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Starfleet Biography



SUBJECT: Midshipmen Shane Tayjer







Name: Shane C. Tayjer

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Species: Terran

Height: 6' 4'

Weight: 250 lb.

Hair Color: Sand Blonde

Eye Color: Hazel

Skin Color: White

Place of Birth: Texas, Earth

Telepathic Abilities: None







Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade

Position: Assistant Engineer

Assignment: USS Reaent







Father: Dayson Tayjer, 49

Mother: Kaylie Tayjer, 44

Siblings: Tyler Tayjer, 18

Jeremiah Tayjer, 16






Shane was born in 2362 on Earth. At the time his father, Dayson Tayjer was an engineer in Starfleet. His mother, Kaylie was also, as a science officer, but retired soon after his birth to raise him. About a year afterwords Dayson also retired from Starfleet and formed a partnership with an old family friend . Together they bought a spacecraft salvage yard just outside the Sol System. The Tayjers moved to a small renovated space station in the yard, where Dayson managed the business and it's empoyees.


It was here where Shane grew up, schooled by his mother and working for his father once he became old enough. His parents also had two more boys, Tyler and Jeremiah. While working with his father, Shane became an accomplished shuttle pilot and even fixed up an old shuttle pod with the help of his father, naming it the Firehawk. One of his favorite pastimes was to take his brothers out for flights in a nearby asteriod patch. A major part of Shane's life is his Christianity. It started at home where the Tayjers were members of a Christian holo-church which they received weekly from Earth.







At age 17, Shane was accepted in Starfleet Acadamy. He performed well in his studies, although he had several disagreements with his professers, on account of his Christian beliefs. He also was able to make friends with most of his classmates, although some did not like his habit of being outspoken in his Christianity. A Klingon was once provoked by his words, for which Shane promptly received a broken jaw. He recovered quickly from his injury and was eventually able to become friends with the Klingon. Using the piloting skills he had gained back at home, Shane joined his classes Nova Squadron, which he thoroughly enjoyed.


Thoughout his years at the Acadamy, he continued to attend his family church, participating in the services and activities as much as he could. The only part of his training that he did not do well at was unarmed combat, mainly because of the fact that he wasn't very fast. Trying to make up for this, he became very skilled in knife throwing and combat techniques by using much of his free time practicing with his instructor and in the holodeck.


At age 21 Shane graduated from the Acadamy in the top half of his class and was assigned to the Sky Harbor Aegis.









While at Aegis, Shane and several others confronted an 8472 intruder aboard the USS Yorktown. During the fight that insued, Shane was unknowingly infected with a very small amount of 8472 immune cells on his right hand. Strangely, the infection did not begin spreading until several days later. Shane was aboard a transport on the way back to the Acadamy to do some follow-up training when the infection began to spread up his arm and take effect. The doctor aboard the transport had to amputate his arm in order to keep the infection from spreading throughout the rest of his body and killing him. His right arm was taken off at the shoulder and Shane spent the next several weeks recovering.


During his recovery, Shane passed the time by using his ameture engineering skills to design and build a robotic replacement for his lost limb. Afterwards he found that, with his recent injury he wasn't cut out for security work, at least for a while. So Shane, not wanting to leave Starfleet, decided to change from security to engineering. He took training courses and specialized in small craft maintenance. These were not difficult for him, since he already had experience in this field working at his fathers yard.


On stardate 0807.02 he was reassigned to the USS Reaent.








0803.18 Graduated from Acadamy


0804.11 Assigned to Sky Harbor Aegis as an Assistant Security Officer with the rank of Midshipmen


0806.19 Trained at the Acadamy in Engineering, specializing in Small Craft Maintenance


0807.02 Assigned to the USS Reaent


------ Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade





Shane is tall, broad shouldered and in good shape. He has no known allergies and has never had any serious illnesses. His mechanical right arm moves and responds to his brain just like a real one. It has sensors on the hand and finger tips to simulate touch. These sensors also allow it to interact with consoles and touchpads. The strength of it is significantly more than an organic arm and is completely liquid proof.






Shane first and foremost puts his God before anything else, but is very loyal to his superiors and friends. Some of his hobbies include shuttle flying, collecting Ancient Earth projectile weapons, World War 2 and Old West holodeck programs, baseball and reading.




Edited by Shane

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Added a picture of Shanes artificial arm.




Edited by Shane

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