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Cptn Corizon

2007 Excalibur Awards

Only Six months late, here's the list of *last* year's awards. Winners will be announced at next week's game.


The Excalibur Command Staff is pleased to announce that the following Awards will be presented to members of the Excalibur crew for the 2007 Year.


Excalibur Starburst of Excellence:


Awarded yearly to the simmer who most exemplifies the Excalibur mission; contributing logs, attendance, and overall excellence in play. To be selected by the command team.


The recipient of the Starburst is Victria!


Crispin Xavier Stamina Medal:


Awarded yearly to the player with the best overall attendance, and named in honor of former player Crispin

Xavier. Awarded by the command team.


The recipient of the Xavier Stamina Medal is Laarell Teykier!


Captain’s Quill and PADD Award:


Awarded yearly for the best log, or best series of logs; given by Captain Ah-Windu Corizon.


The recipients of the Quill and Padd award are Sorehl and Tandaris Admiran!


Meritorious Achievement Award:


Awarded to the simmers for excellence in log writing. To be selected by the command team.


The recipients of the Merit Award are as follows:


Atticus Segami

Laarell Teykier

Dox Maturin



Left Ear JoNs

Ah Windu Corizon


Marius trLorin

Mreh Khal

Alexander Zier

Maria Zier


Nice work everyone!

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I am an idiot. :D The awards were given out... I forgot to post them. They'll be updated shortly with the winners. However, in the interest of not looking completely foolish, there will be a new award given out, stay tuned for details.

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EDIT: Okay, the Excalibur 2007 Awards are now posted! These were already awarded in sim, and it has only been about six months or so late to the boards due to a collective command team blonde moment. Indeed!


Good work everyone, and congratulations again. w00t!

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