1”


Weight: 230 lbs (95% of weight is muscle)


Eye color: Light green


Skin color: Dark green


Hair color/length/style: Light brown, shoulder length, tied into low ponytail




Physical Information:


Noted disability: Cybernetic right eye; Method of how subject came to having it is unknown. When asked about it he changes the subject immediately.




After being missing in action for approximately two years a new evaluation had to be taken.




Subject appears to be in good physical health even after suffering a heart attack months before going missing. Recommend monitoring subject incase it happens again. A noticeable scar is seen over his right eye, although it can easily be covered up subject refuses to have procedure done.




After a detailed scan of the subject we noticed two things.




1. There are additional scars on his body which appear very recent. From there we noticed that there is also a scar that runs diagonally on his chest. Basic analysis shows that it may have been caused by a bladed weapon or something extremely sharp. When asked about this Shamor does not go into detail about it.




2. We noticed something that was overlooked for far too long. This was due to the fact that we didn’t do a thorough enough scan when he first joined Starfleet. Bluntly put, his muscle/body mass is being altered by nano-probes to make him heavier and bigger muscle-wise. According to Shamor he was unaware that he had them in his body. Tests have concluded that if the probes can either be deactivated or removed that Shamor would be considerably lighter. Plus that would reduce the pressure his body had to endure for so long.




Psychological Information:




During the 2 years of being classified MIA Shamor claims that he was on a recon black op that went wrong. Through that time he also claims that he was tortured within in inch of his life. Records from the USS Antrelli, the ship that found him, indicate that he was stranded on a dangerous Class M planet during that time. From our observations the injuries sustained were just from local flora and fauna. Captain Fulcher did include in his report that there was some kind of building on that planet but it is currently in ruins. The investigation is still pending.








Electronics infiltration (Hacking: encrypting and decrypting)


Pilot Certification for Fighters, Shuttles, and starships


Stealth Infiltration


Fluent in a wide variety of languages (explains why U.T. is not used)


Melee Combat: Armed and unarmed


Ranged Combat: Accuracy rating at 99.2% (while using cybernetic eye)






First Aid



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